The WHO/UN/WEF associated criminal partnership against the whole Humanity, must disappear definitely! Almost an impossible task, because these elites (political, corporative, educational, medical, etc.) are not entirely human species, although they appear to be. The idea is to shatter this swarm efficiently and definitely. I am 78 years old, and I understood since my fifties that the medical and pharmaceutical activities are respectively vendors and producers of "snake oil", which they call medicine. Speak about a SCAM, of which very few people appear to be conscient of or interested in... No need to say that, since a long time ago, I feel excellent, health wise. I follow with great interest and respect everything coming from you, James Roguski. THE UNVAXXED and trying to stay free of THEIR BIOWEAPONS.

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Yes I'm interested in getting rid of the who what do we do

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Thanks for this article..


The Bible prophesied 7-year Tribulation is at humanity's doorstep & the time to escape is very short. To read more, pls visit https://bibleprophecyinaction.blogspot.com/

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Bruce cain, following your comment where should I say judgment?

« This is perhaps the dumbest thing he has ever said. His myopic focus on the WHO Pandemic Treaty misses the point. »

And this question asked to Mike from Hoe

« But what is you opinion on Rogulski's statement. I think he is dangerously wrong.

"It (the WHO Pandemic Treaty) was not an attack on national sovereignty." Rogulski »

I answer it here and not in reply, leaving room for Mike.

« First off the 2020 Plandemic was an obvious attack on the national sovereignty of all nations and the inalienable rights of all people on planet Earth. »

As far as I’m concerned, James is right, in 2020 it wasn’t a (direct) attack or takeover of nations, it was a life-size test, to see how far they can go, and they saw.

The first argument is that it is not in the current unfinished pandemic treaty (prove it to us by posting it here) I have read so many documents etc. that it is not excluded that it deceives me.

The seond argument demonstrating this is that each nation has put in place, in a local way (at the national level) its defense strategy against covidcircus, and according to the advice proposed by the WHO. Depending on the country, restrictions, lockdowns, etc. were more or less severe. There was no WHO obligation on nations.

In addition, if what you say (that’s the case), were true, they would have put the financial contribution for the establishment of production structures for the “relevant health products” long before, it seems logical or not.

For their plan to work perfectly, they need these operational structures, so before a total stranglehold on nations and the world.

However, as the plan unfolds, it will be an attack on nations, indirectly, nations will adopt in cooperation and coordination with the WHO national guidelines and laws (but much more binding etc.), as was done in some countries between 2020 and 2022. While not yet knowing what the «pandemic treaty» finalized probably this year will include.

It was the nations themselves that attacked their populations, according to WHO guidelines or recommendations.

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In the strict sense of the term, so that this is not misinterpreted, it is not an attack, but a cooperation, following the pawns set up by the globalists.

Indirectly, the word attack does not bother me because it is partly so that it can be interpreted, because elaborated by them (globalists).

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I'm a big fan of James Roguski, but perhaps we are misreading his intended message. I can't believe he has lost the plot!

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I wrote it here somewhere today, when there are unfounded attacks, it’s a good sign. We’re on the right track.

Personally, I am not a fan of James, he is not a singer or a sportsman or others, besides I am fans of nobody.

I hardly see how to misinterpret his message, I absolutely do not master English, yet I did not notice an error of appreciation or other.

So I don’t think he lost anything at all, he focused on the money and on what purpose and always according to the documents.

Of course, I don’t know James in person, I can’t post if he has unexpressed ulterior motives. What matters is what he says and what he writes, it is on this basis, that we must reflect, question ourselves etc. It seems to me from observation, that he answer serious questions of the readers.

If we want to discredit a person or another, we must always do so with valid arguments. A resenti is not a fact, to have resenti the constraints covidcircus as an attack to the nations why not, but we must always stick to the facts, externalizing our resentis a different thing.

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Yes, the time for action has come, let us agree on the essentials, we can consider the rest as serving our overall understanding.

Without stress but without dragging we may get there.

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"It (the WHO Pandemic Treaty) was not an attack on national sovereignty." Rogulski

This is perhaps the dumbest thing he has ever said. His myopic focus on the WHO Pandemic Treaty misses the point. First off the 2020 Plandemic was an obvious attack on the national sovereignty of all nations and the inalienable rights of all people on planet Earth. During the Plandemic many of us knew that the lockdowns, mask wearing, forced vaccination etc. were never based on "science." What we didn't realize was that the global psychologic operation (PsyOp) was also about destroying the world economies. Between the Trump and Biden Administrations 12-13 Trillion was spent to provide economic relief during the lockdowns and to push the globalist agenda (Green New Deal, EV's, Smart Cities) after the Plandemic ended. The result was hyperinflation during the Biden administration, where interest rates hit 9.2% on 2022 and the cost of just about everything went up around 20 to 30 percent. This is macroeconomics 101: to much money chasing too few goods creates inflation. This artificial manipulation of supply and demand was intentionally done to destabilize all nations states . . . which is exactly what happened.

The WHO Plandemic Treaty is primarily about centralizing and extending the insane policies shoved down our throat during the Plandemic. As such it is obviously an attack on the sovereignty and inalienable rights of all nations and all humans. We already saw this play out, globally, during the Plandemic.

The scary reality is the WHO, WEF, UN, Blackrock all share the same primary goal: they want to control all humans and resources on the planet. They all support forced vaccination, the Green Agenda, CBDC's, Digital Identity and the eradication of free speech globally. So two or more things can be true at the same time. Yes Rogulski is correct that the WHO Treaty seeks to divert our tax dollars toward a global pharmaceutical state. But it is also an attack on national sovereignty and the inalienable rights of the individual.

Biden likely to sign away national and individual sovereignty by signing WHO Pandemic Treaty

Biden can implement WHO Pandemic Treaty without Senate approval on May 31st, 2024


WHO Won? with James Roguski | Noor Bin Ladin Calls... SO2E12


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The evil powers behind the Covid and DEADLY VAX farce were desperate to kill as many humans as possible and to pretend that every death was somehow related to the (not so deadly - Man-enhanced disease) Covid. Even gunshot victims, road traffic accident victims were added to the false list of Covid related deaths.

My guess is that there were a few naturally occurring Covid Deaths - after all, that's what they invented Covid to do = KILL PEOPLE to justify highly profitable but 'DEADLY VAX' SALES!

Hospitals rushed millions of supposed Covid victims and systematically murdered them by using inappropriate procedures, deadly medicines (Remdesiver. Etc,) and other surreptitious methods like 'Nil by Mouth' to finish them off! Mass pre-meditated MURDER was rife.

I'm inclined to agree they WHO simply sidestepped reality by forcing through part of their evil desires. Thereby easing the next phases to be forced through in the coming months as they enjoy revealing how naive and incompetent much of the public and our Governments can really be.

We must not lower our guards, nor must we celebrate a Victory and we must prepare for the next phase of sub-humanism and further deception towards Slavery and Control.

The tide is turning! Many are now saying they don't trust the 'Science', Big Pharma, Doctors and all connected to the medical profession. These people have decided they will not take the next batch of injections for the next round of deliberately created diseases.

My suspicion is that inexplicable 'EXCESS DEATHS' will continue, long after the Pfizer and Moderna deadly jabs are withdrawn, because of previous damage inflicted through previous applications of DEADLY or dangerous injections they pretended were 'VACCINES'.

Those who thought themselves 'lucky' because they experienced little or no side effects following the mRNA Gene Editing injections. Little do they know that every jab they believed was Safe & Effective had an adverse reaction which they might not yet be aware of - until one day in the future, they suddenly realise they have inexplicably become infected with deadly illnesses like the 'Turbo-Cancers' and a myriad of other Deadly diseases.

The sudden Tsunami of heart related diseases that became apparent with the first wave of Covid Injections, has created new words in our everyday vocabulary. Examples; Myocarditis, Pericarditis, Turbo-Cancers, etc. All gullible Death Shot recipients will already have incurred permanent damage, but these unsuspecting stooges will have, now and unwittingly, had their normal Life Expectancy curtailed.

In my opinion, each extra jab will have reduced the recipients' natural resistance. Each extra jab or 'Booster' (whatever that really means?) will have reduced life expectancy by around 5 years. Do the maths and we can discuss my unqualifiable suggestion every five years thereafter.

And still Pfizer, Moderna, etc still get away with ZERO LIABILITY which is an afront to normal humans intellect. It's absolutely insulting to reality that this farcical 'Get out of Jail Free' reasoning can continue to be justifiable.

Unjabbed Mick (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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I completely agree. But what is you opinion on Rogulski's statement. I think he is dangerously wrong.

"It (the WHO Pandemic Treaty) was not an attack on national sovereignty." Rogulski

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All Australian mainstream and Green and One Nation political parties have stated they fully intend to accept UN/WHO amendments regardless of any public backlash. Have you seen the consumption crazy Australian public. Members that are supposed to represent us suggest dissenting voices are mentally deficient.How do we get around that? All I can do is vote "none of the above" in our compulsory elections. Every local government in Australia is a "Smart City" that erects smart infrastructure alongside all transport links major and secondary,every suburban street lamp smart equipped and three times the height necessary for side street illumination. Government service access requires smart phone with registered Mygov digital ID, vaccine status is recorded as overdue or none recorded. The couple of Senators and Members of House of Reps that have tried to raise the issue have their speeches delivered to empty chambers. The Government continues to skilfully manage the populous with budgetary sweeteners that give with one hand and take with the other.We basically have a oligarchy of two supermarket chains both of which take live video at the checkouts.

My question is our do we raise our voice? I can print hundreds of flyers and see them littering the streets discarded by the wilfully blind. On social media and comment sections I have been banging on about the worldwide enslavement, Agenda 20, Agenda 2030, WHO IHR amendments and WEF/ UN tyranny only to see my contacts of hundreds reduced to a small handful that still accept my emails and link shares.

I am a retired senior with chronic ailments same as most of my age group,so I dont have access to possible like minded or open minded colleagues.

I am not an academically trained person so my speaking and general communication skills are far from effective.

All I can see to do is support what you are doing and God speed to you.

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"Members that are supposed to represent us suggest dissenting voices are mentally deficient. How do we get around that?"

You expel the jew from your country and everything magically sorts itself out. It is fairly simple but you will not comprehend that and instead look the other way.

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How did you achieve that in your country? Which country is that,not Mexico I trust?

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Tom, very nice and very good comment.

Indeed, it is also so here, and everywhere, I suppose. But they know very well that we are right, except for a few of them who are simply pawns without any reflection. Insiders say this, to denigrate and possibly prevent questioning by some, but especially to mislead the public!

It also shows that the same parties Green, green etc. were made on purpose, as well as most NGOs etc.

« The Government continues to skilfully manage the populous with budgetary sweeteners that give with one hand and take with the other. »

Yes, and economic difficulty or not, we should think twice before accepting and letting go, unfortunately the consequences are not understood, and it will pay dearly.

Fortunately in this fight we do not need to have an academic training, absolutely not. But a capacity for reflection, a little questioning when reading documents, and a little analysis, nothing that we do not have. While understanding that each of us has special abilities that others do not have or little, hence the interest to exchange and help if necessary, no one is competent in all, and those who have some difficulties with official text or not, have abilities that others don’t.

Thank you for sharing the progress of the hold at home.

While taking care of your health, you can also participate as you just did: share opinions, thoughts, questions etc. This helps everyone’s reflection.

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True,but when endeavouring to get one's point across,those with acadameic training seem quite skilled in smoothly directing one off point. I have experienced this many times.

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Yes, but they are not always academicians, here on substack, they are for most usurpers, personally I do not take it into account, we must impose ourselves (our analyses and reflections) while keeping in mind that an error of assessment is possible even at home.

If you have the time, the desire, but especially (important) an interest in the community, I argue, it is enough most of the time, then we can let go.

Don’t give up, if I may. Your observation of the facts taking place in your home, and good understanding will allow others to benefit.

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Justice under natural law is equity. Their narrative is not reality and does not conform to the laws of nature and nature's God and a spiritual man's constitution is supreme.

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In Ireland on Friday the male migrants who are arriving daily.

voted on Friday. These men are employed and paid for by the UN

This will happen in the UK on the 4/07/24

This will happen in America as well.

Labour will win, Tony Blair will be running the country.

WAR, WHO will be signed Lock downs vaccines, more migrants, digital everything etc etc

British student nurses being told no jobs for them as they have a international office not only employ the trained nurses but employ the the whole family as HCSW


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But at least you do not speak German !

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How do you know I do not speak German

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But at least you do not pay usury !

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How do you know I do not pay usury,

Do you pay usury then.

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Bless you, James, for your tireless endeavours. But could you possibly get together with fellow crusader Meryl Nass and provide an explainer (text, video or preferably both) as why one of you sees what has happened as a victory and the other as a defeat. Otherwise, us footsoldiers will end up being confused about what we are fighting for and not be able to give of our best on the battlefield.

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Give me a call anytime tomorrow.


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Nobody ever had any agreements with these who-pedos, so nothing to exit?

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Does not the US Constitution trump all treaties?

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Please read Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 of the US Constitution.

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we must exit the WHO right now. tedros is a criminal in his own country of etheopia and a criminal in the WHO as well. stop the globalist movement. they want our money to support their criminal behavior across the globe, don't give it to them. we need our own improvement to the u.s. health system without the government handouts from the parmacopis companies.

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When will the goyim understand? Shaking my head...

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Heard and, our old developing Colonial death-camp (continent) over here likewise.

The direct hate now coming out from my Former place is unspeable!

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I would like to chip in my two cents worth of opposing WHO. I would appreciate any info. from you that I can make a print of and post of local bulletin boards.



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Give me a call anytime tomorrow.


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