Don't attempt to crucify the messenger.

Hear the message.

Spread the good word.

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The WHO set the tone and "standards" and may very well now sidestep out of the way as nations implement their "necessary recommendations"... seem logical. The substacker ExcessDeathsAU posted this yesterday:

While everyone was worried about ‘WHO treaties’ look what just dropped (doc in comments).

Five Eyes countries: see you on the flip side.

There is nothing as dangerous as being a ‘US ally.’


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It shall be implemented with national laws, however the national laws are modified with the WHO requirements to be compatible receptors for external influence/effluence.

"Conclusion and recommendation


The IHRs establish mechanisms for information exchange, joint risk assessment, liaison and coordination between the WHO and States Parties. The Committee recognises that the IHRs will prepare Australia to respond to a public health emergency or to combat a global pandemic.

Recommendation 6

The Committee supports the International Health Regulations (2005) and recommends that binding treaty action be taken.

Dr Andrew Southcott MP

Committee Chair "


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... and that is why transparency, initiative rights and decisive referendums are important for any nation wanting to call themselves a "democracy".

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WHAT IF...The WHO amendments to the IHR and the proposed pandemic treaty are BOTH RED HERRINGS, (but useful to control freaks?) to take peoples minds and EYES OFF WHAT IS GOING ON ABOVE OUR HEADS, IN ALL THE SKIES ABOVE US, over all countries???? Each Day, sometimes ALL DAY, where I live!

Regularly, there descends from somewhere (?) black dust...didn't used to be anywhere near as bad a decade ago.. When this 'Dust' is looked at under a microscope it is seen to be made up of thin black fibres/threads/filaments??? Where do they come from??? And WHAT ARE THEY???

I wrote this on Rumble a few mins ago...

Years ago, in the late 50's and early 60's, I remember talk about corporations getting too big, too powerful. These concerns were squashed by other 'News' and nonsenses, to distract the public from thinking about such an issue.

Now these overly large, uncontrolled, very financially powerful corporations appear to have joined up with the military industrial complex, the pharma industry, and probably a few others I haven't thought about, who all profit from controlling what people buy, materially and metaphorically. They are also affiliated, it appears, with several billionaires and those very wealthy with eugenicist mindsets.

Combined, these idiotic entities, even thought they are by no means in total accord, except about being able to control EVERYTHING via the 'internet of all things', are attacking all life on earth with no other motive than to get what's 'best' for themselves. Their 'power' has obviously driven them insane.

That's my take on things without going into detail, and we all know what is needed to cope with madness...Usually a bit of therapy, but in this case, it's a hornets nest of insanity and we have to, and WILL find a way of dealing with these out of control megalomaniacs before they damage too much life,

So I certainly, don't want to shoot the messenger; what I think is that each of us, who see how wrongly things are going, will have to decide into which 'bit' or area we have the capacity to delve, and be effective. There is a great variety of angles to choose from, to suit all types of characters.

Let us support each other even if we don't agree on each issue, because certainly nearly everyone commenting on this site (and many others) have their eyes open to the fact that big business is destructive, in cahoots with governments, blind and deaf to anything other than the two P's...power and profit. Not good enough1

Seeing that ALL vast corporations are made of of thousands of people 'doing their jobs', THEY are the ones who's eyes need opening.

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Apr 1Liked by James Roguski

'We are in the middle of a misinformation war' so we need a picture of a red herring instead of a red grouper. I would remind you James that trust these days is hard to win but even harder to regain. Whatever or whoever is behind this - its wrong on multiple levels. There is no point in devaluing that.

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One reason why national governments will not challenge the WHO & CO is $$$.

Another is what happened to national leaders who challenged the covid narrative.

Another is national/international corporate entanglements.

Another is the false health narrative.

Another is the Gates money/power/health magnet cloaked in philanthropic eugenics.

Clearly OZ, US, UK, Russia, China, NZ, Canada are all in bed with the WHO.

If "the treaty" is an international business/trade/marketing/profiteering cartel racket - then some national leaders are already in on the deal and stand to profit to various degrees.

Other national leaders want a share in the pie for themselves and their people.

Exactly what is in the pie besides $$$?

The writing is on the wall.


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WOW, What an article James, thank you!

Apologies in advance for posting this! I'm sure most are well aware of "World Council For Health" I found it very interesting:

How do we counter corporate monopoly over health, facilitated by the WHO? What strategies will help us withdraw and move to a Better Way for health, freedom, and sovereignty?

The WHO’s IHR amendments and proposed pandemic treaty or accord demand rigorous scrutiny and engagement from civil society, governments, public health workers, and lawyers. The lack of meaningful national engagement with civil society and marginalized communities undermines the legitimacy and effectiveness of the negotiation process, reinforcing perceptions of top-down decision-making and exclusionary practices within the WHO. It is primarily for this reason, that the WCH is obliged to present a hearing to:

a) Independently appraise the WHO’s conduct and processes

b) Discuss strategies to counter the WHO’s expansion of power

Mirrored from 'World Council for Health':



My video upload on Rumble, International Expert Hearing - The W.H.O. Power Grab - 27th March 2024:


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So the mafia is in bed with the government - what else is new?

Government is organised crime after all.

We still have to figure out how to avoid becoming pincushions, made the ungrateful recipients of an exotic array of undesirable injuries and diseases, and turned prematurely into fertilizer.

We can tie a knot in our trunk so we cannot smell the red herrings, and weigh in to help the squirrel beat the pulp out of the gorilla and his army of mafia thugs!

We may not be the most accomplished, orthodox game players, but chances are we can do an excellent job of clearing the enemy off the playing field, if we put our mind to it!

Game over!

Let's celebrate!

Gotta get this darned knot outa my trunk first!

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Mar 30Liked by James Roguski

Thank you James & thx for the compilation of videos. Taken together, they provide a good understanding of the happenings.

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Erm... I think what James is suggesting, is that the WHO "deal" is simply a further enabling action via corporate syndication. Be sure to invest... Your retirement portfolio needs "help"...

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Hi James, we have been poisoned since Aids and the Yuppie Flu and before that. Lyme, Molds, the spike protein...all the same factory! The pathogens all replicate within our bodies and hide from our immune systems. It is about bio weapons and the money that comes with the fiddling of it!

And that is what Meryl has been saying too for a long time. It is about chantage too!

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SM Mass Psychosis Psy-op lol or not?

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