On a side note--Now the FDA has made it legal to not inform when there is supposedly low risk(how do they know?) about a drug trial. I guess that is so they can put vaccines in our food and big pharma will not be liable. "Who decides what constitutes “minimal risk”? Researchers and IRBs. This prevents human subjects from deciding for themselves whether to participate in research studies.

How can they know if a product has “minimal risk”? They cannot; It is disingenuously presumptuous to claim to know a pharmaceutical product or procedure comes with “minimal risk” prior to long-term outcomes determination. This rule obfuscates the detection and discovery of adverse events." https://popularrationalism.substack.com/p/the-defender-fda-makes-it-official SO WE NEED TO STOP THEM.

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Notice of withdrawal of Consent did not work. Maybe this will. Worth a try.

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Under the UN and WHO charters humanity is in a project where samples have been collected for decades. According to https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK110047/ “(1) contemporary genetic technology permits a detailed analysis of small tissue samples.” (2) there are mutations causing serious health problems (3) there is genetic discrimination in insurance and employment and (4) sample collections without consent.

After the COVIDAI rollout are we now trackable UN/WHO token experiments? Look at the truth and see it for yourself. WE DID NOT CONSENT TO THIS

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James, I am British, live in Spain and have residence here. Your form to sign the European Citizens Initiative will not accept either my passport number or my residency number. Please advise.

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I am English, live in Spain but don’t speak the language. I have no idea what is happening here. I do not know any of the government officials. It really is a very vulnerable position to be in. I would welcome contact with like minded people here in Spain who could provide a support group.

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Don't know if it's already been said, but I think we need to support UNINFORMED DISSENT too.

When the data is corrupt, informed whatever, means very little. I also reserve the right to put intuition, gut instincts, and awareness of patterns of abuse above science, data, and information. There are many ways of being and knowing, and dealing only in the observable or measurable is NOT all there is to life, knowledge, and wisdom. No one makes all their decisions in life just based on data. Stop and think how many things you do each day that have nothing to do with taking in information overload. The human brain is superior to the limitations of the fragmented approach of science. And the so-called scientists know this, which is why they have to resort to Psy-ence to get you to swallow their pill. Don't wait for someone to 'give you your rights' because that means they aren't rights at all. Just say no.

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Does anybody know the email address of James?

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Thanks for your great work James. I will answer your question about the Swedish political party "Partiet MoD" claiming to be in favor of exiting the WHO and claiming to be in favor of Human rights and democracy, claiming to be non-partisan (not left or right).

Consciously or not... "Partiet MoD" https://partietmod.se/ collect people's money by digital transfers and thus register them for the bank mafia... just like you plan to do in the middle of global fascism, James. This is normal behavior since people still believe we have democracy. I would not distrust anyone for that. Who does not want to believe in a decent democracy, and who does not need money to survive? I am unemployed and get no money from the government. Zero.

Consciously or not... "Partiet MoD" is totally ignored by the media, and still won't talk to the people, like we do, and you do, James. I do not trust politicians who do not speak to the people and refuse debate with other politicians. Why would people even consider voting for a political party not answering people's or other politician's questions? Being blacked out by the media, owned by the global fascists, is however a sign of being great.

The election result of "Partiet MoD" 2022 was 0,09% (Still they refuse to cooperate against the 4% limit) I do not trust politicians, nor small parties, who do not cooperate broadly. That is insane, unless you are a controlled opposition. Only then it makes sense.

I guess "Partiet MoD" were part of the campaign "No vaccine passports - Yes to Freedom" in Stockholm, which was indirectly ridiculed in the media with a movie framing the freedom movement "Frihetsrörelsen" as hippie, mumbo jumbo, young flamboyant party trolls, and not caring about the sick and the old.

We, the real opposition, reacted to that controlled opposition together with an excellent outspoken nurse, Sarah Delin-Ekstrand and the excellent Dr Mikael Nordfors (probably murdered by a fake Mossad eye doctor for exposing one of their favorite trick, ketamin, a truth serum, probably used by agents like Epstein and Maxwell.): https://odysee.com/@DigiDemo:/L%C3%A4ngre-samtal-om-Frihetsr%C3%B6relsen (in Swedish)

I made an English translation of a great speech from the Stockholm event from Dr Nils Littorin https://peacecompassionunderstanding.wordpress.com/2022/01/23/dr-nils-littorin-in-a-peaceful-demonstration-stockholm-2022-01-22/ ... even if I am an antivaxxer today, since I see no reason to trust mass murderers who murder indiscriminately with intent.

Dr Nils Littorin seems to be a great man. Active politically locally in Malmö https://www.malmolistan.se/ However, like many doctors, he is not standing for election to the European Parliament, nor the Swedish Parliament, in a broad election cooperation ... yet. He could however be really clever, aiming locally. Do not believe he is part of "Partiet MoD", but I do not know.

Consciously or not... "Partiet MoD" lead people into Facebook, Google and Youtube, the very same platforms censoring the ones they claim to stand behind. No alternative platforms. No comments from "Partiet MoD" on this embarrassing fact. I would not be surprised if they use Zoom either. This is normal behavior, but it is not very clever, in my opinion, to use known culprits. I use Linux Mint on my computer, and https://chitchatter.im or Jami for communication. I broadcast with OBS Studio on Odysee.

"Partiet MoD" recently had a conflict within their party involving the leader, and his friend, taking out salary, and people in the board suggesting a change of leadership in favor of Elsa Widding, a Swedish outspoken independent MP, also on YouTube... but not speaking to the people, not answering questions... not being part of a broader coalition...

Is Elsa a controlled opposition? Consciously or not? I am not sure. We will see. She is invited. I invite all, from communists to people believing Hitler was misunderstood. I believe Hitler was a British/Sionist agent and probably lived his last days in Argentina, as "Spitting Image hints at Hitler escaping to Argentina". A controlled opposition, just like Hamas, and "Tim Osman". A Bogeyman to hunt, while the military industrial complex profits.

As being in favor of equality, ecological sustainability, health and freedom, I see myself as a left-wing patriotic democratic green socialist for peace and neutrality. The Election Coalition I am in is, however, much broader and accepts people with all kinds of beliefs. https://valsamverkanspartiet.wordpress.com/

At the moment we have not agreed to any program, but with the people inside now I guess it will be a clear Exit the WHO, since we all are aware of the mass murder going on.

Hope I helped you with that, and that it was a great experience for you, James.

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Astrid Stuckleburger suggests to keep the 2004 WHO IHRs. Institutions stopped training the trainers about it. Agent characterization. pCRs were not designed as a diagnosis tool and for 3 other reasons in the handbook should not have been used to rack up cases. Diagnosis of the virus was not substantiated accoding to the standards. The scientists and specialists didn't weigh in on the response decisions. The WHO wanted to establish the constitution as One Health Article 13-92 they can change the definitions. According to article 19 and 20 if 2/3s of the member states agree ALL member states will have to submit. IFFFI was planning to roll down money from the IMF through gavi to Sepi. WATCH FROM 27 MINUTES EVERYONE. Who consents? https://rumble.com/v26tmhq-w.h.o.-whistleblower-exposes-globalist-agenda.html?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

We can't accept lies OR Action Trigger Response Orders.

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Thanks James! As you will know better than me, there are only so many hours in a day in which to try to read, understand and digest the reams of info, from both sides of the issues that bother those who think they understand what has been going on since before Covid was released and the planned cull by injection was rolled out in late 2020.

I'm already regarded as obsessed with the issues we both try to battle with, so extra time is not justifiable in our schedules.

I'm a healthy 78-year-old and I do what I can to notify those around me of my (our) fears and observations. I have my list of 'Covid & DEADLY Vax HEROES' as well as the well-known list of 'Vax VILLAINS'!

Some of my 'contacts' have no idea and deliberately reject any/all suggestions that anything is going on that could be regarded as sinister, dangerous or untoward. It's unbelievable!

I'll carry on in my 'small way' by trying to notify as many as possible what I believe they should be wary of by word of mouth (if they can even hear me) and by 'commenting' on relevant topics raised by others (both Heroes and Villains).

Thanks for your interest in responding to one of my comments. As previously suggested, I'm available to assist you (and other like-minded heroes) if there is anything specific I can do locally (England South east) to help spread the truth.

Petitions are supposedly aimed at uncovering some of the skulduggeries that have been going on, most notably since 2020, and are a method of highlighting indiscretions and sinister plans that will impact us all. For example; By signing the UK Government Petition requests, MP's can be alerted to increasing vax-related injuries and deaths. This should justify consideration and action from within the UK Parliament - if sufficient signatures are submitted. When these justifiable topics are then ignored and deliberately side-stepped, it helps more people realise how the corrupt system is, and how it is being manipulated.

Kind regards.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed and trying to keep an open mind whilst joining dots!

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The thing is - in reality - we are all sovereign. We have been trained to believe someone has authority over us. We are enmeshed in a profusion of law. It is cumbersome to say all the things that are allowed and not allowed. Rather life would be much simpler if we just agreed that every person is sovereign and we built a new foundation on that. But first we have to talk about it and familiarize ourselves with it. We have an opportunity here to do something different and better. To continue to add laws - which haven't worked because laws are being broken all the time. We can establish a system where we don't need laws but we have a database where we broadcast those who violate our sovereignty. I hope we can discuss this. It is very doable and it will change the trajectory forever and do away with the fallacious idea that anybody has jurisdiction over anybody else. I am happy to illustrate how this can work.

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Where it can be established that the entity (-ies), i.e., Health Professional, Health Facility, Health Conglomerate, Health Insurance Provider, etc. has or will benefit (financially or otherwise), e.g., through "incentive" payments based on issuing a prescription or promoting a particular treatment, achieving a quota of such treatments, but not limited to such vehicles as incentive payments (i.e., anything broadly falling under "Conflict of Interest"), the entity recommending, prescribing, coaxing or coercing treatment shall be subject to additional penalties in the event of adverse effects suffered by the patient(s). These penalties are neither limited in scope nor extent. Thus, the entity recommending or providing the treatment MUST carry adequate insurance to cover the full extent of said additional penalties when and where such conflicts of interest may exist.

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Thanks Deborah!

The EU Petition does not allow non-EU residents (= Brits) to access the signature part of this petition. Unless you know differently? if so, please let the rest of us know how we can sign such important Petitions that curtail the WHO Takeover of our liberties.


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Dec 4, 2023·edited Dec 4, 2023

Informed consent, in the UK, is covered by the common law duty of care and duty of candour - health professionals failing in both have committed a criminal act - at least that is how it was.

There needs to be a repeal of the Parliaments Act 1911 which appears to gift British parliament Divine ruleship!

Crown immunity needs to be eradicated also - and so MP's, lords et al are held culpable in their private capacity and liable.

Does the UK remain under the Lisbon Treaty? If so does that mean The Brits can be more fully involved in this project?

A move away from jibjabs to medical mesh, I am one of hundreds of thousands of women around the world injured and harmed with many losses, the government, medics et al are doing to the vaccine injured the same as they have done to the mesh injured, the deaths from mesh are not clearly known as the cover up is incredible!

Most of all thank you James for your tenacity and strength in this matter, I wish the Petition was open in the UK as there are plenty of dissenters would be supporters - but cheerleaders on the side lines are just as important :)

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Hi James! I'm sorry I have not had the opportunity to get back to you as recently invited!

The European Citizen's Rights Petition is not available to UK residents. I just tried to sign the Petition but the UK is obviously not an available option since we, using Brexit, resigned from the unelected dictatorship called the European Union!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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