Appreciate your quick response!! and so much else that you do and have done!!!!!!!

Briefly, being an aerosol Bio weapon Lab Rat in Australia - late 1980s, and FORCED to successfully treat self and sons (they HAD former International careers( - even the Asperger's son *no help or recognition then". Though one has to always be on "the alert" of ones Immune Systems health status (no such thing as long covid-another cute word avoidance of reality.

I donated to you during a "bad hair day" when I deposited into your Account a sum of what was E40:00 - I was thinking in A$s, so in effect my Oz a7c had A$75:00 taken from it and into yours .

I did not want to Subscribe to your full email access, I wanted to contribute about A$40 to it.

The balance of the amount was going to be contributed to "Jules by the Beach" site. An Australian Human Rights retired Barrister, whom I had contact with over 40 years ago. Julian Gillespie is now very active in this WW111 and in fact on the latest CHD weekly News, is discussing his legal "moves" with Dr Jessica Rose on this weeks CHD News site. DO Watch as its World information on actions to take.

Julian Gille3spies site is literally named "Jules on the Beach" so I ASK IF YOU CAN MAKE A DIRECT DEPOSIT TO HIS ACCOUNT for the sum of $A 35:00.

After illness and being a Leader in that area of Drs lack of knowledge and having more health problems because NOT ONE Dr ever diagnosed the over-riding major systemic illness + another brain problem Dr/Gov't health advices further caused health problems for 23 years , then I diagnosed and treated and with never-ending research to this day-had Drs asking me what to do/congratulations).

As part of my self-prescribed brain therapy I did voluntary 7 days a week x 10 + hours for 20 months from March 2020 - a day of deep research for Alliance Health International UK (Dr Rob Verkerks "baby") to get my brain to begin to auto process thought.

I rarely m ake any donations to anyone or group. Children Health Defence being the exception and even then 2 amounts less than the A$40:00 to your site.

After unexpectedly being in this illness situation and sons and grandchildren coming along and no one understanding what the %&/()= was going on. and seeing my Company wiped out, I must now be very careful and do try to do my bit with insights/comments at times on sites. Cash is short.

The very best of health to you and deep appreciation.

I use few sites and Zucker buying WHATS App knew that some underlying %&/() was further evidence of foulness afoot, such a shame as What's App was a real boon. Also I prefer meeting and "talking" with people, not "chatting" with people unknown.

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The WHO is really a mask for a group of elite power seekers who have nothing in life to believe in except their belief in dominating the political landscape. Such arbitrariness invites quiet. subtle and powerful opposition which will reach the hearts of those who really do care about health everywhere.

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I think we need to recognise the effect of the predictive programming and psychological attacks we have been experiencing for many decades and began shortly after WW11 in earnest!!

Americans (especially Christian patriots in the truth community) maintain this perception of America as the beacon of hope and freedom, the protector of the innocent.

Yet when this label was created by America it was to recognise the unique creation of the country after breaking the chains of British colonialism that wanted to establish a framework that treated all people equal and describing the responsibility of the people to remove by all means necessary if it becomes clear they are not acting in the interests of the nation???

If we reverse this message then isn’t it saying “if actions of any organisation that are protected by or part of the American government are not aligned with your values or interests then you were responsible for ending it??

The Kennedy assassination was the first clear example that the CIA operated above all government and presidents.. the CIA Is known to have created coups political revolutions in almost 100 countries.. yet the American people continue to allow this organisation to represent America as a missionary of fairness peace and democracy ?!!

They are responsible for more deaths than any other organisation we would label terrorists!!! The last 20 years of death suffering and war in Ukraine is happening because the CIA nurtured the conditions necessary to subvert the country and use it to install a puppet government bordering their rival superpower?? Probably 1 million people have died in Ukraine because of the CIA being used to fulfill the wishes of the global elite Zionists under the Stars and Stripes??

Then on September 11 you now know with certainty the bush family was in the Carlisle group with the bin laden relatives etc and robbed multiple millions..

at the same time the president was filming a scene in a kindergarten classroom where he had publicly announced his intentions for days and apparently multiple planes were hijacked but secret service let him stay to do nursery rhymes!! Not possible or procedural..

But that doesn’t matter because the children who had been preparing for days because they were the lucky class getting a televised presidential visit and instead of learning a nursery rhyme or a play of Robin Hood or Peter Pan they were prompted to display an aggressive chant repeating the words “Kite, must hit steel” the exact moment the plane hit the first tower?!!!

This man used this planned attack on the nation’s financial centre killing thousands of people and then using radical groups they had already nurtured went and decimated the entire Middle East?!!

And he is still living in your country enjoying 24 hours a day protection and a 400k a year salary for life?!!!

American patriots are not acting inline with the clear expectation of the framers by upholding at any cost the constitution and upholding the integrity and honour of the faith and law abiding citizens???

In reality we have been programmed using ever increasing violations by the government of our nations values and convinced ourselves that our patriotic duty is to wait while the government supports genocide in Palestine, the complete destruction of Ukraine by openly overthrowing the government of the closely entwined neighbour to our most direct opposition superpower who we had promised to never do???!!!

Just as the true meaning of scripture has been selectively referenced and explained to totally distort Christianity the entire nation of American( who is the only country that were given protective rights to own battlefield grade weapons and could register organise and train themselves as militia groups) have convinced themselves that their constitutional and Christian duty is to wait until the illegal government and hidden rules give you an election that you know they will cheat regardless of the extent needed to create chaos and sow doubt on the result even though everyone knows it will be a landslide on the ground??

However they just approved changes to the international health regulations that have represented your interests by saying that tedros alone who is guilty of mass genocide in his home of Ethiopia.. has no medical training and is funded by china and bill gates as the highest donors can decide that there is a risk of a public health emergency of international concern and then can dictate governmental medical and social restrictions in all nations?????

Americans need to consider we are all the product of our influences and have been in decline throughout western societies since the 50’s when we peaked in health family units intelligence and moral values and have been falling ever since.. our children have a shorter life expectancy than our own, our skies are being sprayed with nano particles of aluminium etc that we know are devastating to human cognitive abilities, Hollywood is the satanic pedophile poisoning of the mind hub of the planet!!!

The french people rioted every weekend for 2 years to resist their tyrannical government and some were shot and brutally beaten !!

All this “trust the plan” “god wins” is completely misguided..

Noah wasn’t given the arc, but the duty to build it.

Leviticus chapter 20 is the most important part of the bible imo.. if we knowingly allow people to sacrifice children to moloch then he will turn away from us and banish us from his kingdom??

We are taught mind body and spirit, Hollywood is sacrificing the minds of children worldwide, gender dysphoria, vaccine injuries, autism now affecting 1 in 10 boys yet there is no elderly person with autism and it has only happened since the mass vaccination programme started?!!

With great power comes great responsibility.. eventually the history books will tell of the covert destruction and death inflicted on the world under the US AND UK banner!! We have men on the ground firing missiles into Russia in our name!! Russia has the capability under mutually assured destruction to kill us all if either side miscalculates..

If Americans think that Washington would still be peacefully resisting in the current situation they are delusional..

revelations and propaganda have completely castrated the only armed citizens who have legal authority to intervene in a rogue government and they are waiting for a fair election while the border invasion economic collapse world war and genocide continues in their name!! Doesn’t sound very “American exceptionalism” based to me!!

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No to any ‘world’ or ‘global’ organization directive, amendment, or any other means of interference with our lives. They represent a bunch of unelected officials who only crave power and greed. UN also needs ignored.

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Thank you James for all you have done. Much appreciated.God Bless Canada and the World.


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can anyone formulate an internet proclaimation that the people of the world that would state that the wef and other private related institutions and persons do not have our consent and that we have no confidence in their rules laws statutes ,,, thereby rendering them null and void ... so help us Good God

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Can you elaborate a little more on your proposal, e.g. post it OR on the net, knowing that it will be diluted in the mass of circulating data (or put in the shade), what benefit do you think it can bring (this way of operating)?

I do not downplay this proposal, I just wonder what impact it would have (this way of doing things).

Waiting for a little more explanation.

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a legaleze proclaimation that they dont have our "consent " consent is a legal and a spiritual must [ according to the bible covenant ie satan cannot do anything to us unless we consent to his bargain ] for them to do anything to or for us the people of the world... they are bound by the covenant of free will ,,, free will is supreme satan cannot force us against our will , and God also doesnt may not do anything for us unless we ask ... i hope im making some sense. ps they consider our silence as consent [ legal ] according to their law system ,,, thats why we should make our objections loud and public by any communication mode.... thank you plse feel free to respond

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I was wrong, I wanted to say «based on human rights» or Natural, and not the civil right, I mixed brushes (smile).

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1) Yes, I agree that it has to be in legal jargon, because you have to be extremely precise, otherwise it would not be possible to interpret it.

Then comes the question of faith or religious, I do not know how to specify it, it may have validity in some countries, I am not competent in the matter. If it is not (valid), it is useless to insert it, however the law allows a freedom in religion etc. of or perhaps a possibility from a point of view civil or natural law. Again, I cannot say.

Apart from that, talking about religion does not seem appropriate, personally, I would assert my civil or natural rights.

I share this statement below, except for the last sentence and this whether one is a believer or not, no one can compel us mentally or psychologically. If God exists, he cannot either (free will), but asking for help or anything else, seems to me an error of belief and appreciation, some help etc. would exhaust complete or almost (for we know nothing about it), so no one can intervene. But of course everyone is free to believe it or not. My statement here, has nothing to do with the proposal, just a shared reasoning.

“Satan cannot do anything to us unless we consent to his bargain ] for them to do anything to or for us the people of the world... they are bound by the covenant of free will ,, free will is supreme satan force us against our will , and God also doesnt may not do anything for us unless we ask.” 2) after

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2) "Thats why we should make our objections loud and public by any communication mode..."

I also share that, to some degree. It will have to be from my point of view, anonymous because some countries prohibit it, and especially to protect people, I know what I am talking about, however it remains a personal and free choice. It could thus circulate without problems on the net (social networks etc., be downloaded, completed and signed and transmitted (officially) to whom we would like, all our parliamentarians, health authorities etc. (to be expanded if necessary).

A few questions (to complete if necessary).

Who will write this letter?

Or will it be posted the first time?


I am delighted with your proposal, I had not thought about it in terms of «circulating on the net», I am not very good at computers or concerning the net.

It remains only to perfect it so as not to forget anything, it is perfect in my opinion concise but extremely relevant. I do not master the legal jargon, and I do not know anyone who could do it, not to mention that the exchanges at home are more than basic, fear reigns (I think dissidents of course).

Be free to argue, counter-argue, if you think of other ways etc., nothing prevents once the letter is written that people use it as they wish.

Thank you for this great initiative.

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-Long-term Damage to the Human Genome?

The Covid-19 vaccines could have long-term negative implications to the human race. Florida’s Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo in January called for a halt to the shots for this very real possibility. In a Tucker Carlson interview, he said, “The vaccines have DNA in them… and that’s not necessarily a big deal, but it’s a problem with these vaccines because the DNA hangs on with the mRNA and goes into people’s cells. … So, this is a completely different risk analysis than other products that have had DNA. … These vaccines are the antichrist of all products.”

When Florida asked the CDC and FDA if it had examined the DNA integration with human genome, Dr. Ladapo said it received back 10,000-page response that avoided answering the question entirely, which “leads me to conclude they haven't done it.” He went on to tell Tucker that changes to people’s DNA could cause them to become sick or to pass on altered DNA to their offspring.-- HERE IS A GOOD READ https://mammothnation.com/blog/being-unvaccinated-in-a-covid-19-jabbed-world?utm_source=deployer&utm_medium=email&utm_content=&utm_campaign=email_letter&utm_term=

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I have an idea that it’s not really “ a good read “. 😇

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BREAKING: The Telegraph - Covid vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths as Experts call for more research into side effects and possible links to mortality rates in preparation for Nuremberg 2.0 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2024/06/04/covid-vaccines-may-have-helped-fuel-rise-in-excess-deaths/

2M views this afternoon on Twitter under the search "Nuremberg 2.0" https://x.com/draseemmalhotra/status/1797922073798717524

BREAKING: Electroporation of mRNA by Injection can now cause Remote Paralysis or Death and Drug Delivery, Remotely Using An Electric Field of Energy, Frequency & Vibration! Ted Kazynski's The Perfect Bomb, Unabomber aka "Telomere Terminator", Bio-Specific Weapons & Darth Vader's Choke! https://nurembergtrials.net/nuremberg-trials-2-0/f/electroporation-of-mrna-by-injection-can-cause-remote-paralysis

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Keep up with your fantastic mission James. There are many of us who do their bit to back you up - and THE MANY will eventually destroy The Few!

If only the media and press had considered siding with the truth about the man-modified virus and the deadly injections that their 'controllers' called 'VACCINE', the world would not have seen the destruction since 2019/20.

Biowarfare technology, exploited by Big Pharma who function behind an unrealistic shield of ZERO Liability. Knowing that the costs of the pandemics they create would be covered by the state, they started releasing gain-of-function viruses. Objective = To create a new highly profitable Business even though their DEADLY jabs can KILL, maim and curtail human life! They certainly didn't stop Covid!

Get vax makers to accept LIABILITY for vax-related Injuries, Vax-related DEATHS and for curtailing the life expectancy of all those who believed the government 'science', that the DEADLY destructive injections were no more than a CULL! These misguided souls can now look forward to a dramatically reduced Life Expectancy!

Unjabbed Mick! I'll live a lot longer than those that believed the 'science' bullshit!

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I hope so but I gotta tell you that God Will decide how long you will live . 🙏

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The new self appointed Gods have superseded your God! Unjabbed Mick.

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I DEMAND THAT THESE SENILE GOVTERNMENTALY ILL around the world REJECT AND ELIMINATE the amendments to the International Health Regulations that were illegitimately "adopted" on June 1, 2024.

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I just saw the video with the two James, I enjoyed it very much, Corbett speaks fast for someone who does not speak English.

I would add that it is not just a matter of money for themselves, even if it is important for their personal expenses and the manufacture of products (injections etc.). Nations will pay for the genocide they intend to perpetrate in Africa and elsewhere, without forgetting that it also serves to financially weaken nations, allowing a much greater hold and according to the situation much faster.

All this for a very particular reason, a deep evil, which gnaws at this world.

An illusion that they cannot realize, but the people yes, they just have to adhere, follow etc. and they become the masters of the world, with the capcité of eradicating the living. Except that this will surely not be achieved to the end, but at what cost.

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James Corbett is CANADIAN

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Thank you, I know only name, I do not disperse too much, but I am certain that some do good work, even exemplary.

I couldn’t listen to him, he talks too fast for me.

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Not only reject eliminate the WHO and have many of them arrested especially Tedros and he should be sent to Gitmo

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Yes, and there will be many, the question remains whether they have planned a hidden retreat somewhere.

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Don't watch much television but once in a while I'll watch News Max. They actually did a segment on the WHO the other night and how we have to stop them. IF we ever get our Constitution back, we'll need to work diligently to keep it. So many agendas/issues are so wrong right now.

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If Trump gets back in the White House I would think he'd be smart enough to just exit the who all together... again... and then we Don't have to worry about this communist health takeover... Disguised as concern...

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Trump is pro Noahide.

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10 -18 months? Why this time frame james?

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Amendments to the IHR were fraudulently claimed to have been adopted that purport to change the time frames involved.


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Thank you james its a bit confusing but it seems null and void since nothing was voted on.

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