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Perhaps one should also read this article!


And I think that it would be a huge advantage for everyone that James should also get in touch with her to benefit from her knowledge and many years of experience, so that a stronger and beneficial common ground against this criminal organization WHO can be built beyond borders - TOGETHER WITH ALL NATIONS!!!


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Some of us have been forced to go on bowing to unbearable mandates like masking, testing and isolation, imposed by unbearable "medical professionals and health care workers", to be able to continue to try to defend the vulnerable, especially in nursing homes.

Meanwhile the WHO agenda captures attention, as the runaway train we built, hurtles on towards its predetermined destination - not exactly a health care haven for all!

Many legal eagles and others, saw the danger from the very beginning, but our concerns were negated and dismissed.

The world succumbed to the spell of some utopian (distopian) dreamworld, in which international cooperation could solve the world's problems and lead to a realistic (unrealistic) world of health, happiness, peace and prosperity for all!

Contrary to common sense international organisations were formed, massive amounts of money were predictably wasted to the detriment of all participating nations, with minimal benefits, which could otherwise have been achieved at minimal cost.

The organisational octopus, predictably produced tons of incompetent, compromised and corrupt, ego-tripping parasites and leeches, while the poor continued to suffer and die increasingly.

Now the octopus is morphing into a tyrannical, transhumanist, technocratic monster - a profiteering, racketeering mafia - completely unpredictable outcome (sarcasm) or exactly as planned!

The WHO train hurtles on, full of moral corruption and criminal violence, while principled people try to figure out how to derail the train.

We must find a way to free our "governments, medical professionals and health care workers" from addiction to WHO opium, extract ourselves from our health care nightmare and effectively deal with the train drivers, if we want this story to end well.

The WHO & Co. over the hills and far away, are not our real problem.

The wolves in sheep's clothing at home, are the real problem.

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I find it hard to believe from reading your comment that you don’t know that freeing our governments, our health professionals, and so on is totally impossible.

Do you not think that this would have already succeeded, following numerous contacts, various actions etc. if it was feasible.

Your text seems to me to be more willing, by side roads, to direct us towards other options, not viable, it is an affirmation. I think you would understand what I mean.

To get us out of the WHO and the UN, which you mistakenly or voluntarily referred to as a «health care nightmare», this one is rather in the conventional care of our health professionals such as conditioned and formatted doctors. Pandemics and so on are WHO tools. So there is a distinction to be made.

“And effectively deal with the train drivers, if we want this story To end well.”

I have a hunch that you are being sucked into hoping that we will take the bait, thinking of those who will read this.

In a word negotiate with the absolute evil, which works for the destruction of the living and decided to keep a minority as slaves. Do you think that we are sponges, absorbing many stories and malicious orientations with ease. Do you think we lack thinking, judgment, common sense?

I do not think so, but hope why not, a well-assembled text, with some unfavourable additions, well turned, to the populations. Bie tried.

« The WHO & Co. over the hills and far away, are not our real problem. »

« The wolves in sheep’s clothing at home, are the real problem. »

The issue “over the hills and far away” has been well explained and commented on here.

The wolves... No, the real problem is people who are unaware of what is going on at the moment, and those who do not see the gravity of the situation while having a partial understanding.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing have been unmasked for several years now. You are behind on this subject.

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Mutual respect is a priceless value.

I agree with James and many others, that we can all make a valuable contribution, by doing our best to contribute whatever we can.

I am not omnipotent.

I know what I know - I do not know what I do not know.

I make mistakes - fix them - and go on.

Some people seem to think that they have it all figured out, making them superior beings who are entitled to denigrate lesser beings, who have not got it all figured out.

These people should just follow their superior enlightened path, without putting others down, because by so doing they actually undermine their own credibility.

You claim that: "Wolves in sheep’s clothing have been unmasked for several years now. You are behind on this subject."

Where I live, many wolves have not been unmasked and still mingle freely.

You claim that our "governments and health care professionals" are irredeemable, and apparently conclude that, the unawareness of the people is the real problem.

So what is the effective strategy for awakening the people?

I will continue to do my best to awaken people, by ringing the alarm bell as loudly as I can, and exposing the wolves as much as I can.

This is my personal strategy to effect change.

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When we try to deviate from our relevant objectives, to orient ourselves towards other avenues, not viable obviously, because we must always remain open to other possibilities, also relevant, I would say that it is a good sign!

There are quite a few proposals, but without arguments or execution plans, such as this statement “The wolves in sheep’s clothing at home, are the real problem.”

Anything like that, anybody can write.

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So you propose to go on activating against the WHO then, while the white coats at home have already sold us out for money, and the politicians likewise, who have already betrayed us before any WHO/UN "vote" takes place?

The UN/WHO are just theatre for show, like parliaments, as many are well aware.

The wolf pack overseas includes our "representatives".

Allowing the wolves at home to continue to rip the flock to pieces, is not a realistic action plan.

However if that is the people's choice - so be it - they are free to choose.

Most people still worship the gods of democracy and medicine.

Most have no idea that democracy is not moral, responsible government for the good of all.

Most have no idea that medicine is not moral, responsible health care for the good of all.

Most people will only reject their gods, when they realise they are overtly false and covertly betraying them.

As personal losses escalate, people will take action, to protect their loved ones.

The sooner this happens, the less the costs will be.

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It’s not disrespectful, it’s not my style, and the comment demonstrates that.

« So what is the effective strategy for awakening the people? »

Stating a fact does not mean having a solution, if I had it, I would have posted it for a long time, and on this subject I have already commented several times.

Your last comment says in different words what you have already said.

That’s your strategy, and I don’t agree with it, for the reasons I mentioned later. That’s all, I do not have the power to convince, nor the desire, these are reflections that each of us must make, to know what options we have and what are ateignable.

For the rest, I have already written a good part of your comment in first com.

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Absolutely NO doubt US government is behind this WHO jazz. Watching various CIA/FBI talking heads lie before Congress is all the proof one needs to conclude we are being shafted by a rogue government. Congress is totally in bed with these saboteurs, and Congress is part of the gang that goes along with what ever NWO calls for. Congress has had more than enough experience to see through the haze of deceit BUT Congress is simply one of the collaborators mindlessly but deliberately pushing for the dismemberment of the United States. Yuri Bezmenov was as right as rain and we are being hauled over the coals of a Marxist takeover. The Bolsheviks are at the gate, having waited their turn in their erstwhile Trojan Horse only to spring forth with their neatly wrapped package of deceit and infamy. How long do we deny what is happening to us as we turn to our materialism to help us get distracted from our impending termination? How long do we tolerate the lies and distortions coming from the lips of liars to our ears?

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A Trojan Horse if ever there was one. We must not allow Marxist globalists to couch our rejection as obstructing public health. We are retaining our sovereignty and our representatives serve at the pleasure of US citizens. If negotiation is appropriate to assist another nation it must be secondary to serving the legal citizens of the USA. At such time the merits, timing and validity of any such assistance will be considered.

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I am a little surprised that nobody bounced back on Alex’s proposal, am I alone to find it positive, well thought out? It is possible that opinions on this subject are not expressed here, which I find a little unfortunate (if this is the case), different opinions, contrary etc. can bring enlightenment, questioning etc.

Inaccuracies, errors in judgment, confused thoughts, etc. (concerns us all and does not target anyone in particular). In my view, this does not prevent us from examining proposals of interest to our cause.

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You sir are a great man!!

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Thanks for sharing. It was good to read their own words and see for myself the slick way they twist it to sound like it'll be great. I am certainly "fed up with the government, hospital, medical, pharmaceutical, media, industrial complex and would like to help build a holistic alternative to the WHO. "

I am open to specific suggestions on first steps I can take. I try to share with my inner circle of family and friends, but by now the holdouts of common sense seem to be supernaturally blinded.

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I share, but an alternative to the WHO is incomprehensible to me and seems not applicable. Perhaps you meant an alternative to conventional medicines.

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Yes, an alternative definitely. The WHO is too big and needs to go.

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Indeed, but also because alternative or not, no one should have the monopoly of health, it should be rather multipolar, without falling into charlatanism, I am thinking in particular of new age approaches and many others unverifiable on serenity and by what people have lost the ability to question many things.

I am not saying that everything is wrong, but in this area deception also exists, because market share is important.

This is a great initiative!

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"improve equitable access to critical health products, and make global health security architecture overall more fit for purpose while maintaining full respect for sovereignty of individual states."


Don't think for a second that they respect our sovereignty!!!

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The United States has NO authority from its citizens to initiate, push forward and fund this health takeover after the manner with which the last pandemic was managed. At the end of the day, there is a Bill of Rights and no amount of coercion will get the now untrusting citizen to submit to this charade. I propose instead that we initiate a trial and charge the WHO, its buddy the CCP, the US gov/agencies and our dear military for funding gain of function and ultimately killing millions of citizens in their Orwellian grab for power. We need to have the TRUTH! Once this concludes we should dismantle the whole sorry agency and end gain of function once and for all. Might not happen but we should know and remember our rights so that we never get bamboozled again!

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We have no rights, period. The Bill of Rights *should have* defined civil Responsibilities. Personal "rights" require personal accountability. Therein lies the rub...

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If we have no rights left or enforceable we still have will - History shows us the desire for freedom is universal. History shows us that the USSR failed from its authoritarian stance and this too will fail. If the Bill of Rights has lapsed us all, it is not dead, it needs for us to awaken it by demanding and stating it over and over. If there is one thing governments lack, it is consistency: That should get us somewhere!

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“Natural law is the set of rights that each individual has because of his belonging to humanity and not because of the society in which he lives. Natural law, which includes, in particular, the right to life, and to health, the right to liberty, as well as the right to property, is inherent in humanity, universal and unalterable, even though there is no concrete means of enforcing it.”

It is up to us human beings to enforce it, knowing this is incomprehensible to some, what more to say.

End of comment.

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My belief is that Natural Law should pertain to *other* biological creatures. But not man. Naturally occurring flora and fauna have no free will, so must inherit "rights" as dictated by the natural order. Man on the other hand, must develop Responsibility for individual outcomes. We have no "rights" and should not demand something we fail to respect in other life forms...

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I fully understand your opinion, I share it, but we do not live in an ideal world, the strongest (physically, mentally etc.) often manage to dominate the weakest, even in the human species. Situations of control not having been resolved from the beginning, eventually take over. This is where the natural law comes in, to allow a defence and a return to a certain balance.

So it applies well in the current situation, even if you are right. The resolution of conflicts etc. must most often go through there, not to use it under the pretext that we should not need it, seems to me irresponsible towards humanity.

I guess that’s why it was transmitted through time.

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1) Following the second request posted here by Alex, addressed to all «can anyone», I come back to inform that I will try to find someone who could write this in the rules (legal jargon). I do not guarantee anything, I do not have lawyers in my relations, and I am not sure that a professional wants to do it even while being paid. If this happens, I will post it on my substack and everyone can download and distribute it, I would specify that the idea does not come from me, because despite the confusing proposal, the idea is good, for reasons mentioned below.

It is not so simple, for the following reason «the rights of man and citizen 1789» are no longer inalienable rights (depending on the country), they can be revised.

Of course, we are not obliged to accept this revision (« we should not have » been more precise) and on this «inalienable rights» basis, it could possibly be drafted.

For this to work, the majority would have to approve only the original.

Even if the letter circulating on the net, does not lead to the desired result, a categorical stop, it will have the merit of having informed and instructed people on their inalienable rights. So that would be very positive. And it is also another way, to approach the evil plan in progress, which many people classify directly in the plot box.

It would also be possible to write an informative letter (well written) on the inalienable rights and the possibilities it could engender in this fight.

It would allow people to go and look for this “human right”, to check it in person, and to reflect on the scope of this information.

It’s always a personal job, the rest belongs to them.

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2) A little more clarity and precision is needed.

Examples :

« a legaleze internet statment that the amendmants do not have the support and consent and confidence of the majority of people in the united states of america and the world etc ... »

a legaleze internet statment ? Supposed to mean?

that the amendmants ? Not only, the WHO and UN, do we think that it finishes only with the amendments, and the pandemic treaty ?

the majority of people in the united states of america and the world etc . ? I do not think so, because we would already be rid of these globalists!

In France; what the Constitution says

According to the website of the Constitutional Council, it is possible to use a constitutional revision under section 89. It may be at the initiative of the President of the Republic or any parliamentarian. “Once placed on the agenda of Parliament, the draft or proposed revision must be voted on in identical terms by the National Assembly and the Senate. [… ] Unlike ordinary laws, the Government cannot give the National Assembly “the last word” by asking it to rule definitively in the event of disagreement with the Senate,” the Constitutional Council stresses.

But is the preamble - of which the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen is part - modifiable in the same way? “In theoretical law, yes, because the Declaration of Human Rights is part of a constitutional standard. So it could in absolute law be amended,” confirms Jean-Eric Gicquel, professor of constitutional law and political institutions at the University of Rennes 1. In 2005, for example, the preamble of the Constitution was amended to incorporate the Environmental Charter.

“A symbolic value” preferred

For the lecturer in public law at the Sorbonne, Julien Padovani, the answer is less certain. “On a formal level, one might think that this is possible… the power of review can do almost anything.” But for him, the text of 1789 remains the text of 1789. “The preamble of the Constitution should also be amended by referring to the “1789 Declaration as revised by…”. One solution would be to remove the reference to the preamble and draft a new charter.”

For the lecturer, the power to revise the Constitution is not unlimited. “We cannot remove the reference to the Declaration of the Constitutional Text without producing an illegitimate legal revolution,” he said. In his work, Julien Padovani advocated more to keep the DDHC in the Constitution and to adopt a new charter of rights and freedoms, more modern and more adapted to constitutional review. “This would give back to HRDC a symbolic value, the one it had for two centuries.”

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Declare Independence!!!

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Thank you!!!

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Another huge win for the globalists! US government is working hard to facilitate the electronic prison that is closing around us all. Too many Americans are asleep and will wake up soon to find they have not a single right left.

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Yes, but the US is also under a higher domination, some elites at the top. Well (smile).

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