Dear James

Your work is priceless

The efforts you placed to save humanity are behind words.

I wish i c'll be one of those that will make sound input using it in Israel and worldwide.

Thank you for the talks you had in our zooms at israelexitwho



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Thanks James for all you do! I'm a senior who has always taken care of my health. Never got Covid, stayed out of the 'fray' as much as possible, dealt with the 'Karens', dealt with the people who looked at me as if I had '3 heads' for not getting the shots and only wore the stupid face diaper in public stores not to incite anyone ( I pick my battlefronts). After watching the first video on the 'unvaccinated' basically for 11 minutes, I looked at each of those entities ( not people) and said * F--- You!* for 11 minutes! That was a first for me! I have a great memory and will remember every one of them. You cannot escape Karma!!!

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May 23, 2023·edited May 23, 2023

The WHO is a corporate fiction, every legal fiction that they pass applies to corporations and persons. Persons are simply corporate fictions, franchises. Person as defined by government, in the Interpretation Act of 1978 Section 5 definitions F34 “Person” includes a body of persons corporate or unincorporate. [1889]. None of this applies to living men and women, they claim ownership over persons as vessels. Silence equals consent, you must make them aware of who you are, and set terms of the contract if the WHO wishes to do business with you. The WHO is a corporate fiction, every legal fiction that they pass applies to corporations and persons. Persons are simply corporate fictions, franchises. Person as defined by government, in the Interpretation Act of 1978 Section 5 definitions F34 “Person” includes a body of persons corporate or unincorporate. [1889]. None of this applies to living men and women, they claim ownership over persons as vessels. Silence equals consent, you must make them aware of who you are, and set terms of the contract if the WHO wishes to do business with you.

The WHO, like every other 'government' municipal corporate entity is bonded, insured, and carries a DUNs Number, to which we can file claim against. The PERSONS use this corporate legal structure to shield themselves from personal liability, to commit crimes against humanity, and act out other fictions on the world stage. We can shut these people down by going after their corporate bonds, for failing to uphold the public positions, duties, oaths they are suppose to swear to protect. We are not powerless to stop them, go to, bonds for the win, if you need assistance in discovering who you really are, and the power we hold over those serving the public.


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Head of WHO?? A terrorist leader from Ethiopia, you say?

WHO wants terrorism?!

Biden loves WAR but he's part of the underground city, or cities for Uber wealthy, so HE'S fine. US citizens aren't.

I think he hates them.

Those against all this have to 'make friends' with somewhat like-minded individuals, have 'friendly' times.

Can't always talk 'woes', but enjoyables.

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Thank you, James for your dedication and hard work!

This is good news, but remember who we're dealing with. I fear our leaders will still go along with mandatory vaccines, digital ID, tracking, and forced vaccination because it's still about the control and money. I'm afraid this still gives them the power to put us in camps for not complying or quarantining us (I didn't see that discussed in the amendments). This may be a ploy so that the people don't resist at this time. They know we're watching.

We do need to just leave these groups and govern this country following the Constitution. Mandates of all types still need to be stopped as does digital ID. I know we're talking about health authority but they're intertwined with One World Order.

Thank you!!

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9 min. BREAKING NEWS: USA, Canada & Switzerland - 3 US Law Enforcement Agencies Activated - Ann Vander Steel and Pascale Najadi - https://rumble.com/v29up58-breaking-news-usa-canada-and-switzerland-3-us-law-enforcement-agencies-acti.html

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Thank you so much for this update!

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NOW More than EVER We need to be WITHDRAWING and Becoming SEPARATE From the World and MYSTERY BABYLON.... ALL WHO FIGHT TO KEEP THEIR WAY OF LIFE AT THIS STAGE OF THE MARK of the BEAST WILL BE CRUSHED By the Beast and Damned to Outer Darkness FOR EVER!!!! NOW More Than EVER Should Take Heed to the Words of Yahuah Through (Gad the Seer Chapters 6:1-7:36, Samuel the Prophet in the first Book and Chapter 8 and Hosea in Chapter 8) Who is the ONLY Rightful Ruler be Esteemed as our Escape....

Also Read Psalm 91, 2Kings 18:1-19:37, 2 Chronicles 32:1-23, Isaiah 36:1-37:38, 2 Chronicles 20.... NOW, is the Time to Return to Our Creator's Covenant Through the Blood of Yahusha Messiah and BE STILL and KNOW That HE Is Elshadai!!!!

HE ALONE is Able to and SHALL Defeat This Wicked Beast System by The Indwelling, Anointing, Baptism, and Overshadowing Presence of HIS Own Ruach HA-QODESH....

Yahusha ALONE is the Way(John 14:6), to Eternal Life(John3), Liberty(James 1:25 - 2:13, and 2 Corinthians 3), and True Love, Joy, Shalom, Long-suffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, Temperance, Power, and of a Sound Mind (Galatians 5:22- 25, 2 Timothy 5:7) ....

Matthew 5, PSALM 37, Isaiah 63,

Revelation Chapters 14 &19, 2 Corinthians 10:4, and Ephesians 6 Means that our Battles are Won IN the Quitness and Stillness of Waiting on Yahuah.... Isaiah 40:12-31; 54:11-17....

And the Righteous have the Resurrection and Rewards to Look Forward to Even if we are Physically Killed for His Name Sake....

Matthew 6, Luke 12, Revelation Chapters 2:1-3:22, and James 1:12....

Proverbs 3

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A Letter to a Generation


THE CURRENT HORROR will not be stopped by politicians and lawyers. Those efforts were tried unsuccessfully during the Vietnam era, which you may be too young to remember. They will never work today despite thoughtful analytical essays, websites, petitions, conferences, etc.

Here is a little history from a guy turning 90 this year. There was a "dress rehersal" for Vietnam around 20 years earlier in Korea that somewhat affected my own life. All "civilized" efforts and actions to stop the massive bloodshed in Vietnam failed utterly. Jim Rhodes, Ohio's State Auditor, for whom I saved a Sunday NY Times (where I worked on weekends at Cole's Pharmacy in north Columbus, Ohio) after moving up from Auditor to becoming Ohio's governor, called out the Ohio National Guard that shot and killed 4 students, wounding eight or nine others, at Kent State University where there was a small anti-war demonstration.

Believe it or not, the public was overwhelmingly against the students, not the Guard. The war went on. The famous Peace Symbol was viewed as despicable. Given that atmosphere, how in heck could that war be brought to an end? But it was.

College students held military draft cards. When any war protest arose they were happy to support it. Many fled to Canada to avoid being drafted and sent to the jungles of Vietnam. The antiwar protest was a campus centered thing. Starting at the Univ. of Wisconsin, it spread to the large state colleges, and then to Berkeley in CA, Columbia in NYC, and elsewhere. Christian clerics became outspoken protesters, throwing animal blood around a draft board office. People chained themselves to columns of government bldgs in DC, riots erupted and violence (against property, not humans) erupted throughout the country.

That is what was required to finally stop the war. VIOLENCE AND LOTS OF IT. I left my job, taking earned vacation time in NYC to return to my college (Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio), growing a ponytail, and joined the kids. There used to be a photo of me online with a burning police car in the background (maybe it is still there, I might search for it). Of course, nice conservative Americans were horrified and unsupportive. BUT IT STOPPED THE WAR. Here is how:

Every year a bill came up in Congress to fund the war. It was euphemistically titled something like "funding for aid to South Vietnam". Guess what! When then President Ford sent it back for signing, he was shocked and amazed that the politicians (although compromized as ever) declined to sign it and there was no more money to continue the war. Simple as that.

You might wonder, why did the guys in Congress not sign the bill, as usual? Here is the simple reason: THEY WERE TERRIFIED TO RETURN TO THEIR HOMES IF THEY SIGNED IT. Their hometowns were partially ablaze. We did that. VIOLENCE STOPPED THE BLOODSHED, not philosophy, peace marches, essays (The NY Review of Books had great anti-war articles by Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and others), not car signs, T-shirts, etc. Without the VIOLENCE who knows how much further and longer the Pentagon's war chiefs, the CIA, and the U.S. Congress would have gone even after more than fifty thousand young men had been killed and tens of thousands more injured and crippled in other ways.

Ruling war-mongers and supporting corporations were getting richer. Since then it has been disclosed that U.S. corporations, supported by their bankers, made and financed equipment for the enemy that killed U.S. troops, just as they had done during WW2. (If you require confirmation, read the research of Antony Sutton (www.bigeye.org/antonysutton.htm), who was attacked by the IRS (which is in the picture today, as usual).

We don't need petitions, a vote, lawsuits, etc. More talk, in fact, just encourages the bastards, letting them know that all is well for them. We need to do the job through online recruitment and positive action regardless of what others think or say. There are enough persons using the internet today that when this program becomes unacceptable to the usual suspects we will have provided the seeds for massive organized resistance. Perhaps violence (against property only) will be unnecessary. However, remember the Vietnam era. Look up the speech by Mario Savio in California. It is applicable again today.

Young Americans came together, Whites, Blacks, Jews, Gentiles, Hispanics, Asians, etc. Those who valued laws, encoded in our U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights, confirmed the fundamental rights given to us, not from any government, but that come from God, TO INSTITUTE NEW GOVERNMENT BY EXERCISING OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO FREELY ASSEMBLE. The continuing civil-rights movement was supported by many Vietnam war protesters who learned to come together for the purpose of compelling persons in authority to take heed.

These are again "the times that try mens' souls". We MUST respond in numbers, defending ourselves when necessary, for our own lives as well as for the lives of our companions, our children, their children and for future generations, not only on this continent but throughout the world.

Note: Just so you don't have to look it up, here are Mario Savio's closing remarks:

"There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part; you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"

Are YOU going to help us? Study and broadcast these two sites:

newswatch.org and www.bigeye.org/internet.htm

Let the Internet Fix America!

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Wow James, this was a nice surprise tonight! I am confused though, the review committee doesn't have the final say? If they can't get these amendments through the way they want them then I am guessing they will go full throttle on that pandemic treaty? Biden can't run fast enough to sign us up! I heard him say the other night that he wants to run again so "we can finish the job", interestingly no one has asked what that means. We are looking at it right here. You are doing amazing work, thank you!!

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James; It seems your hard work and dedication to prevent the proposed amendments from going forward has paid off. What a relief! And a well earned victory. Many people were not aware of the danger we were all in. You sounded the alarm and gathered the troops. You inspired me to contact my elected officials to demand that we exit the WHO. I think we are making headway...but there is still that Treaty to deal with. I was sure the IHRRC was captured by Big Pharma. We won this battle but the war is on-going. I'm firing off some more letters tonight. I intend to gloat. I will also point out the Switzerland investigation. Many of our government officials could find themselves in a similar position. Wouldn't that be something?

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I don't know why this isn't being discussed more on alternative news sites! What can be done to stop it?

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I've followed your no doubt tireless work, Mr Roguski, to decipher and bring to concerned individuals all around the world (and we are legion), the immense risks of these proposed changes to the International Health Regulations.

Here in Australia, while it is not perhaps quite so apparent as say, Canada, the ignorance and apathy and downright obfuscation of any concerns about the proposed changes is almost breathtaking. Of course this is in part to the absolute collaboration of the MSM here as in many "western countries".

Why has the Review Committee unexpectedly raised many valid, well-considered and commendable objections to the proposed changes? That is what intrigues me.

Anyway, I salute you for your work, because without you we would not have such a clear understanding of the absolute risks contained in the proposed changes. Thank you again.

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Mr. Roguski, What do you make of this? It is a very sneaky workaround, without reacharound, or so it seems.


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Can a lawsuit be successful? This is a violation of human rights self governance, and everything else.

I think Guido is correct unfortunately. They will just pass this through. Although I didn’t I would see any massive riots but that’s probably what it would take to stop it. Also it seems like 80% of the public is brainwashed into believing that all this is for their own benefit

Any suggestions? Any solutions? Why can’t the people have the right to petition or vote this down?

Thank you for your work

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Here is another Newsletter where you are mentioned for your work against the W.H.O.

This is an interview with Dr. Astrid Zuckleberg...https://francesleader.substack.com/p/astrid-stuckelburger-interview?sd=pf

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