Once upon a time I seem to remember that voters elected politicians to represent their interests.

I find it difficult to believe that the public elected a person whom they trusted to help support what appears to be a type of global dictatorship.

I can't understand why countries who signed the Bill of Human Rights are now considering approving a contract which could remove them.

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It's late, but not too late. "Once you can see, you cannot unsee."

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Going to a hospital with a broken bone may not be suicide they let you out again .Going to a hospital with breathing problems ,like a flu or cold will most likely end with your death ,like it turned out with my brother . In a High Wire interview with Dell Bigtree nurses with tears in their eyes describe the killings in hospitals .Many of the best Doctors and Nurses have either quit or where fired .Yes some good Dr.s and nurses are still working ,but , they may not be there much longer .The genocide is going on as I write their job is not done until most of us are no more .

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Isn't is kind of late to "wake up"? "Search engines" are not truncating search results to the point that only corporate and govt propaganda are available...

Even hope has been weaponized against the population:


On August 17, 2022, I published what could be logically be expected. That was over three months ago, and it's been happening:


The scariest part is the final stage, which has been started with a few dry runs, but there seems to be no way to get around it:


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Nov 21, 2022·edited Nov 21, 2022

I have never traveled internationally on a plane but if I do I danm sure don't want my digital identity in the hands of some other country that can control my identity in any way shape or form, an whether or not I had a vaccination that they demand I have

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We have to speak to every Political leader and stop this.. and Disband the WHO..

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I'm not a pilot ,but I drive a car and daily I seem to have a close call while on the toad .When I see grown ''men''driving alone with snot pouches up to their yes it can only mean one thing ,they are retarded and a danger to every one else on the road .The city I drive in is well lit ,but 80%of drivers drive with high beam at all times ,when it is not even dark ,no need for lights .The spike shots do brain damage ,maybe tomorrow I read that Pfizer has a vax ready for a scrambled brain ?? I don't fly anymore but flying is still a danger to me ,in case a plane with a dead plot in it falls on me .

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Nov 20, 2022Liked by James Roguski

Proposed amendments which were not passed in at WHA75 May 2022 were never going away.

With a simple majority needed and probable agenda inclusion at WHA76, behind closed door sessions are where the G20 standover tactics will be used.

Public announcements such as at Bali indicate all is not well behind the scenes.

Schwabs speech was a stuttering mess resembling anything except confidence in the words he fumbled through. Listen again if not done so.

As for the Indonesian rep with the smooth verbal delivery and confidence on the home ground also reeks of desperation and cheap sales pitch to convince the world they are in a dominant position.

Pushing so brazenly is the opposite of what occurred in January 2022 when the proposed amendments were quietly sent to WHO and then WHO quietly sent out the required notification before the agenda was hidden right up to the week of WHA75.

The overt tactic is opposite of the previous failed attempt.

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New Zealand’s quarantine program utilizes digital ID wallets

A partnership with Microsoft's cloud.

November 18, 2022


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The friggin simplicities in all of this, is the fact that an international health regulatory agency has absolutely "0" to do with the "HEALTH" of global populations rural, or of large metropolitan.

They are attempting to enact the pages from the novel 1984 and dictate personal global freedom

#NOTABOUTYOURHEALTH Is it?? Sigh.....Cockadoodledoo folks...The Rooster calls the dawning.

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USA already has natural law and our constitution making WHO useless on arrival! These amendments are dead in the USA and we are the ones to help all others kill this scam on god's people.

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If You have enough of the symptoms genearted by money-based system, then I invite You to play a different game. One based on sharing and not expecting anything in return, one, where we all live together, as one humanity in harmony and abundance without using monwy or trade. How? Visit https://www.reon.pl/qort

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i have a spot on my lung post 3 vax & booster plus given flu vax same time . my husband 69 died, never smoked or drank alcohol, perfect heart & b p slim no fat.

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Eventually the penny dropped and the stad-off began. Cheers! Mick.

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Yes I’m too awake but trying every angle to wake those that are stuck is a challenge! I will not give up on them!

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Before it was was The United States, future citizens declared their rights to Great Britain with the words, “No taxation without representation.” Let us now declare our rights to this unelected world body with the words, “No vaccination without representation.”

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