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Just answered my own question. ( I think )

Saw the date March 8 2023.

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Thank you James

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A vast source of information the MSM hides. Please share far & wide. I hope it helps people wake up to the biggest scam in human history. You will need to install tor (internet browser) at:



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Go to China if you want to be a slave! Nobody wants these poison experimental kill shots anymore, no matter what the reason, they harm immensely. NO DIGITAL HEALTH CERTIFICATE. Every country can take care of themselves with out YOUR OVER REACH!

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We reject this type of enslavement. Your doing an evil thing.

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Hello James

As a European resident (and also now citizen), I am especially concerned about the announcement yesterday from the WHO/EU that the EU-wide digital health certificate is to be rolled out from this month! Not clear how this fits with all the amendments / treaties that we should still be able to reject.


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these globalassed murderous busy bodies are the NOSIEST POS,s invading Our Privacy , Our Bodies , Our Private Information etc.,,,, why arent the laws about invading a persons private information / Private Property in effect ? OUR Bodies are OUR Private Property.

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Hi James, just saw you on the War Room. Thanks for your work. I tried to get to this site RejectDigitalEnslavement.com and I received "error: DNS not found" with no change on refresh. A few other sites have been blocked by apparently by internet provider as well? The ReAwaken Tour comes to mind. DO you know a way around this block? Has anyone else experienced this? How is this legal ? The world we're in is really incomprehensible to me. God bless.

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I totally agree with you!

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REMEMBER USURPER joe and evil regime of demonocrats ARE ILLEGAL And Cannot MAKE LEGAL LAWS FACT AND TRUTH

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I'm not complying or dealing with them because besides the 10 excellent points you brought up. who elected them? Anybody? They just took the power. That doesn't stand with me. I'm ignoring or going with a NATIONAL DIVORCE from everything blue.

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"...The Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology (RESTRICT) Act (S.686)...was introduced in the Senate earlier this month, would do much more than just ban TikTok.

...A similar bill has been introduced in the House, called the Deterring America’s Technological Adversaries (DATA) Act, which has similar over the top security state initiatives.

This bill is no mere “TikTok ban,” it is a mechanism for a massive, sweeping surveillance and censorship overhaul.

The RESTRICT Act goes far, far beyond potentially banning TikTok. It gives the government virtual unchecked authority over the U.S. communications infrastructure. The incredibly broad language includes the ability to “enforce any mitigation measure to address any risk” to “national security” today and in any “potential future transaction.”





"...A U.S. CBDC would do much more than simply implement a fully digital version of the U.S. dollar. This system could provide authorities with an almost unlimited digital toolkit to both surveil and censor citizens. A CBDC is advertised as making the system more “efficient” and helping to deliver monetary power to the unbanked. However, it would also give shadowy bureaucrats the power to swipe a “criminal’s” life savings, instantly distribute funds to allies of the system, among an almost infinite series of additional authoritarian instruments...."



"..."...The world has been warned over and over again about the dangers of technological capture, but it has not slowed the pace of adoption. The actors pushing this are Technocrats and they are pursuing Technocracy. When citizens finally wake up to what happened, it will be too late to do anything about it.⁃ TN Editor..."



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"....The central bank cartel, headed by the Bank for International Settlements, is playing its CBDC card to dominate the world. Welcome to Fintech, the new financial arm of the Great Reset, the ordained financial system for Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. The rise of central bankers is described in my book, The Evil Twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism. ⁃ TN Editor...

If we simply concede to the rollout of the CBDC, the concept of the free human being will be distant memory. Only the first couple of post CBDC generations will have any appreciation of what happened. If they don’t deal with it, the future CBDC slavery of humanity will be inescapable.

This may sound like hyperbole but, regrettably, it isn’t. It is the dictatorial nightmare of retail CBDC that we will explore in part 2, alongside the simple steps we can all take to ensure the CBDC nightmare never becomes a reality."


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"...There is no doubt that the Federal Reserve will try to score a coup d’Etat with a Central Bank Digital Currency, which will give them total control over money, the economy and individuals. Americans could sabotage the system by refusing to give up the use of cash and boycotting all cashless businesses. ⁃ TN Editor..."






"...Here is Technocracy: “one of the latest attempts by EU institutions to pull power away from member-states’ national governments.” Technocracy eschews nation-states and participation of ordinary citizens through traditional political processes. The “Chinafication of Europe” is well underway.

The total engineering of society must necessarily start with ubiquitous surveillance with data tracking, as in China. ⁃ TN Editor..."







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Our Freedoms are non- negotiable. Let me say this truth, freedoms, rights fir the people are blessings from God which Gid made clear are predicated upon our obedience, love and faith in him. Let me ask, how many that profess to believe in God have gotten so busy with their jobs, coming in from work, getting supper prepared, getting kids homework done, baths and bed, but haven't taking anytime to read pray, read scriptures for even 30 min just one day a week? How many of us think if we go to church on Sunday, think we are saved so job well done? How many of us kept quiet as the Gods morals laws were being trampled with sodomy, lesbianism, gave in to our children's indoctrination, " well this is Nirmal niw mom. Dad, but we didn't pick up the Bible to point out what God has to say about these gracious sins, rather we didn't want to rock the boat with our kids? Hod also loves his people so much that he blessed America to be the promised land, a prosperous land, again based on the people's obedience, faith in him, so he inspired our Founding to create for the people, a Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, where God's laws abounded in Gov't for the people by the people. In these documents were provided powers, rights, laws to the people to keep Govt a bay, small, a govt for the people, that made the people the Gov't so that when Govt rep's , presidents, overreached or became tyrannical, the people could stop it in its tracks. So name one time we as a people united under God to stop Govt overreach, now today full blown tyranny, the very thing our founding, citizens fought, some shed their own blood to build a nation under God, a natiin built upon Gods principles, laws. We have put our Savior on the back burner with our busy lives, we have allowed govt overreach, we have allowed unconstitutional agencies to be erupted by our govt such as but not limited to fda, cdc, who. Nih, fbi, Cia, etc etc ....... we have brought this upon ourselves. Hiw fo we fix this? By seeing our errors, shortcomings, sins, repenting, putting God back in our lives, our homes and living by our God given declarations, uniting as Nation of people under God, led by God to stop tyranny that is heavily upon us. Our saving grace is only through our Savior, not trump, no govt officials, only through us, we the people. Please pray for discernment of these things I've said, these are biblical truths. We are guilty of putting our Savior on the back burner, taken our blessings, of freedoms and liberty for granted. This is indeed a spiritual war of which we have never experienced. Let's unite as Gods people, fight fir our God given freedoms liberties, our children, grchildrens lives depend upon us

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