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Submit any questions that you might have for the participants at this upcoming press conference and I will do everything in my power to pass along your questions to them.

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Could your second amendment rights be threatened? The only thing that usurps the constitution is a "Treaty". If this treaty passes the WHO could say there was a gun violence epidemic and then have a gun grab.

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BioNTech's form 20-F filed with the SEC on their Edgar system (publicly available via sec.gov) states on page 16 of their 2019 filing that "Currently the FDA considers mRNA Gene therapy."

Is the government going to say mRNA is not gene therapy? It says it is right in the government filed legal document.

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Thanks for the link to the Congressional hearing, James. I just watched the whole thing and it was so good to hear the strong voices for, "NO, By God!" I didn't realize Senator Ron Johnson called for a vote of the Senate and it was voted down 49 -47! It is so true. Those opposed to a vote are traitors to our constitution. It is so ugly!

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Watching the press conference. We get nowhere unless we address the fraud of COVID that was used as a vehicle to get us here in the first place. Very frustrating.

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No external entity can trump our US Constitution. That's treason. Our sovereignty includes our medical freedom and our discernment of the info that is being presented, WHO, AMA, CDC etc. These organizations can advise, but not dictate. The facts show these organizations lied to the human population and destroyed and murdered many lives. It is insane to give the WHO any credibility whatsoever. And since the who is also pumped up by the murderous Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that has wreaked havoc worldwide with their murderous vaccines. This is not a discussion. This is a shutdown of a corrupt psychotic organization intent on killing the world's population.

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Only 1 question really matters:

⚠️ Where is the evidence that any disease is transmissible as it never happened in experiments?



There is none, the whole 'science' virology is thus a 100% fraud and all pandemic laws are bases on fiction and thus invalid.

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Is New Jersey going to threaten doctor licenses for speaking medical truth even if it is against WHO and CDC protocol?

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Are you planning to allow NJ hospitals to remove informed consent again, which separated families and protocol which killed some.

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Are you going to require suffocating masks on anyone anymore per WHO and CDC guidelines, even if they are harmful to certain folks, as well as some being experimental products.

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1. What specific coding and phraseology in this set of "regulations" specifically state that the World Health Organization (WHO) may not assume power in this nation? If nothing exists, why not?

2. What specific "guidelines" MUST a nation follow? What, specifically, are you doing to ensure the sovereignty of the United States?

3. Who, specifically (panel or single individual), will be given "authority" over a given nations response to any pandemic?

4. Given that politicians and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) work together; who specifically in the realm of NGOs will be given "authority" when the WHO decides there is a pandemic?

5. The WHO is nothing more than a political organization. Given the demonstrable falsehoods regarding COVID, Monkeypox etc. (Ie vaccinations, and monetary control) Why should the American people believe anything the WHO offers as "information", and what, specifically, are each of you doing to ensure this information gets out? Social media? Alternate press? If not why not?

6. Why should the American people believe you specifically regarding "what you are doing" with the International Health Regulations? What guarantees can you offer to safeguard the Constitution and the American way of life?

7. Why are you specifically interested in this topic? What will you do over the long term to ensure that American interests are prioritized and not unelected bureaucrats desires?

8. Why should we believe you? Every time we hear of these meetings, we get it last minute, and with very little time to think about the repercussions of the administration's actions, which chain us to a "Framework Convention. If the House holds the power of the purse, why has nothing come forth to strip the current 12 Billion dollars of taxpayer dollars per year to the UN and the WHO?

9. The Secretary of State states that the administration is not "negotiating" at this time, however NGOs and Pharmaceutical companies ARE negotiating "on our behalf ". Who specifically is involved in these discussions and what is your plan, specifically, to expose this?

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#1 What percentage of United States public servants (government employees) believe in the existence of naturally-occurring, spontaneous viral/disease pandemics?

#2 Are there any public servants who will vocally acknowledge the connection between meetings (such as Event 201 in NYC) of globalist, depopulationist, eugenicist gurus, and the nearly instantaneous "outbreak of disease" that happens after they've concluded rehearsals of a global pandemic response?

#3 Why is there even any such thing as a Pandemic Treaty, given that spontaneous, organically-produced pandemics don't exist? Are they any United States public servants who are willing to admit that disease outbreaks are a result of human construction by the same people who also want to offer us all a "rescue solution"?

#4 Why do disease outbreaks seem to go hand-in-hand with United States election cycles?

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Do you think a treaty is the best way to get countries to really commit to improving global health management because COVID showed that this idea is not as great as it seems and governments have supposedly broken or twisted a lot of treaties in their response to the pandemic?

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Emphasis must be on stemming the tide on innocents suffering from official disinformation, malinformation by DARPA today

Demand bedside relief today

then the next step on the basis of plandemic crimes, the WHO treaty must be abandoned by the People of the USA

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SARsCOV2 has never been isolated in autopsies conducted by publicly documented pathologist RyanColeMD. The clinical foundation koch postulates test fails to classify cvd 19 as a pathogen.

Would you declare here today the virus pandemic based on covid19 can no longer be affirmed

Why is the covid variant vaccines required immunization for university registration today

Are physicians who did not participate in the CDC campaign of disinformation, whose careers were

systematically stalked and employment blocked by HHS reporting to hospitals, using the databank NPDB.

What relief have they received by congressional intervention

Congressman Smith are you in a position to ask HHS secretary to publicly admonish the agency for financing ventilator management without live bedside supervision of an attending physician. Why cant you ban the use of technicians referred to as midlevels , physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetecists, and icu staff allowed to force ventilators and toxic profitable pharmaceuticals on naive patients. hospital based midlevels function independently at the behest of hospital administrators. These abuses must be demonetized immediately

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I’m having difficulty finding the list. Can you provide the link please?



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