When I was in grammar school, my mom was in the kitchen and I went in to see her because a "silly question" just "popped up" into my head and I just HAD to ask her...I said, "mom? (she turned around, she was at the sink) Yes, she replied, I asked her this question: "Mom, what would happen if on election day no one went out to vote, would someone still be elected?" All of a sudden her stark blue eyes became "deer in the headlights" and I could see that her brain was trying to "decode" what she just heard...I kept waiting for her reply...then all of a sudden, as if she "snapped out of it", she said, "you need to go find something to do" and with that, she turned around and continued with her work at the sink...she never mentioned it and neither did I. It wasn't until I became 18, that I found out the truth. It hasn't changed until this day...and it never will...unfortunately. I never really found out what prompted me to ask that particular question either...🤔 ? 🤔

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Dec 8, 2023·edited Dec 8, 2023

Supreme Thanks for your excellent work on this vital matter. You've made a huge difference. Thanks !!!

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Thank God for James Roguski. I send my senator, Tommy Tuberville all of these updates. Only once did he reply with some canned nonsense.

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I want the United States to #ExitTheWHO.

I want you to submit companion legislation in the Senate in support of House Resolution 79, the

World Health Organization Withdrawal Act.

The sponsor of this legislation, Representative Andy Biggs (AZ-05) has already gained the support of 50+ co-sponsors in the House who also support the United States’ withdrawal from the World Health Organization.

I want you to simply copy H.R. 79 and submit it as a companion bill in the Senate as soon as possible.

Sincerely, Chief Wolf

One more American that wants to #ExitTheWHO.

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Mexico and phillipines rejected the amendments

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Vs and uk holding debate about the amendments

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It seems the only rule in effect is 'martial rule'. Maxim of law: For among arms, the laws are silent. Who can deny there is no rule of law, no law enforcement to defend and protect the people? We are at war, a war with forgetfulness of who we truly are as heirs of the One True Creator. Timeless truths. https://www.ourgreaterdestiny.ca/p/the-shortest-distance-between-2-lies

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How can you expect a private fascist organizations like the WHO and the WEF voting on anything as that is the definition of fascism.

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Asking the WHO to follow the rules.

"What rules?

Oh those rules.

They are only for show.

We do whatever we like.

And have gotten away with it until now.

But some pesky people, are now shining lights, into our darkest corners.

Can't have that.

XYZs sifted through our word salads and found no meat.

We need to develop another strategy to cover up."

Good luck with that.

Vee ar votcheeng yoo veeree ceerfullee.

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So grateful for everyone working on this! Let's see what the WHO does in response.

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This is fantastic. Thank you to these MEPs!!!

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We the people VOTE NO to the existence of the corrupt and now obsolete WHO!

Was MYOCARDITIS deliberately included as yet another dangerous health issue when mercenary and CORRUPT Big Pharma pretended to have invented a "Safe and Effective" injection for Fauci's man-enhanced viral illness = Covid? Big Pharma's motto = "There's no money in HEALTHY PEOPLE"! "Let's make 'em sicker and for longer!"

Myocarditis is RIFE after accepting the useless 'Experimental' injection - they call a vaccine!

You can't expect to Pfuck with the human heart with dangerous injections and expect it to "get better". It's insane!

I hereby reject the World Health Organisation as an entity that now has no relevance to humanity - since being corrupted by its biggest benefactor - Bill Gates. Gates now owns and controls the WHO.

We, the people, declare the WHO obsolete and redundant - so stick your Treaty where it hurts!

The now CORRUPT World Health Organisation is DEAD! We, the people have spoken!

With regard to Bill Gates's now CORRUPT World Health Organisation, I seem to remember, early on in the revelation that a 'Health Treaty' was being prepared by this organisation, which Bill Gates now controls, that some of the smaller African Nations were not invited to vote of this lunatic Treaty because other larger African nations could vote for them. Was I dreaming, or is this yet another example of how Gates's WHO intends to take over the world population in the guise of 'health' = resulting in total control of our daily lives, thoughts and actions?

The WHO is now defunct and has no place in World Health matters. We have spoken!

We shouldn't need to explain what's been going on since before 2019 so that those sleeping since Covid was created (and the useless but deadly injections were made available) can assimilate the incredible but sinister story. But it seems there are still many of these complacent muppets still snoozing through the CULL of civilisation.

The time of reckoning is well overdue and the conspirators' Heads Must Roll!

Hopefully, there are more of us who realise the damage and fatalities these depopulating Covid injections cause.

Myocarditis is just one of a myriad of injuries and DISEASES caused by the useless Covid Jab. Cancers can also be activated.

Most of us now seem to know the whole Covid & DEADLY VAX scams were introduced after several years of Planning!

It seems there are more diseases and illnesses caused by the DEADLY COVID JAB. The crap does nothing to stop or reduce the man-made virus. The jab, they pretend is a ‘Vaccine’, seems to reduce our natural resistance to every known illness. The jab also stimulates or resurrects long-forgotten illnesses we might have historically recovered from. AND it seems to introduce new diseases and CANCERS along with many other DEADLY health complications. But still, the murderous vax-makers deny all LIABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY for health issues and DEATHS their injections so obviously cause.

Retribution is well overdue for the pre-meditated mass murders the vax makers planned with their co-conspirators at the CDC & FDA.

We cannot simply let these insane criminals apologise and expect to continue a normal life, while millions have died due to their greed or insane beliefs which we’ve all had to endure.

Mick from Hooe (UK) – Unjabbed and ready to fight dirty!

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Even our own Federal Government cannot overreach without our consent, i.e., COVID restrictions. We the People DO HAVE THE POWER, but most do not know the power of the States to nullify ANY LAW FROM ANY ENTITY, THAT DOES NOT COMPLY WITH THAT STATE'S CONSTITUTION. Here, lawyer Kris Anne Hall breaks it down for us. It seems to me that our State Legislators and City Council Members do not understand this, and if they do, their compliance to go along to get along is reason to impeach them all. Or perhaps try to educate them first. Everyone needs to understand this, so that we can nullify anything the WEF, WHO, CDC "decides" we must bow down to. We do not have a contract with any of those entities and they cannot impose their illegal "authorization" upon us. https://vimeo.com/562959655

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