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In 2011 someone already predicted the current situation of the plandemics and encouraged everyone to stand up against.


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This is one of the arms of the NWO under the guise of health care when nothing could be further from the truth. From Gates to Schwab, they're all members of the eugenics programs ranging from toxic foods to deadly vaccines and much more, I'm in and have been for 5 years straight, Steve Vasseur.

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It's good to see so many other countries standing up and trying to get the truth out about these "benevolent" organizations. I've written to my "Republican" Senators and House Rep, on my own and with some form letters about different issues. Ted Cruz and August Pfluger rarely reply and then, it's only a "Thanks for contacting me." auto-reponse. The snake John Cornyn (or his slimey staff) actually take the time to customize the response but only to tell me how WRONG I am and how RIGHT HE is (about whatever issue I've brought up, ie - the FDA and CDC are doing a WONDERFULjob at protecting the US citizens 🙄) but..."thanks for writing! I'm here to represent you!" It's infuriating! 😡

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Twitter account - @Africahealth

A group of African academics fighting the re-colonisation of Africa by challenging the new WHO Treaty and amended International Health Regulations.

Joined January 2024

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Followed by Alexandra Henrion-Caude and PANDA

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James due to the British Bill of Rights its illegal for the UK and most commonwealth countries to enter into an agreement with WHO


It further states under Supremacy section.

“And I doe (sic)declare That noe(sic) Forreigne(SIC) Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence(sic) or Authoritie (sic)Ecclesiasticall (sic)or Spirituall (sic)within this Realme(sic) Soe(sic) helpe(sic) me God.”

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Hi James this is something people really need to know and understand and share far and wide, for it reveals the true "Intent" of the WHO's foundations.

This full version of Dr David Martins factual evidence about the WHO the whole lie about Covid , Jabs ,Gain Of Function its all here.

How convenient that they did "vaccine Experiments" under the WHO Organisations umbrella including gain of function because the WHO is free from any prosecution or legal pursuit as written in the article 13 of the WHO Charter since 1946.

47 MINS 28 SECONDS INTO THE PRESENTATION Dr Martin shows you the evidence, the whole presentation is a full exposure of the monumental fraud , intention to harm humanity in a contrived manner under the WHO Charter freeing these psychopaths from any Legal Liabilities as written in the original charter, thats why Gates throws so much money into GAVI the vaccine development entity is also given immunity from any legal actions - same as the vaccine manufacturers were given immunity from prosecution- how convenient - they gave themselves a License to kill and create their "Final Solution" to Cull Humanity whilst remaining outside the reach of any Laws.

This is the ultimate proof these people are literally all about trying to kill us all.

share this with people , this is the proof .

If they get their "Pandemic Treaty " through they will be able to kill us with forced vaccinations and remain outside the reach of ANY LAW or Prosecution

No wonder rishi Sunak is holding off on a UK ELECTION UNTIL HE MAKES SURE THE "Pandemic Treaty" gets through, he has invested £500 million in moderna, he will make easy "Blood Money" whilst remaining free from any Prosecution along with all the other life hating greedy pig of The Cabal

Dr. David Martin’s Most Powerful, Convincing Public Address to Date.


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Read "The Poisoned Needle" by Dr Eleanor MacBean (1957). Consciencious, principled, and decent people of the past have been warning posterity about growing deception on multiple things, especially vaccines.

"Vaccines: It's fallacies & evils" by Robert A. Gunn, MD.

"The Horrors of Vaccination (exposed and illustrated)" by Charles M. Higgens 1919.

Read too - "World Revolution/ the plot against humanity" by Nesta H. Webster.

More and more i see it's a battle between good and evil, AND we, with every fibre of our being, protect ourselves and our children.

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I have been drugged periodically by the weaponized medical system , they usually drug me after they pulse me and throw me edown the stairs or on the floor, something real nasty,, I usually notice it when I hurt myself and then cannot feel anything, last time. I burnt my hand this time I was trying to fix my sabotaged vacuum cleaner and the inside caught my fleshy part of my thumb.

I also ordered 3 t=w=seeat shirts with the name Kennedy on them. I do not know if he can save us, but it's worth a try.

I joined the Y twice a week I swim and they already have the maintenance man pulsing me in the pool,,scalding my chest He says his name is mike Jacobs? Missy is front desk and Part of the gang. Claudia is life guard affiliated.

The Y is affiliated with Linkedin , which is affiliated with EBSCO a global; communication organization, whois affiliated with Microsoft, whose affiliated with WEF,, boy they set it up..I think the y was paid for by EBSCO using taxpayer funds, ((transferred from transportation.) usumpion on the paid but that is how these organization is buying people out , play or you pay from fines, Ipswich Ma. was told they had to build 1000 condos, or be fined. Our water suppleyis poor and when lean we go on drought status already.Peabody has to build 5000 more this is for all the people being moved off the midwest making way for the Alaska to S, America animal reserve, if we live.I read vaccines given to pregnant and babies. NAZI monsters

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Superb resource, thank you James.

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