You are a valuable resource. But too long winded. Which cancels your effectiveness. Knowing the matter as you do, you could really benefit us all by tightly summarizing what's what. And then listing realistic action steps. I had to stop watching the Steve Kirsch interview after you droned on and on, after you refused too answer his question about what would be done to him as an information spreader. I was hoping for better.

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Where is south africa?

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Here is the representative for the Philippines. Sleuthed by my Dr. Friend.


Classification: Public Health Services Team (PHST)

Position: Director IV

Office: Epidemiology Bureau

https://doh.gov.ph/node/35220DR. ALETHEA R. DE GUZMAN, MCHM, PHSAE

Classification: Public Health Services Team (PHST)

Position: Director IV

Office: Epidemiology Bureau


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I've finally put in my twocents here, mr Roguski, to be used (or not) as you see fit (responding to a piece written by Daniel Bell (Brownstone Institute, shared by Meryl Nass.


Dear James Roguski,

This is to express my concern as a citizen, (as explained by David Bell in the Brownstone article) over a trend at the WHO to emphasize pandemics – that runs counter to our real history of less and less pandemics.

Adding up the ‘moving pieces’ as described in Daniel Bell’s article, one can’t cast off the impression that pandemics merely serve corporate interests (and Public Private Partnerships as a generic business model), rather than the human rights the WHO was meant to serve back in 1948.

As we have witnessed, human & democratic principles can all too easily be overrun by decrees no citizen has a say in. Even nation-states are expected to blindly follow Covid policies; policies thast have been a disaster globally, while the suffering that occurred in their wake far exceeded the harm that was caused by (or in connection with) the corona-virus.

Early treatments might have lowered the number of casualties by 85 percent. The only way to grasp the enormity of what has happened, and to find some rhyme & reason in the data, is to assume the WHO is fully on board with a depopulation agenda.

Even if this wasn’t intentional, it certainly has been the outcome.

I and many of my compatriots – fellow humans – will invoke any lawful means to keep my government from complying and colluding with your proposals. Last year, WHO-officers unilaterally did a power grab in the Republic of Vanuatu which, I am sorry to say, fully justifies qualifiers like ‘fascist’ and ‘neo-colonialist’ as mentioned in What the WHO Is Actually Proposing.

Pim Wiersinga

Rotterdam (NL)

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I don't know who they are, but collectively.....this may be the ugliest group of people I have ever seen. Nobody getting laid at that conference unless they specialize in mutants.

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I have sent an e-mail to Kate Wallace requesting names of the item two women who represented Australia at WHO'S sending session on 20 February, 2023.

When she responds to my email, I will provide updates. 🕵🏾‍♀️

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Hello, please is there someone from slovakia? Thanks

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Will do. Thanks James. 🕵🏾‍♀️

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Just got this last night in case you have not seen it https://unherd.com/2023/03/how-the-who-was-captured/

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Nobody represents us at the WHO. We never elected these globalist lackeys to represent us in the first place.

This is a masquerade, another comedy like the PLANDEMIC, at the same time they are rehearsing the next PLANDEMIC: https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/exercises/2022-catastrophic-contagion/participants.html



Same people (gates, john hopkins/bloomberg/who...)

The next one they are engineering will be called SPARS... According to their script...

From the bottom up, only global revolution can end this nightmare, and not a soft one. These criminals have to pay for their decades of genocides, wars and manufactured crises.

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The regional Director for "Western Pacific", is Dr Takeshi Kasai

Regional Director.

Dr. Takeshi has been WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific on 1 February 2019, following his nomination by the WHO Regional Committee for the Western Pacific and his appointment by the WHO Executive Board.

Here is their promo video Titled,

'Making Western Pacific the Safest Region in the World':


1. Health Security (Preparing for pandemics).

2. Climate Change and the Environment (Rising sea levels, air pollution etc...)

3. Reaching the unreached. (Reducing infectious diseases like malaria).

4. Non-communicable diseases and aging.

Their Seven (7) Goals:

1. Innovation

2. Back-casting

3. Sysyem-based approach

4. Ground-up Approach

5. Health beyond the Healthcare

6. Driving and measuring impact; and

7. Strategic Communications.



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Members of den EU - who is it?


Helmut GEUKING Germany, Antonio Maria RINALDI Italy, Guiliana PISAPIA Italy, Mihai TUDOSE Romania, Achille VARIATI Italy - this persons look similar to the man of the European Union in the WHO belove. I hope it helps

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WHO WGIHR - Session 2, dated 20/02/2023, from between 14:35 - 17:35, has an error message reading 'This video cannot be played. Error Code: 232001, is displayed.


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Could Australia be this here https://www.dfat.gov.au/about-us/our-people/state-and-territory/director-queensland-state-office

I was trying to find a pic of Kate Wallace, who is on your list, but cannot find. Her twitter is vile, no pic.

It feels even more pointless though b/c Australia -always- does what the U.S. says. No exceptions.. Our gov is just for show. I'll keep trying anyway though.

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