What I want to know is if all these stooges vote their plans in can we even stop it?? I find it extremely hard to even believe an American president would hand over control to a NGO for any reason let alone be the one who brought the idea forward. He should be imprached and removed for doing it.

Africa saved us last time but that's it. One country? One country out of almost 200 thinks it a good idea to give the WHO all that power? I'm sure they are working on Africa, I can't imagine they will stand in the way this time. Is there anything we can do?? If so shouldn't we start like now??

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Thank you James as ever. I have now listened to the whole FIFC session and found as per usual that is full of empty rethoric. i wonder whether we can give them unsolicited feedback on these sessions!

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Once again James, thank you for telling us about this IFC, and I watched the 3 hours of these dingleberries who are just letting us know that they plan to double down and push this tranny. The WHO needs to be put on the scrap heap but they should repent for their sins and turn away from their wickedness!

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I think all the comprehensive Work you have done & are doing on the W.H.O., etc., is noble & very noteworthy. And I am most grateful to you for all of it, because I wouldn't be informed of their machinations otherwise.

I cannot find any commentary within myself concerning "what they say," because it sounds so obtuse, oblique, & outlandish.

I think Time is on the precipice for This World, concerning their PowerGames, broad-based vaccinations, desire for overriding National Sovereignties, etc.

It's almost like they're trying to engage US in a conversation, that they well know, will never leave the station.


"Well some things you can't explain away"

~ The Clash

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I just listened to 10 minutes to the 'human' heads, sitting in chairs, at the WHO thingy, spouting off.


I must ask myself, "Am I retarded?"


"Why would I ask myself that?", I ask myself.


"And why is that?", I ask yet again, to my brain.

My brain says...







And then my armpit chimed in and said, "I would like to say something."

Then I said to my armpit, "Go ahead armpit, the floor is yours."

My armpit responded, by saying, "Thank you, body, for giving me the floor."

I replied, "Don't mention it, armpit. You're fantastic, I always felt that way about you."

My armpit replied, "Well that really makes me feel good."

Then I said, "That's what I'm hear for."

And then we went to lunch, arm in arm. I had the bouillabaisse & my armpit had a salad.


"We want the conference to serve you all. I won't say anymore about that."

~ the lady in charge wearin' glasses

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3 hours of empty platitudes.

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Humanity deserve to go in different direction that HONOR life force of creation...and not manipulation and elimination ...we need to WALK out Talk...not just talk the talk ....because what they are planning is not looking as a bright future... https://www.vice.com/en/article/93aqep/google-deepmind-researcher-co-authors-paper-saying-ai-will-eliminate-humanity

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Watching the live ,September 21st ....its amazing ,you can watch social engineering happening direct in front your eyes !!!! How interesting they are planning the plandeming to go till 2024 ....this is telling you its political and made man problem...and this is MANIPULATION.... using interesting set of vocabulary ...

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I said the WHO was totally corrupt and it and its enabling workers should not exist and the whole system of globalist predator technocratic tyranny must be dismantled and it perpetrators tried and jailed for life.

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Thanks for all the effort of keeping up on these things and putting them out.

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I know what I’d *like* to say in a voice mail!😆

Any other ideas?

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The who was given a limited amount of say and a limited amount of control in our sovereign United States now they want to silently take control of the country and people with pandemics as fake as the covid pandemic hopefully many politicians and presidents will face charges for crimes against humanity for the bioweapon vaccines. My fellow soldiers have fought and died for our sovereignty now because the WHO wants to invade us without lifting a weapon we are suppose to lie down and take it a none elected boby of criminal billionaires who have out traitor president to open the doors for them not even the president has the power to override the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES.

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The Who ought not exist

They who are a violation of all things sovereignty

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Thank you James !

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They need to stay home and leave US and the others who don’t want to play their game.

I know Lord Jesus said we’d have days like this but the field is still ripe for harvest.

If there are any prayer warriors reading this please say a prayer or two to get WHO off of people’s back.

Evil cannot win because Christ Jesus already win the battle!

Best be ready y’all...Christ The King is returning sooner than anyone can imagine!

2030-2000=30 AD when He was crucified for the sins of the world.

He said no one would know day nor hour but He also rebuked Jerusalem for not knowing the signs of His 1st coming!

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Sep 20, 2022·edited Sep 20, 2022Liked by James Roguski

No rest for the wicked! Or for the rest of us....

Still, the good news is the pandemic's over - you know, the thing....

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