Thank you James!

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Thought you might like this video, maybe it'll be of some extra use.


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ti seguo e leggo tutto quello che mi mandi per email, ma purtroppo per ivideo non essendoci una traduzione in italiano ( non conoscendo l'inglese , maasolo in italiano a volte anche solo in dialetto emiliano ), anche i PDF purtroppo non si riesce a tradurre , oltre naturalmente come descrivi , Questa è una controversia commerciale internazionale.

Queste questioni dovrebbero essere negoziate all'interno dell'Organizzazione mondiale del commercio, NON dell'Organizzazione mondiale della sanità. ho postato su substack anche questo articolo forse un po datato ma di assoluta discriminazione ; Codici sanitari dell'OMS - il nuovo "stigma" con potenziale genocida

Su iniziativa dell’OMS i codici di stato sanitario e di vaccinazione Covid sono disponibili da gennaio 2023. A seconda del codice, potrebbero essere imposte restrizioni di viaggio, ecc. Si delinea forse all'orizzonte un sistema di discriminazione e di esclusione, se non addirittura un genocidio?

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Article 27 pp.38-39 Basically, the WHO CA+ will trump other interpretations of "other relevant international instruments" and prioritises the WHO CA+ goals, presumptively "the common goal of strengthened pandemic preparedness, prevention, response and health system recovery"

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:-O (I hope John Titus at BestEvidence is reading through these documents too?)

Article 19 Paragraph 6 (p.31)

"Option 19.A

6. The Parties agree that the funding models for pandemic prevention, preparedness and response

need to take into account national financial capacity and capabilities, and to this extent shall:

(a) establish programmes that convert debt repayment into pandemic prevention, preparedness,

response and recovery investments in health, to be attained under individually negotiated “debt

swap” agreements...."

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What even does this mean, in relation to the companies' (already) lack of legal liability?

"Each Party shall endeavour to ensure that in contracts for the supply or purchase of vaccines

developed in response to pandemics, buyer/recipient indemnity clauses, if any, are exceptionally

provided as a last resort arrangement, and are reasonably time-bound, with the end-date expressly

defined from the outset. The Parties further agree that such buyer/recipient indemnity clauses should be

accepted for novel products only." Article 10 Section 4 page 15


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The "Quadripartite organizations" referred to on p.9: "Quadripartite Technical Group on the Economics of Antimicrobial Resistance" https://www.who.int/news/item/21-06-2023-formation-of-the-quadripartite-technical-group-on-the-economics-of-antimicrobial-resistance

Reading the Bureau Text as someone with extensive experience with real healing modalities (which do not include modern western 'scientific' medicine except possibly surgery IME), this whole thing is beyond horrifying (even the first part of the document). I mean, are these horse's a$$es aware of effective herbs against so-called 'antimicrobial-resistance'? Or is this all a fake front for murder? My current understanding is that while the jabs enhance damage from increasing levels of EMF, radiation and jab reactions are the most likely culprit of future 'outbreaks' whilst 'pathogens' will be blamed and further profits harvested from the gullible and trapped.

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Article 3, point 1 "Respect for Human Rights" (p.5) This---"including the right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health" will be used against others - by not cooperating, I bet they'd say we'd be "violating their human [right]" to this. They'll also twist the "human right to" "the protection of persons in vulnerable situations" against the uncooperative in future scamdemics, I'm guessing.

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Astrid Stuckelberger knows a lot about what the Treaty is all about. She works with lawyers to present reports with a scientific basis. In this presentation from 3 hr 19 min https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/doctors-for-covid-ethics-an-interdisciplinary-symposium-ii-sounding-the-call In summary she provides an insight in to the workings of GAVI, UN and WHO and talks about fraud standards, fraudulent consent, changes of definition and testing hazards, how autopsies have been forbidden, the lack of quality control in the UN and the criminal way the word emergency was used to create fear.

The IHRs were done in 2003 – GAVI TOOK OVER THE AGENDA OF VACCINE. There’s something in the jabs that is not acceptable and has not been disclosed.

Discussed in the 75th World Extraordinary Assembly of the WHO. The WHO wants to do a treaty where the constitution of the WHO and out of all the agencies of the UNs, The WHO is the only one to have a constitution of 1948, and the article 3921 is putting together the fact that member states belong to the constitution and this is where I see a plan where it can maybe dismantled. This member state status is no longer a member state. Switzerland is registered as a corporation and an enterprise with the European Union since 1993 and secondly in 2014 like every state in the world I have looked at. WHO with this treaty is deciding that the …constitution will have GAVI and his friends and any other type and people that can take and handle a pandemic (3.31) and the member states would lose their constitution because the WHO would lose it’s constitution.

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Jun 29, 2023·edited Jun 29, 2023Liked by James Roguski

When and where are they meeting again? It says June 2023?

Do we know who these attendees are? Is it possible to ask them questions etc?

And moreso to James but anyone who knows ---do these attendees really believe this rubbish re our immune systems, "infodemics", etc ---are they evil or misguided??? I'm only 4 pages in and I feel nauseous...but I also want to know what sort of DIRECT contact anyone might be able to make, to discuss this nonsense?

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You may send written comments regarding the proposed amendments to OGA.RSVP1@HHS.gov by June 30, 2023.

You may send written comments regarding the "Bureau's Text" of the WHO CA+ to OGA.RSVP@HHS.gov by July 7, 2023.

Do not expect any reply or conversation.

Call me anytime at +1 310-519-3055

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james i urgently need your help in getting the petition on the uk parliament petition page also on censor book and on my censor book page a combination of apathy and blatant suppression of it by censor book is hindering it very badly anything you can do to help it get many more signatures will be a big help it currently has 79,859 signatures the target figure is 100000 signatures to get it debated in parliament its very clear that at present the uk government have no intention of having a debate concerning it in fact id say they are scared to death of being forced into having a debate that they have no intention of having

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James, I realize it is a tangent, because the primary focus is to stop this nonsense rather than to debunk it, but also annoying is that they say their purpose is to prevent pandemics.

But if they were honest brokers honestly seeking to end pandemics, they'd act differently. One thing that they would shout from rooftops -- if they were honest -- is "People, take your vitamin D! Hard evidence proves that most of the world has suboptimal D status which can lead to pandemics!"

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The Vaccines

Dissolve Cells.

The Vaccinated

Are Dissolving.


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The Vaccine Mandate Act, Bill C-278, is now in Second Reading at the Federal Level. It is being put forward by the Conservative Member from Niagara-West ON, Dave Allison, on behalf of the 6 Million Unvaccinated Canadians who chose not to have the Covid 19 Vaxx and who were heavily discriminated against, including being fired from their jobs. Please listen to the whole speech. Mr. Allison clearly articulates the gross violation and lies which the Liberal Govt used to isolate and coerce Canadians into taking the Vaxx. The Video can be accessed directly from Vaccine Choice Canada Choice Insider for June 28, 2023 and is on You Tube.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_qwa32NT8c (The Vaccine Mandate Act - Second Reading Speech by MP Dave Allison on June 20, 2023)

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MP Allison has stated in his speech that Bill C-278 has the full support of The Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre and that they have collaborated on it by merging their two previously separate Bills on the matter.

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Thank you for sharing very important information, won’t find it on the controlled msm .

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Thanks James. Great post.

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