Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I am submitting my written response and am and have shared all your information that you have shared with us to as many people via as many avenues as I can. I so appreciate all your hard work, dedication and love of our country and our freedoms.

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Which version of it? The UNITED NATIONS INC. or the United Nations Organization or .... There are many titles to Operations masquerading in semantics. The French Nazi or or the Vichy French one...etc!

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This is what the jew did to us all. Remember why we have United Nations (and its executive bodies such as the W.H.O.)?

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and have already been ratified and will take effect in May 2024. the US must exit the UN/WHO immediately. see more from Noor Bin Ladin on WarRoom

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Where is our "4th Branch", our syndicated media? Not a peep on this outrageous coup that threatens our nation in six weeks! I will need to share a link here with Civil Lawyers, T.V. stations, medical freedom organizations, constitutional groups, even Fair Trade groups! You were one of the few, James, to sound the alarm----and I thank you for that! <GOD BLESS YOU>

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You should create a petition on a website like change.org and then follow-up by delivering signatures to whoever it is applicable to.

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Hi Sandra, of course our Father God is within the Old Testament as well. 2 Cor tells us there is a veil over the Old Testament.

We have to “rightly divide” the truth. We can use the John 10:10 test to do this. If the character is of the nature of goodness, love, life, healing, restoration, wholeness, forgiveness, then we are seeing true Father God. If the character is of the nature of death, sickness, destruction, wrath, revenge, slaughtering babies in wombs, etc then it is the Devil god, the god of this world. It’s so simple. That’s all. Blessings.

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I saw a document somewhere that can be printed with more than one copy on each page with a tear off tab. It may have been shown on Corbett, or with Meryl Nass or by James here. I cannot find it. My time and energy is limited and I want to print out as many copies of an essential document as possible and put them out at my church. If anyone has this document, please provide a link.

Secondly, I see no action for concerned people to take. I assume the local authorities in your town such as the sheriff and mayor are the ones who should be alerted to what is coming to get their pledge that they will not enforce unConstitutional mandates. I would like to have a document with a recommendation for what people can do as well

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Please show me where the General Gov(Fed) has any Constitutional authority to do anything with healthcare? They can make all the rules and regulations they want, the States are not bound by any such nonsense.

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Thank you for all your work that you share. I'll read and share this. Have you seen the following? https://ago.mo.gov/wp-content/uploads/missouri-v-biden-ruling.pdf

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Mar 16Liked by James Roguski

Respect for all your hard work!!!

Sharing and praying -

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*How to make money with your website.*

Take the most egregious law, grant program or policy you can find and have one of the AI programs parse it into questions regarding its particular penalties and beneficiaries.

Post The Questionnaire on your web site.

Charge the voters, your patrons, one $ to vote on it.

Ratify or Annul

Have the same AI take the patrons demographics and post that too. This will show how many educated women are against abortion, and how many successful businessmen are in favor of DEI.

One Questionnaire should earn you many thousands of dollars per month and AI can do it for you!

Let your web site become an active Petition for a Redress of Grievances. And you get paid for doing the polling!

Have the AI post the results in real time and send the link to your congressman!!

It is obvious to everyone....

Representative democracy has failed.

We need something new.

Ross Perot called it The Electronic Townhall.


It is not about writing letters to elected officials or voting some good person into office.


Is about the Ratification or Annulment of each line of every law, rule, regulation and supreme court decision on the books or that is on the docket waiting to be turned into law, policy and taxes.

During the 1992 Presidential campaign, Ross Perot observed that: "a general lack of accountability among elected officials and those in the bureaucracy is the one specific reason that the people of America suffered…. and our only means of correction is to inspect their work and hold them accountable."

Mr. Perot went on to note that this can easily be done with computer programs. He called it: THE ELECTRONIC TOWNHALL.

"It is only logical that it will become our Fourth Branch of Government", he said.

Objective reality:

the voting members of the US Congress and the State Legislatures do not have enough time to read, comprehend or debate any of the laws they vote on. They vote 100 times a day, every five minutes, while in session.

Approximate absolute facts:

a. Every day that the Congress and Legislatures are in session 100

new bills are introduced and distributed.

b. The representatives are given two weeks to review the laws before they are brought up for the Vote.

c. Two weeks into the session they begin voting on the Laws that

were previously introduced, while newer laws are introduced.

d. Many laws are in excess of two thousand pages.

e. The arithmetic demonstrates that they do not have the time to even read the name of the Law much less the content of it.

f. Since the Representative cannot evaluate 200 thousand pages of law speak per day, they vote the way their advisors tell them to vote.

g. Thus, they have all forfeited their delegated obligation to represent us.

h. Representative government is obsolete. It does not work for us.

And the only way to prevent these over worked and fallible people from making even more tragic mistakes, from which we, and the rest of the world, might never recover is to include ourselves, The Citizens, from whom the authority for government comes in the first place, in the final decision making process.

The Electronic Congress

How it works:

1. Before a new law, tax, or expenditure can be put on the books it must first be Ratified by the Citizens.

2. Existing laws can be Annulled by the same super majority required to Ratify them.

This program can be applied to every level of government and will ultimately solve every problem we have.

To prevent chaos, the basic law, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, would be exempt from review.

Mr. Perot speculated that the Founding Fathers would probably have done the same had the technology been available in their day.

Just imagine:

We, the People, could actually direct the priorities of the major agencies like the: CDC and NIH as well as the libraries and local police departments.

If our government truly is of the people, by the people and for the people then this is the only way forward.

How to implement it:

We talk about it until it is done.

We can acquire the text of a recent law or Supreme Court ruling and have AI parse its actionable elements, apply a questionnaire so that the concerned Citizens can Ratify or Annul it. Then distribute the links.

Can I make money with this?

Use AI to parse the laws you find most egregious into their component pieces. And then have it build the ballot / questionnaire along with some demographic background to make the game especially interesting. Charge a $1 per voter per law and watch the evolution in real time.

The Electronic Townhall becomes an active Petition for a Redress of Grievances.

Ask the local school board for their agenda items, have AI parse the actionable elements, create a questionnaire, distribute it to the concerned citizens and then evaluate the results.

When Human Beings made in the image of God can see the result of their noblest and most sober thoughts, at such a scale, then there will be the moment where Our Benevolence and Good Will shall

overcome Evil and then we all live happily ever after.

Ross Perot publicly promised that if the People of America would elect him to The Presidency he would give us The Electronic Townhall.

The Fourth Branch of Government will allow us to go from Chaos to Prosperity and a Life Worth Living until the end of time.

We were created by God and in the image of God; we are human beings, not animals in a pen.

The Electronic Townhall

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Mar 13·edited Mar 14

The whole concept is totally unacceptable! That said, given where we are on the spiritual time line, it almost certainly WILL happen as part of the rebellion against Yhwh God, called the NWO; Satan's time to rule, which IS time limited, and has a purpose in Yhwh's plan, as part of showing humanity why His judgment against them, during the latter half of that limited time, is just and righteous.

The"solution" is NOT to "buck" His plan, but rather, to get on board WITH Him! If you have not yet repented your sins and accepted his redemption, NOW is the time to do so!

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