The u.k. rothchild federal reserve system controls central bank of all united nations countries. After the got 1913 usa treasury all the communism was created and spread. The bankster fraudsters use terrorism, war and flooding countries with international money only to pull $ out and buy everything at a cheap price. Hegelian dialect: sell fire hydrants at one end of town and then start a fire at the other end of town. Don't take the cashless "mark of the beast" and lose your soul.

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I am trying to upload and print the above informational flyers and and am unble to. Is there a way to make them printable please? thank you very much.

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James, thank you for your tireless work.

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Look at the last 3 years. It's been one gigantic ball of confusion where the perps can't even get their lies to coincide with each other. We are still trying to figure out what happened and make sense of it all.

Thus, this is the main weapon of skullduggery operations like the WHO and big pharma and the government. Create so much confusion, the opposing forces are spinning their heads. This is why one must turn a blind eye to the entire shebang. Never comply with any medical directives or false flags designed to control you in some way.

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Thank you James & Fleming.

I've been castigated, warned & even banned for going on about 1World Government.

Remarking, pointing out, even shouting., WAKE UP WORLD, for the last 5 years or so.

Now this WHO "operation" reaching fever pitch & hoopla status?


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There may be one possible out even if these amendments to the IHR are adopted. Article 22 of the WHO Constitution states that member States can declare a reservation or rejection after the amendment is adopted by the Health Assembly. Per the current IHR, it looks like the notice period to reserve or reject amendments is 18 months.

I suspect the Prime Minister of Denmark was getting consent from his government not to object to the 2005 amendments in that email referred to in the video.

Who in the U.S. would be responsible? The executive branch I suppose? Unfortunately, that will still be Biden if these are adopted this May--before a new administration would take power in January 2025.

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James, just watched the video. Thank you for your tireless commitment on this more urgent and important subject facing the people of this world. I am here to attest that as a hospital RN, these shots were completely unnecessary and what is going on is mass murder. Covid was an experiment and unfortunately, people complied very quickly. It's shocking how anyone could think hiding in a house or behind a mask could save you from something you can not see. The ones who seek to control are psychopaths. No one needs to be tortured, injured or killed by "new and experimental treatments" and then be told they are selfish for wanting to live. This is nothing more than a totalitarianism guised as "we care-take this medicine" human enslavement scheme. I never thought I would live through something so horrific but here we are. I am sorry for those who believed, but there are good people out there that gave them the benefit. To offer hope, some people who took the shots appeared to be doing OK. But others have died suddenly or struggling with new illnesses and are being told "not related". These amendments are a destruction of human rights and the people sitting around a table coming up with "their plans to rule the world" are the worst kind of evil. We know what humans are capable of and must not turn a blind eye. God Bless you.

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I consider the it is being reported that the Department of Energy DOE and the FBI have now concluded that the origin of COVID-19 is "most likely" of Wuhan China lab-leak origin.

Watch this free one hour video of today


Josh Phillip Crossroads show on EpochTV

I find the TIMING of this COVID lab-leak conclusion by the "intelligence" agencies very interesting in light of the fact that we the people of the USA are just a few days away days away from the WHO taking over USA national sovereignty.

I have been posting for almost 3 years on the subject of the "coronavirus" and I have always stated my opinion that the "Lab-leak theory is just part of the same old psyop.

SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, coronavirus, the virus" , was the phantom, the Big Lie, the FOUNDATINAL LIE, from the beginning of this PLANdemic in late 2019.

Karen Kingston Substack also commented on this same thing.

Karen has a similar theory to mine, though not exactly.

See this


Believe it or not this is all very much related to the WHO, who is making their big move on the USA now.

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02222023 - LATEST ONE HOUR DR. BHAKDI INTERVIEW - Thai Princess Bajrakitiyabha & The Ongoing Cover Up Of The Deadly COVID Jabs - https://rumble.com/v2aiwnu-dr.-bhakdi-interview-thai-princess-bajrakitiyabha-and-the-ongoing-cover-up-.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=3

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Govn’t has been hyping up the bird flu H1N1 ‘epidemic’ in our flocks. They’ve been tested with the PCR test (no info on cycles) so if even one bird returns a positive the entire flock is culled. MSM reported last week that a private RSPB island had numerous bird deaths confirmed by PCR as Bird flu.

Now DEFRA and Dept of Health ‘Security’ (name changed 2022!) will be mass testing wild mammals and humans.

Now if these amendments are passed, the Govn’t can easily claim, with the use of the fraudulent PCR tests, that there’s a possible RISK for human health and measures decided on by the supranational WhO, headed by the communist Tedra, will be rolled out.

MSM has been hyping up the fear for over 6 months in preparation. Even UK Column got in on it by claiming the King’s swans were dying.

FYI I live on a tiny speck of land between two watery bird sanctuaries, a reservoir and river estuary. I have seen NO BIRD DEATHS ON MY LAND, SURROUNDING LANDS AND NONE ON THE ROAD. If there was a pandemic in the bird pop as MSM and Govn’t claim, I would be seeing dead and dying birds.

With the UK being an island, it would be one of the easiest countries to cut off from the world. Like Australia and NZ during Covid —— NO EXIT.

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I'm pretty sure, I don't want either one.

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I live in SA and am wondering if this concerns us here too?

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Send me a working postal Address to send you Vital INFO you need,



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I completely forgot about this (your 'Another open letter to WHO'). I sent it to them on November and got the reply a couple days ago which seems to be meaningless. Here it goes:

Dear sender,

Thank you for reaching out to the World Health Organization (WHO).

On review of your message, please be informed that the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations by the member states including an article-by-article compilation are publicly available at the WHO homepage (see link).

Additional information on the upcoming meeting of the Working Group on Amendments to the International Health Regulations can be also found at the WHO homepage (see link).

We trust this answers your request/query.

Thank you once again for contacting us.

Kind regards,

Ethics Team

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Feb 27Liked by James Roguski

Thanks James!!!

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The WHO would legally have to conquer 50 independent States to take over "America's Sovereignty."

That is part of the brilliance of the American Constitutional Republic design.

Biden DOES NOT have unilateral authority to make legally binding deals with WHO.

Please!!! Spread this TRUTH and stop the fear & inaction that comes from teaching error.

JUST 14 MINUTE VIDEO is all it takes to know truth.

Is it worth it to you?


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