"The People's Treaty" is in response to the World Health Organization's proposed "Treaty For Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response."

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Apr 9, 2022Liked by James Roguski

Should this also include that we can not be denied goods and or services from businesses?

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Apr 10, 2022Liked by James Roguski

Maybe I missed it, how do we submit an opinion to the WHO?

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Apr 12, 2022Liked by James Roguski

Done: the written submission went through (abbreviated The people's Treaty demands)

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This is very good! I think people are just tired ... the Rights we are supposed to have currently are not being upheld. Now this ...

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I believe another "we the people of the world" clause needs to part of the declaration to take the money out of so called medical emergencies. What I wrote below is a good start but if anyone wants to define it better, please do so:

"We, the people of the world, demand that all declared emergencies funded by governments at cost plus five percent to all pharmaceutical and collateral venders to end financial incentives, coercion, and corruption."

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" "We the People" must join together to demand our rights and defend our freedoms."

Demand inalienable rights be respected. You HAVE them. We do NOT need to "demand our rights." Freedom is preserved when we assert them.

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In signing the declaration above, does that go to this WHO place? I really think we need to remove ourselves from these people they are dangerous to us and they serve only themselves!

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OK James I downloaded the Peeps Treaty PDF Thank you and will look to see what else is avail as PDF I'm looking for those Amendments you spoke to Reiner about ( Saved that Vid but cannot save the Stew P one you did.. ) I watched the UN Assembly Votes there on Thursday lot of Abstentions what were they voting on as I missed the start of those Instruments?? Michael A Gala Scottish Borders Active Resister to the Reset LIE...

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I would remove that Governments have the right to start emergencies. Instead it should state, government does not have the right to start emergencies or claim or pass executive orders to start emergencies. or claim that anything is an emergency. This should also include, no government, doctors office, medical practice, or any business has the right to force any person to wear a mask, show a vaccine card or take a vaccine test in order to enter a building, vehicle, airplane, or train, shut down the country, or have quarenteen camps.

The reason for this is because government can claim anything is an emergency depending on their political ideology and to control the people.

We have scientist who are lying to the public for money such as Dr, Birk and Dr. Fauchie and others to spread their own agenda.

Another to add is: A vaccine can only be administered by a physician, after the patient agrees and only if the vaccine really works against the disease. ou.

Thank you.

Nancy Hunt

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1- Right of autonomy. Anyone in a position of (authority or no authority) who Desecrates the GOD GIVEN RIGHTS of another as written in the Bible and expressed in our Constitution will be Tried by a jury of their peers. Punishable death as an acute reminder to all people moving forward in a civil society the importance of eradicating evil men/women from rising to such a elevated position where they could do such harm. Likewise a reminder to all who live in this society, they too have a great responsibility to participate the shaping of such a society. This participation is most important to nurture when it’s good and right, rather than curse and complain when it turns sour from a lack in engagement.

2- We must clearly identify all mechanisms that drove our society to such ruin. Destroy these channels on a global scale, with all the people weighing in and giving their blessing to remove the old and bring in new mechanisms that represent individual freedoms. We don’t have to rewrite all of history, but in many cases we need to fortify the tenants or our Constitution that gave us the longest period in history of freedom. But it’s all for nothing if we can’t learn from this and identify the trickery that subverted the greatest (man made) governing document in history. This will take a great amount of thoughtfulness by those with a pure heart, but experienced with the entanglement of monsters.

Jake S.

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Sep 4, 2022Liked by James Roguski

I was just thinking about the recent "digital currency" possibly on the table. They say it can be "tracked". Is there in any section about we as people don't consent to constant surveillance? Social credit score imposed on us based on "vaccine" status, and all of the "sustainable development" that is a part of this grand scheme as well! Just wondering if we could say something about not being under surveillance. THIS IS WONDERFUL!! THANK YOU! It took me a couple months to read and think about.

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