Thanks so much for this great article. Here are some more NZ links for people to share. https://flagnfix.substack.com/p/reject-the-misnamed-minor-adopted

Also NZ's Voices for Freedom is asking the people of New Zealand to sign a letter that will be hand delivered to the WHO in Geneva. See here: https://www.voicesforfreedom.co.nz/the-peoples-letter/

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Sadly most people have no clue about this because it's being ignored in the media (like everything else people SHOULD be hearing about). It's pretty much a worldwide problem that the blind are just allowing their governments to walk into.

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Reject the directives and diktats of this unelected body. It is 100% illegitimate. Instead of surrendering to this absurd neo-fascist body bring legal action against the New Zealand government for its treason against the people. The government does not have any mandate to cede authority over healthcare policy to such an unconstitutional, undemocratic, uninformed international body. The people should convene a citizens' conference to decide how best to respond to this treason. Perhaps a good alternative would be a citizens' petition to withdraw, entirely, from the usurping, authoritarian United Nations. Perhaps this action by the government needs to be investigated for the criminal overreach it is.

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I felt a deep sadness reading your response. To begin to imagine how you feel is impossible. My most sincere and heartfelt sympathies are with you - no words could begin to address your emotions and sense of loss and indeed isolation. To lose your livelihood as a fully mandated PhD Clinician suggests that you may have voiced your opposition? The “frightful, unethical, unscientific tyranny at play in Oceania” to use your words (George Orwell?) knows no bounds. I watch death unfolding here in the UK at such an alarming rate - to the point of seeing people “fall over” myself on many occasions and to know that this will continue is way beyond any dystopian nightmare.

Have you thought about moving to the Southern Hemisphere and practicing again? Your life must go on - how can you begin to make any kind of psychological recovery surrounded by the pervading smell of death and imminent death? I accept, although unvaccinated, that the levels of toxins in the water, food and air here in the UK will, at some point take my life too, despite leading the “cleanest” life possible, it is inevitable, much like “On the Beach by Neville Shute” we continue our daily lives putting in as much positivity as possible .. but knowing without needing even to acknowledge that we are living in the end times.

I send my very best wishes to you and vehemently hope that you will find a new pathway and with that a new, but very different life.

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Take Action in New Zealand


December 1, 2023 is the deadline for heads of state of countries around the world to REJECT the amendments to the International Health Regulations. If you live in New Zealand, please sign the petition

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thank you for your post today,

we highly recommend substack of Dr Sam Ball, (Kiwi) practitioner of non allopathic medicine

pleased also, to restack your post and provide link for today’s “alternative” media press release:

(share everywhere)

link to "how pharma fix works" with Bobby Kennedy


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Disclaimer: ..........................................

Your email address is collected to verify that you have only signed the petition once and will not be used to send you correspondence or publicly disclosed, unless authorised by law.

As a signatory, your name will form part of the official record of the petition and will be disclosed to the select committee that considers the petition. Your name will not be published to the parliament website but may be made available in hard-copy for public inspection.

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Nov 10·edited Nov 10

I believe I have successfully completed the Petition. More then an hour afterwards, I still have NOT received any reply for NZ Government in my email Inbox or Spam Box ... To my knowledge, I was NOT asked to check a box in order to confirm citizenship ...

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Good day,

"If you live in New Zealand, please sign the petition" ...

But as a Canadian Citizen I seems I was able to sign the NZ Petition and was not questioned about my Residency ...

So I am correct to believe any one who agree with you may Sign wherever they live ?

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Say no because they are trying to kill everyone they can to reduce population. They are sick piece of shit.

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