Thank-you James for doing so much to stop this. I am overwhelmed with the information you've provided above, There are so many links and steps. I would like to write another letter but I'm confused. I've spent several hours today, just reading and trying to work out who to write to and what to write. I came here from a UK column article that said we should write directly to the WHO, but maybe I misunderstood.

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Hey James, thank you for sharing this web site on Librti.com web site with Odessa Orlewitz. I have to dissect this info. Most politicians are paid off and totally corrupted.

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Yes, it may be true but still we take action. and inform them

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Hi Kate Shaw,

I can agree with you to a certain extent, but I know how much power and capability these Israeli Zionists have to control all communications. They literally monitor all forms of communications with A.I. technologies, especially to corporatized governments in Canada, US and Europe, even the UN. We just don't know who is willing to listen to us little people and change things and who are rotten to the core being paid off by these corporatist demons who control everything on the planet. They openly brag about their capabilities and what they can do to censor us while they quietly exterminate us all. They're ruthlessly arrogant and pure evil! Make sure your document is hand signed or they may not even look at it, if it ever gets into the politicians hands. They have their Israeli Spies everywhere in government and medias.

Watch this video and see what I mean: The Tech Takeover: War by the Backdoor - Netanyahu Brags about Israel's Powers and Spy Tech https://rumble.com/v3eg3cr-the-tech-takeover-war-by-the-backdoor-netanyahu-brags-about-israels-powers-.html

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have you read any NS lyons? this is the most comprehensive, if rather lengthy article written to date:


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I made a video statement. How are videos sent to lawmakers?

Does it make sense to send one to WHO?

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Just mail one to McCarthy with a note attached. I will send one to all senators after my ink arrives to print!

Thank you, James, for all of your labors of love for all of us.

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This is nonsense ignoring scientific knowledge and showing à complète dis regard for humanities good health and safety

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Super easy to share

Great work !!!!

I’m sure a lot of people are going to wake up from this !

We got this !!!

It’s going to be great .

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I do not consent to global government, the WHO, The UN.

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Hey Mr James Roguski you seem quiet. Don't see any more videos on tou tube or anything current on your substack. Hope all is well sir.

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This has probably been going on in many European countries.

From Germany:

26 July 2023

The Federal (German) government supports Gates Foundation projects with 3.8 billion EURO.

The German government is contributing a total of EUR 3.8 billion to 31 projects in which the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation BMGF was or is involved.The following financial contributions support organisations and programmes.

Important: Support contributions are not tied to a specific project, but are nevertheless very high.

Here is an overview of currently funded, ongoing Federal Government programmes with private foundations from Annex 2.

(Here is an overview inserted in the German text with amounts the B&MGF and The WHO receives from the German government.)

Daten https://dserver.bundestag.de/btd/20/075/2007512.pdf Anlage 1, Tabellarische Aufbereitung Transparenztest.de

The cooperation projects between the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation BMZ and the BMGF amount to almost half a billion - exactly 449,833,105 - EUR. An evaluation is available for only one project.


The funding amounts for BMGF alone are enormous and exceed the billion euro mark. This is particularly problematic since most of the funding is non-project-related support for general "programmes".

Another problem is that no representative of the federal government seems to sit on any of the grantee's committees. There is no question of cooperation, exchange or even control.

Moreover, virtually no project has been evaluated so far.

It is not clear to outsiders what clearly regulated procedures are used to select organisations and programmes for funding and why other organisations and their programmes are left out.

It also remains unclear how the amount of funding is determined.

All of this raises questions about transparent allocation and implementation. It also remains strange why the financially strongest philanthropic foundation receives such large grants.

Hardly any media reports, hardly any MPs ask about it

As far as we know, the ÖRR and mainstream media have not adequately publicised or explained these enormous funding contributions. Even the members of the Bundestag have so far asked only sporadic or limited questions about the cooperation and basic funding of large international foundations.


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Revelation chapter 18 gives a description of the fall of Babylon and in verse 23 it gives us the reason why all nations were deceived. The Greek word for “sorceries” in verse 23 is “pharmakeia” from which is derived the English word “pharmacy”.

God has 72 Names. One of the Names means “Letting Go”. I am trying to both Pray and to Let go of the Outcome.

There are “72 vaccines” in the children’s “vaccine schedule” –


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Been working on developing relationships at State level here in GA to try and get legislation to nullify WHO authority in GA. Told by a State Rep today, “ we don’t legislate on ‘what ifs’”. In his eyes, Governor Kemp pushed back (first to reopen businesses), so he doesn’t see the need to put in protections. Of course, he also didn’t believe me that the home health agency in GA that I worked for until Nov 2022 is still forcing staff to mask. We’ll continue to work, but would love any suggestions on how to respond to “what ifs” statement.

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The "what ifs" statement is an excuse since it is usually applied selectively. If it benefits the Public, the Legislation is not put in place until AFTER a catastrophe leading to an uprising, or after an uprising due to untenable conditions. In other words, there has to be an uprising. All of the iconic documents we have were put in place after an uprising. My guess is that Congressmen are not signing on to HR 79 in large numbers because there isn't enough Public Pressure at this point. They will only sign on if the herd does. And the herd will not sign on unless pressured to do so by, you guested it, an uprising. We need to reach a certain threshold. What gets us there is when things "get bad enough". There was a famine just before The French Revolution -


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i agree. we all need to let everyone know THE DEADLINES and THE ACTIONS to take to STOP THE GLOBAL AGENDA https://jamesroguski.substack.com/p/stop-the-global-agenda

The next round of national debt fraud and / or weather threats and / or movement restrictions along with biomedical assaults is being manufactured now ! https://armageddonprose.substack.com/p/techno-hell-pfizer-mrna-shots-soon?utm_source=profile&utm_medium=reader2

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You've worked long and hard, you have woken up a lot of people. But they are going to threw with it anyway. Just hope to God it ends fast in disaster! For them.....

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