Contact me (James Roguski) directly at 310-619-3055 or James.Roguski@gmail.com if you would like to help raise awareness of this issue in order to protect our health rights and freedoms.

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James I got here through the Mercola site. How does the WHO have any control over US Citizens? We are a sovereign nation. Why would the WHO care whether we submit a statement or not? Seems like gaslighting and/or collecting a list of dissenters for tracking. They seem to be bulldozing forward regardless. God have mercy on us.

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Thank you James for all your tireless effort!

Sadly, I think Joe Biden is not hypnotized I think he is one of them. The New World Order has been bought hook, line & sinker by far too people of far too many nation's. Huge Corporation's have signed on for this garbage. Greed is a strong magnet and yes, hypnotic. Joe is not playing with a full deck, but he's been in it for awhile. I remember when they had the G-20 or G-10 meeting in 2020, we saw video of Joe & the other world leader's standing around a Las Vegas style, bright light, neon sign staring up at the date 2030 as if they were hypnotized. I do agree they are hypnotized, but their are some that know everything & want it all! And there are some that know just enough & are being lied to about the rest. Joe knows all of it. Joe is sold!

When the globalist's meet & they recite their plans, we hear Joe mimick their talking points on T.V. for all of America to hear.

Sometimes Joe can remember & sometimes he still remembers to read the teleprompter. Joe knows enough!

As a Christian, I believe they have all been deceived. I watch the audience member's sit there at their World Summit conferences with their legs crossed intently listening to the speaker's, who include Yuval Noah Harari and they don't flinch. They don't bat an eye. It doesn't even look like they blink. Harari sits there saying crap like "human's are now hackable animal's" & they nod as if he had recited poetry. Something is very wrong with people. Maybe they were hacked. I am honestly dumbfounded.

I plan on speaking up about WHO. I will not let this pass without a fight, but I worry that this is a pact or a coup.

Not too long ago I listened to a man who was quite wealthy because he did work for some of these globalists. He was some type of lawyer. From what he indicated the globalist's liked him for good reason. I'm guessing he knew how to legally protect people from their sins. I wish I could remember his name. He knew Gates & many of the globalist's personally, he was a trusted friend. Anyway, something happened & either his daughter was injured or she was killed. I think he said she came close to death. He made reference to Gates & so I wouldn't be surprised if his daughter wasn't vaccine injured. After her experience something changed & he was taking issue with his buddies. He said he had so much dirt on all of them that it would make our heads spin. He also made it clear that he wasn't willing to disclose the dirt on anyone because he wanted to try to use it to get them to stop what he referred to as some type of 194 nation pact that would devastatingly change the course of the world. I think this guy was French, I remember he had an accent. In my small mind I thought "gee, I hope he's not dead tomorrow." I never heard anything more about the matter & like I said I can't remember his name. He spoke out around the time of the 2020 election results. He seemed to have knowledge about the results. What happened the night of the election had much bigger implications. It was something planned, something that 194 nations agreed to and it sounded like Joe Biden was the guy that would shake hand's on our behalf. I realize Joe can't do that, but it sounded like the leader's of the nation's were going to do whatever they wanted, they were selling out the citizens of their countries.

It makes sense now that I read about WHO. These people think they can sell us & tell us what to do.

I believe that we need to talk to God because I believe he is the author of life & ultimately in control. While we are here, we have to endure to the end & the Bible indicates we are in for some rough times ahead. The Bible told us of a One World Government, a One World Currency, a One World Leader that rises out of a 10 nation confederacy. Right now we are looking at 194 selling out their citizens. I'm assuming the other, smaller nation's will be forced into it because of the financial burden, but maybe some can hold out if they are self sufficient. I could see 10 nation's taking the reigns & telling 184 to go sit down & shut up. I think they were lied to anyway because the thing's these people say is sheer madness. That guy Harari I mentioned fits the bill for the Little Horn in the book of Daniel chapter 7. If you are familiar with scripture ask yourself this question, why did Daniel use the word little to describe the Little Horn? He specifies very clearly that the Horn is little. Go look at picture's of Harari. In fact, go on Rumble & go to the Thrivetime channel. I truly pray I am wrong, but I think this is going to end up with many people going to the CDC camps for non-compliance. The Bible tells us how to handle this situation, at least I think it does in Mathew 10:17-21.

This is just my two cents.

I pray our voices matter & I pray WHO does win this one.

Thanks again for all your hard work!

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Hi Mr. Raguski,

I listened and watched your videos and read what the WHO is trying to do. Thank you for your help in exposing this TREASON. I'm a retired RN and I was alarmed by the secrecy by which they are attempting to do this. When I saw or read (I think it was the gentleman from Institute ofJustice.org) who spoke of them expanding the definition of a vaccine. I believe it was you who mentioned in the first Video on Rumble with Stew Peters that the people who are voting on these amendments are being kept secret. How are folks supposed to understand the individual qualifications of these members to make decisions like this? This is too broad reaching and cannot be passed without going through due process of our government. Thank you and all of these organizations mentioned in bringing this important information to the publics attention. Obviously we cannot rely on MSM to be anything more than voice for the Democratic Party. It's heartbreaking for me. So thank you for this information. I did send the comments to the parties you requested.

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Hi Roguski,

I came to your site and information through a link on Truth Social. I read and watched the information on your site. Thank you. The MSM is NOT interested in advocating for or informing American citizens. The InstituteofJustice.org video mentioned that the Treaty and amendments are undermining our sovereignty. They are also looking into expanding the definition of vaccine, which could potentially include experimental vaccines being forced on Americans if this process is permitted to occur.

Thank you for your information and links as I submitted comments and signed at least one petition. This is not in America's best interests. Any threat to our constitutional rights must be subject to our own governmental due process. This is another reason for not remaining a member of WHO. As I believe you mentioned, the panel voting on these amendments is either secret or not available to be reviewed. What are their credentials? Who are they? It's a lot of power being given to people we don't know and the US government cannot be ok with this power grab. It is treason.

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Our input should be to our own Congress telling them to insist on retaining national sovereignty. Inputting to who is like writing email suggestions to a bank robber. What's the point other than to toss him your identity.

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I signed the petition and sent comments to the HHS. I don't contact my representatives anymore because my email gets spammed mercilessly. This is on a federal and state level. Kind of disgusting if you think about it. I do uncheck the boxes that ask to be put on any subscription. Also many times never got an acknowledgment for my efforts. The politicians are out for themselves and not their constituents.

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