Yes I will help stand up for bodly atomjy unable rights freedoms sovereignity our god given rights let us enact a law that they are not violated by governments around the world and if any goverment violates our god given rights they must be punished especialy the Irish goverment there must be heavey sanctions put on them Katherine o Connor

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Dear James, we did it. We left UN, WHO and IHR 2005 with our Society for happy life BELIS, Ljubljana, Slovenia with official recall of international treaties from 1945, 1947 and so on... Thanks for many info from you ... Proactive written declarations to leave these corrupt organizations... with 5248 people that agreed to do so from 31 countries that are the members with our Society. Our president and other public figures we worked on this many months! ( bellism@gmail.com )



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Thanks to you and organizations like Interest of Justice. <3

I’m taking suggestions for The Prophets.



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James, we need an easier way to upload a video or comment directly to our WHO representative. Becerra? Who else? The people aware of what is happening are working around the clock. Twice now I had 5 minutes to upload a short clip or a comment and could not find a good link. I need to run to a Zoom now - it needs to be EASY.

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Just upload your video to the video hosting platform of your choice and share the link here.

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Thanks James. Thank you for all that you're doing to expose the wrongs & evils at large these days.

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Canadians can sign the Petition for "The Charter of Health Freedom" - https://www.charterofhealthfreedom.org/

You can also subscribe to "The Natural Health Products Protection Association" -

The NHPPA focuses on identifying and responding to threats facing the Natural Health Product and Dietary Supplement industry. The NHPPA acts as an industry watchdog.


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Dr. Joseph Sansone has engaged, with many others, in a valiant attempt to make This Fine Country, a safer, better, & brighter place, To Live In.

It should be noted, he recently had to have emergency cardiac surgery. He waited a few days, against doctor's orders, & at peril to himself, to obtain unvaccinated-non-contaminated blood, to ensure safe surgical remedy. With prayers, God's Assistance, surgical expertise, & an undying commitment, the Good Man, bounced right back, to continue his created path, to Assist Country & Countrymen.

Hearken !


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Spot on!

Action is needed by EVERY individual person in whatever area they know is wrong and harmful to humanity.

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Yur dealing with ésycopaths and Socopaths and their reactions are NOT what they would mean if noted in an emotionally balanced human being.

They are merely noting you/your comments and thinking of their known to them Agendas -- they are in the control box and are sort of amused (in their weird way)in passing with having a Lawyer "begging" for their consideration.

These types also think that they are impervious to anything thrown at them, especially as this stage of "the game" where The WHO? is calling the shots to suit their & other parties) Agendas (read speeding up without much being done to stop their direction/ramping up speed to pull so many other strings on the NWO bow together-ASAP

And the Legal dep'ts are seriously corrupted from top to bottom.


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Jun 22, 2023Liked by James Roguski

Where is the link to submit a comment to the govt?

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Jun 22, 2023Liked by James Roguski

Found it, but it's not a hyperlink. Here it is: OGA.RSVP@hhs.gov

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So I sent the exit the WHO INFO to my state rep and senator. Even my repub state rep mailed back a statement saying it was false, that the governments involved could choose to comply or not, that no attempt to override sovereignty is in the agreement.

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Read the documents. Ask your public servant if they have read the documents. They are not informed.

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Jun 23, 2023Liked by James Roguski

Indeed I will. I gave them a link to your substack also and asked them to research and contact you for any questions.

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Melanie Stansbury

NM rep.

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Let's talk about Speaking Truth To Power and Constellations -

Pluto will be in Aquarius from

March 23 through June 11;

January 20, 2024, through September 1, 2024; and

November 19, 2024 through March 8, 2043.

Pluto was previously in Capricorn which denotes Institutional suppression of the Will of the masses.

Pluto in Aquarius is far more Democratic - "Fundamentally, Pluto speaks to power. Pluto isn’t afraid to question who’s in charge, navigating the most complex systematic networks and quietly ripping them apart from the inside out. In fact, there’s nothing Pluto loves more than demolition." -



These Constellations denote Energy influences and are to be viewed as Probabilities, not Certainties.

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Here is an additional date to add - Pluto will be in Aquarius from

September 2, 2043 to January 19, 2044.

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After being missing in action for most of my life and only reunited with reality a few years ago , I often experience so much , as above my pay grade.

Thank you for all that you have done, are doing and will do.

With the grace of God I will continue my education via mediums such as these and contribute when ever possible.

Blessings from Sydney Australia.

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Speaking Truth To Power - The Original Prophet was American humorist P.J. O'Rourke -

Best "Red Pill Books" before the term was even coined -


"All the Trouble in the World - The Lighter Side of Overpopulation, Famine, Ecological Disaster, Ethnic Hatred, Plague, and Poverty". I've read sections of this book. He traces the History of all of these Agendas going back to the 1970's.

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I left a video statement last year, which was also used by PANDA.

I presume I don’t have to do this again? Or do I?

Best regards,

Myra Forster-van Hijfte

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This is a different organization. Please participate. http://SilenceEqualsConsent.com

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I have recorded my response. Hope it helps and thank you for all you are doing!

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News from the Netherlands: Pepijn van Houwelingen forces cabinet to delay WHO treaty

An important victory in our struggle for freedom: FVD MP Pepijn van Houwelingen has forced the new WHO treaty, which is highly controversial because of its infringement on our sovereignty, to be submitted to the Lower House for approval first. To do so, he gathered the required support of at least 30 Lower House members.

The Cabinet will now have to come up with a bill before the proposed amendment to the WHO Convention can take effect.

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Could you please provide a link to this information. This is interesting.

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This is the link: https://www.ninefornews.nl/forum-voor-democratie-dwingt-kabinet-tot-uitstel-who-verdrag-belangrijke-overwinning/

If you want a translation, I'll do that if you would need it.

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And: https://fvd.nl/nieuws/pepijn-van-houwelingen-dwingt-kabinet-tot-uitstel-who-verdrag

This says: An important victory in our fight for freedom: FVD MP Pepijn van Houwelingen has enforced that the new WHO treaty, which is highly controversial because of its infringement on our sovereignty, must first be submitted to the Lower House for approval. To do so, he gathered the required support of at least 30 Lower House members.

PVV, SGP, BVNL, BBB and JA21'er Nicki Pouw-Verweij backed FVD's request and demanded a debate. The cabinet will now have to come up with a bill before the proposed amendment to the WHO treaty can take effect.

On Twitter, Van Houwelingen thanked the other parties for their support. FVD will do everything possible to take the WHO treaty off the table for good.

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