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May 9, 2022·edited May 9, 2022

Virated it.

I chain-sent the following to many Aussie pollies:

Under the Complete Control of the WHO: Dr. Tess Lawrie Outlines Their Would-Be Treaty Powers

1.) The authority to declare what constitutes a pandemic (in the past, they have changed the definition). It could be the flu.

2.) They would decide what the quarantine requirements are; they could unilaterally decide to put you in a quarantine center or keep you home from work.

3.) They would determine how the new infection is diagnosed and what tests are used to measure it (prior example: the fraudulent PCR test ramped up the numbers).

4.) The WHO would decide how to prevent or treat the new disease. They could, yet again, deny doctors the ability to treat patients the way they would like.

5.) The authority to determine which medications are safe and who develops them. (They call the COVID jab 'safe').

6.) They would be in charge of how the new vaccines are promoted, including vaccine mandates.




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In the U.S. you can also use https://faxzero.com/ to contact congress, senate, and governors.

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Emailed my state reps. Thank you for making the process easy.

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It’s very difficult to send the long version text to Congress people. Although it has good info, it gets rejected for syntax and security issues. I tried making revisions, but gave up and sent the shorter version.

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Sent multiple times to my elected officials. Thanks for the push.

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I can’t comprehend a single reason why the current US government would willingly transfer the sovereignty of US citizens to make their own determinations on public health matters to an incompetent global body like the WHO. It’s wrong on every level Amd anathema to every value that Americans hold dear Amd that our ancestors fought hard to obtain.

Nothing in the amendments is remotely related to health Amd instead it is thoroughly another move by the current administration to dismantle this great nation that holds freedom and self governance as our bedrock value.

Stop it now. This proposal is a sickening display of the current US administration’s treasonous move to strip American citizens of their God-given freedom. We will not allow ourselves to fall under the control of a corrupt and communist-controlled WHA/WHO

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Sent message to 2 Senators, Congressman

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All my senators / congressmen have a stupid form email response now, with no way to send a direct email :( Any ideas on what the generic email address would be to send something to our senators and congressmen?

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HOW, can they be "asleep at the wheel" on this issue?, Its the largest power grab attempt over the USA since WW2

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I've sent to everyone that I could inmy state.

This evil needs stopped.

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This is a good way to get rid of many people! by forcing medical treatments that are destructive. Why would any nation want to give up soverignity? Do the other nations know what is going down here? Has someone told them? This has been called treason in the US and it seems so. why is congress not calling it out, are they complicit or paid/ ? This would be like Australia or Shanghai, not something we can live with! It has to stop now or we will loose our country!

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I am trying to forward the email response I received from my Representative David Joyce, Ohio. I cannot find an email for you to send it to. I would really like you to read his response and tell me/us the truth. I do not trust David Joyce but don't know enough to combat his response. Please le me know how to get you this information. Thank you for what you are doing!

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I've been sending emails everyday to my STATE REPS and to Reps in other States. I even sent one to Hannity lastnight.

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On 5/16/22, I emailed 42 States' AG, my Alabama district congressmen & senators, with my own rendition of your letter (with all the major points), & asked for direct responses. I have, to date, received one response from the North Carolina AG: Department of Justice - North Carolina as copied/pasted below. James, I would appreciate your feedback on their response to the information being "misinformation". Thank you.

May 20, 2022

<Address Redacted>

Dear Dena:

Thank you for taking the time to the North Carolina Department of Justice. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

Like you, our office is concerned about North Carolinians’ safety, health, and well-being. However, the N.C. Department of Justice and the attorney general does not have authority over the World Health Organization. Reports that the federal administration has ceded decision-making authority about the United States’ medical and public health responses are misinformed.

Our office is only authorized to provide legal representation and advice to all state government departments, agencies, and commissions. You may also consider contacting your elected federal representatives here: https://www.congress.gov/.

We appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us – hearing from the people of North Carolina helps us to better do our jobs, and we will continue to monitor this issue.

We hope this information is helpful. Again, thank you for your letter. Please do not hesitate to share your perspective with our office in the future.


Constituent Services

North Carolina Department of Justice

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