https://t.me/zeeemedia/9356 This is Alex Antic, Senator from South Australia.

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Here is a response I just received...this is the meat of the letter from Rep Joe Courtney, CT

"As you know, the World Health Organization, a United Nations agency, convened for its annual assembly between May 22nd and May 28th, 2022. During this assembly, amendments to International Health Regulations proposed by the United States were successfully considered and will apply lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. More specifically, these amendments will strengthen International Health Regulations with respect to reporting suspicious pathogen outbreaks to the greater WHO body, requiring the WHO to share information faster about newly discovered public health risks. The adoption of these amendments are in response to China’s previous violation of its obligations toward International Health Regulations in choosing not to immediately report the initial outbreak of COVID-19.

As I understand there have been false claims disseminated through media reporting's relating to International Health Regulations, it is worth noting that the WHO has no ability to set US health policy. Per a fact check from the AP:

“The International Health Regulations, which are aimed at detecting disease outbreaks, allow the WHO director-general to declare a public health emergency of international concern. The proposed U.S. amendments seek to strengthen requirements for reporting [public health] emergencies. Member countries agree to abide by the guidelines, but the WHO does not have the power to enforce them, nor can it interfere in other countries’ decision-making processes, according to experts.”

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James, I sent a series of emails to the Commitee as suggested in your article, following your advice

They all got blocked. I tried another subjectl ine, all blocked again. We need to find another way...

Thank you, let's not give up

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James, I sent a email to Pamela Hamamoto, the health human services who was appointed by the Secretary of State Antony Blinken. My email was not blocked. Try sending her an email:

Pamela.Hamamoto@hhs.gov. We need answers to why they are meeting in secret?

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I like your writing. Here's a recent tune of mine that coincides with your views: https://jandylanhunter.bandcamp.com/track/rhetoric-wars

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First the US should leave the WHO and stop funding it. THEN creating a new such organization but without the WHO's corruption and incompetence.

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Mr. Roguski is doing an OUTSTANDING job! Because of the great work he's doing, I was motivated to post a few words on my little used Bitchute Channel. This is very concerning news and I hope every calls their Congressman/woman to ask them to do EVERYTHING they can to fight this tyranny. That's really what it is. Beth M., I would love to help you, but all I can do with a video is to press camera and start talking. I hope to learn more as I set up my substack account. Hopefully, a reader here will come to your rescue. Meanwhile, here's my plea re these terrible WHO I.H.R.: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/gxRW7X0rGA62/ (7 min)

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I want to post this article to social media and was hoping to post today. Would someone help me clean this up a bit? I am trying to insert several tweets and used a screenshot but don't know how to snip and enlarge... Here is the article which much has been taken from James' writing (hope that's okay) and anyone is free to copy and paste to use.


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VERY IMPORTANT: Bernie Sanders is now heading up the Senate Committee HELP (Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.) Please contact him with your concerns regarding WHO. We must flood his office with information. If he is the bulldog he presents himself as, (and I am a Vermonter) he will have to consider or lose all credibility.

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I once again sent another email, even changing the subject matter and let's be clear-These world destroyers needs to be exposed as this issue becomes more tougher.

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Again - another mammoth task James.

Necessary because of the resulting serious implications of remaining apathetic will create.

To many of us, It's apparent this is a complete 'Take-Over' of our Sovereignty and a pre-curser to the World Health and Freedoms that will inevitably become intertwined to the detriment of the world's population). It seems the SLAVERY and DOMINANT CONTROL that was yesterday's Conspiracy Theory, is close to a reality.

Unfortunately, there are so few of us we must remain steadfast and defiant, while spreading the reality as much as we can!

I will start to spend 30 minutes each day in sending these communication to those you think wee need to bombard. I'll give you updates from time to time.

Regards! Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer.

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This is amazing information - thanks for getting it out there!

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I suppose you mean this message of being blocked.

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

WenhamC@who.int (WenhamC@who.int)

Your message was rejected by the recipient's domain because the recipient's email address isn't listed in the domain's directory. It might be misspelled or it might not exist. Try to fix the problem by doing one or more of the following:

Send the message again - delete and retype the address before resending. If your email program automatically suggests an address to use, don't select it - type the complete email address.

Clear the recipient Auto-Complete List in your email program by following the steps in this article. Then resend the message.

For Email Administrators

Directory based edge blocking is enabled for the recipient's organization and the recipient wasn't found in their directory. If the sender is using the correct address but continues to experience the problem, contact the recipient's email admin and tell them about the problem. To fix this they should resynchronize their on-premises and

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Thank you so much for your diligence! I am not confident that we can win this battle however I am confident we can cause a lot of sleepless nights which will result in perhaps less extreme measures.

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As if they care one iota what anyone outside WHO says, thinks or does. How do we know that WHO isn't controlled by trans-humans already? A/I robots more machine than human? They sure are acting like it.

When the planned-in-advance covid pandemic tyranny was introduced to the world three years ago, I am sure the majority didn't believe anything like this could happen so quickly. And now, the majority are not paying much attention to WHO. Maybe because they believe such nonsense could not happen again. What about the billions of other humans around the world that will also be affected by this treachery?

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Greetings from Australia!

I sent the emails to the committee members with a response from all of them "message blocked".

Is there anything else we can do?

Thank you James for everything you are doing for humanity.

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