Thank you James!!!!!

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I can't listen to Tedros and the rest of them. They are all liars. They are working full steam ahead to get the WHO in control. How do we stop them?

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When I see millions and millions of people in my country dropping dead from some deadly virus or pandemic thingy, I might take some kind of action. But until I see that happen, the WHO and all the rest of the elite scum of the earth can go to the devil.

The only way WHO and the CDC could ever be prepared for a pandemic is if they knew ahead of time just what the virus was going to be. And even then, as we saw with fake covid, they had themselves and much of the world twisted in circles like a seven looped pretzel. Otherwise, if it occurs from some disruption of nature, they could never act fast enough to save humanity. The bottom line is that it is a waste of energy and anxiety to worry about any pandemic or virus boogy man.

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Thanks James. Excellent indeed Sir!

Satire. Noun.

The use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

"the crude satire seems to be directed at the fashionable protest singers of the time"

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Awsome and funny. All the strategies. Kick ass !

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Dear James, in our small country Belgium of circa 11 million people, how much signatures wld have to be required on a petition? Thank you.

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James, there are two principles which must be understood;

First, authorities keep silent on a epidemic or pandemic until the truth can no longer be contained

and second; after that, fear is blown into the population to have the medicine sale as high as it can be.

These two principles may overlap.

But here comes an additional problem, nl, bioweapons are made to be silent.

Here, the many kept hidden insidious properties of this virus come into play, as it can be seen eg on the pandemic itself, which is NOT over, and it is still demanding cases and deaths. This despite the declaration of the who saying; The PHEIC (Public Health Emergency of International Concern) is over, but now it also declared that it is still there, but no longer concerns a PHEIC, whereas, it had to declare this at the same moment, and point this out clearly as to why this is so, nl. the virus has never been going anywhere, and it is still dangerous and may flare up again, and unpretected sexual activity may still be deadly through the virus etc. etc. Thereby, the actual continuation of this pandemic is a result of WHO’s own too laxly and wrongly performed measures at the beginning of the pandemic ( let alone it's deliberately induced misinformation eg through censorship), by which the pandemic has now turned into a permanent pandemic by way of their own fault, as said, but could have been made to fade it out, if acted correctly.

It is just that it is silent and has its its long-term deteriorating effects predominantly in the longer run, and whereby the ill-effects, of which there is a numerous amount, are clinically kept “not-associated”.

Statistics have been falsified, whereas,

if only scientists are used to form a public discussion on the pandemic, then, it must be understood that merely statistics are used by these to support their claims, but, as mentioned, the stats are falsified.

In truth and reality, in times of bio weapon pandemics, people's experiences become more valuable than the word of scientists and 'experts', as these are no bio weapon technologists. It is especially the above mentioned professionals etc who, all too easily being full of their acquired knowledge and participation, and of course having the natural tendency of being world savior, who do not realise and consider that their school-knowledge is deliberately delivered in a highly limited way, incl. virology, vaccinology, pathology, immunology etc. , by what means, they have forgotten, or do not dare to look into (for the sake of their licence, credibility and punishment etc), or haven’t even thought about the true facts concerning the numerous first hand experiences of people, the findings of autodidacts and independent researchers, natural medicine men etc.

Here it is also to be added that these said people and their content have been successfully left out by the malicious censorship-tactics executed by WHO. Which can be interpreted in the Article on “misinformation and disinformation” in the ‘Pandemic Treaty’ (EU amendments Zero Draft) Art. 17 'Strengthening pandemic and public health literacy' M.1 1.(a), 1.


with terms as “communicating risk and providing evidence and science-based information” “in cooperation with stake holders” “identify the prevalent and profiles of misinformation” “and counteract and thereby strengthening public trust” etc

It’s important to understand all this, so that we indeed do not provide misinformation to WHO by way of our defendance. On the other hand, there are still numerous things that WHO does wrong.

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“Gowf Ukyerzelf” 😂

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Humza Yousaf at a daily press conference on Bird Flu: "Given the current circumstances of the Avian Flu Pandemic, I know we all can do our bit in reducing the spread. That being said, there is also the opportunity to raise our spirits in this time of need. Our experts have recommended the following light-hearted activities for each and every one of you to cheer up your neighbours:

1. Try to walk to your local newsagents wearing a blind fold. I know it's sounds scary but the thought of you possibly bumping into other peoples' cars or tripping yourself up on the pavement does tend to provide amusement to everyone else. There might be the outcome of you possibly needing plasters but still, it's worth it.

2. Do a lot of pointless dancing in your driveway. We've seen how boogie-ing to the Bee Gees brought communities together during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020-2022 and I am keen for that to be repeated especially during the warmer months. Get out there and, as Tess & Claudia say on Strictly, Keeeeppp Dancing!

One more thing before I end this conference. There were some people who admittedly refused to take part in clapping for our NHS last time and it was shameful. This time around, I need you fellow Scots to do the most civic thing imaginable to keep ourselves going; openly shame your neighbours that won't do any of the above activities. No I don't mean shouting because it would bring our spirits down entirely but just stare at them from your garden, your driveway, your front door and your windows. Give them that subtly energetic reminder that you have to think about others when you are in the community.

Thank you"

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Tedros and Gates are viruses with a potential for a global pandemic. Anyone a remedy? Preferably naturopathic please!

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Says it all when Jacinda has now joined the Tedros terrorist organisation now that the Plandemic has really just started..

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When one learns that the CEO of CEPI is Dr Richard Hatchett, then all becomes abundantly clear.

Hatchett is as hatchet does.

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If we can save just one life, no matter how many lives it costs. Because all lives are precious, except for the ones that don’t stand on the blue painted footprints at the store...

Be sure and get your vaccines, they are real life savers. As a reward, we will ensure the uninterrupted flow of chemically enhanced pseudo food products and toxic to everything but human pesticidesanitationseasonings that come in a simple little jar made with all the plastic we saved from the straw manufacturers.

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If you're into snark, you might really enjoy my almost-daily memes:


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