All paid for by the gates foundation, gavi, the UN and an uninformed, un-consulted, trusting world wide, immense group of endangered taxpayers.

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REPLY: The constitution of the United States of America already state's the process by which agreements and treaties (treaties are agreements) are to be effected. By public debate in house and senate and passage by 2/3 majority vote.

Thus no edict by the WHO can impose any conditions on the US unless our congress votes it in. I for one will ignore the WHO as they have no jurisdiction over me. I did not elect them, etc.

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I have passed this WHO treaty everywhere....and no one cares...no one responds...I don't know what they think is going to happen...probably nothing in their minds..It scares me to death.. and I guess it is still locked in subcommittee untll the date runs out.

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They are attempting to bypass our Constitution. Under Admendments 4,14 and 15, we have the right to privacy, the right to self determination and sovereignty over our own bodies. They can stick their Pandemic Treaty where the sun don't shine. It's the attempted back door entrance to dominance over the world in all aspects of human life.

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THE WHO wants to be your HOA, your Health Ownership Association by proclamation and default. But underneath it all, it seems apparent that it has designs to be your EVERYTHING, like god on earth. It's a gaslighting attempt with a nasty twist plot by psychopaths and sociopaths. Human life is an afterthought, but power is everything.

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And yet news outlets all over the world are STILL calling anyone who publishes or talks about this FACT a ‘conspiracy theorist’ a ‘paranoid mentally ill psychopath’ or ‘scare mongering’. It’s time people were given the truth of exactly WHAT has been done to everyone on the planet for over 40 years.... Everyone, even the rich and power razed have this nano tech inside their bodies...it has been infiltrating every single aspect of human existence for decades and is unavoidable. Once it proliferates in the body it takes over every single mechanism, every single cell, every single bodily function, every brain reaction, every muscle reaction, every blood cell, every millimetre of our bodies is lit up like a beacon and we are connected to the ‘grid system’ via vast cyber intelligence computer systems. We can then be targeted , controlled, experimented upon, watched, tortured, terrorised, tormented, shaped, bullied, you name it they can do it. This nano tech has been developed for many different uses. The military have been involved with this science for 70 years. The US and UK were the ones who took this technology forwards after the Second World War... they took the 116 scientists that Hitler had working on all of this and put them to work. The UK signed a deal with the NSA 70 years ago... all our military bases here in the UK have been used to further this experimentation program, as have the US bases. All world governments are fully aware and fully involved in this program and always have been. Every war that occurs has a completely different reason for being, other that that which we have been told. Climate change is due to frequency abuse...’The Grid’. We are all connected to it via the nano tech inside our bodies. Every single living thing is infected with this nano tech. It ONLY causes problems when it overruns our systems, or if we are purposely targeted through the grid system... This grid system runs from HAARP and then through every single tower that has been erected world wide. Every town and city has these towers... A huge pole like structure going far up into the sky is always at the centre of a vast network of smaller towers that are filled to the brim with aerials... MILITARY, not mobile phone and television reception as we have been told..... some are indeed for their reception, but not many and they are separated on these towers from the military tech that is affecting every living thing in its path. The towers are all triangulated and never less that a hundred metres or so apart. Primary schools and colleges here in the UK are a favourite positioning place for them, as are housing estates. Everyone living within those triangulated areas is being terrorised, tortured, manipulated, mangled, spied on, controlled, physically and mentally affected and abused, often even sexually abused, controlled, manipulated. And worst of all is that most people have absolutely no idea any of this is happening to them! That’s the beauty of this technology.... Every single building with an electrical supply is connected to this grid system and your homes are spying on you through your own bodies! I have spent 4 years researching all of this after discovering police involvement. I have had these facts confirmed by police, ex military, professors, ex GCHQ IT specialist etc. I have hard evidence, recorded evidence, witnesses, voice recordings, photographs. Everything ended to bring a court case. BUT as a single entity it is impossible to get through the obstructive walls of power. All internet communications are now controlled by military sub-servers everywhere. Anyone publishing ‘truth’ is censored and their information sharing capability is monitored, modified, and manipulated to prevent mass awareness. We all think we are publishing freely... we are NOT. Our posts are controlled. We only see what they want us to see and the amount of viewers for any posts that inform people of the truth and of those involved, and especially anything to do with how to stop this stuff working, are limited. Unless we all share these posts, ‘follow’ each other and ‘subscribe’ to everyone that is posting about these facts, we will always only see a small fraction of what is available. People are being controlled at every level. Not just the infrastructure of our bodies... but the entire infrastructure of human existence is now being controlled by sociopathic specially trained operatives who spend their lives, in 3 shifts per day, watching and controlling every aspect of our lives on massive computer screens, in rooms full of like minded idiots who are so brainwashed and damaged by their training that they can’t see what they have become. They and their children, friends and families are spared from this nightmare only as long as they comply. Other civilians are employed in every single town and neighbourhood to help the cause. An entire internet business has grown up through this nano tech..... porn sites and peadophilia sites and torture sites have been created for victims to be broadcast live from their homes 24/7. I can prove everything I have stated here and will be publishing short Substack pieces to explain all the different elements involved over the coming weeks. As an intelligent, strong minded and independent free thinker I feel it is my duty to share what I know to be FACT. There are others who have been publishing on other outlets for as long as 15 years and STILL only reach a very small number of readers/viewers, and their information could have stopped so much misery had it not been monitored and controlled from mass sharing. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO FREE OURSELVES AND EDUCATE PEOPLE. WE MUST SHARE OUR INFORMATION AND CONNECT TO OTHERS... EVERYONE...IT DOESNT MATTER IF THEY ARE PUBLISHING, OR IF IT IS THE SAME AS OUR INFO AND POSTS.... IF WE DONT CONNECT OUR ACCOUNTS WE DONT ALL SEE THE RELEVENT INFORMATION. IT IS BEING BLOCKED AND CENSORED AT SOUTCE BY MILITARY SERVERS. I have proof of this... lots of it! ‘Follow’ ‘Subscribe’ like, share........ if we ‘connect’ our accounts we get everything that is being posted. Surely having to dump loads of unconnected crap from our inboxes is worth our eventual freedom from this tyranny and torture? For every ten posts that aren’t relevent to this particular subject, there is one piece that changes the game completely..... I am 57 years old. A grandmother. I am now doing a BA hons degree in film and television at university here in the UK to ensure my findings can be broadcast.... I want my grandchildren and my daughter to be free, happy, healthy and not virtually sexually molested in their homes 24/7 by sick, degenerate sociopaths who get their kicks from using all this technology...... Don’t you want the same for Your families?

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James please help us in a small Pacific Island nation Samoa tge WHO contingent us here to do evaluations on the IHR 2005 amendments we don't have the numbers here to make enough noise but we have given our Ministry of Health nearly everything you and ourselves have sent and learnt and downloaded and researched for the last 2 plus years going back till before the covid jab rollout we haven't gotten anywhere these idiots, they are avoiding us like the plague.

Please help if you can.


They start with the desperate small island states first for sure and probably have bags of money too.

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United nations won’t stop until they have control of the whole world. It’s the unholy trinity of the antichrist Satan and the false prophet.

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Very happy (in fact, desperately want) to share this but I don’t want an image with “BULLSHIT” written all over it on my timeline/feed…! Isn't there another ‘share’ image that can be used???

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Hi, James. Just one question: I'm now in the middle of the translation process of your CHD video published on October 9th, to then send it to all my contacts.

In which sense does today's news change what was exposed in that video? I hadn't read ir yet (is very extensive), but I sense that the video focused mostly on Solomon & Co.'s lies and legulety, while your post today is about content and procedures....

Please answer me before I finish the translation.


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people of the uk be aware theres a petition on the uk parliament petition page its also on censor book...end the uks membership of the world health organisation it currently has over 38000 signatures it needs a minimum of 100000 signatures...besure to sign it and reshare it widely all over the uk with as many like minded people and groups as you possibly can and be sure to ask each one of them to do exactly the same be very wary when resharing it on censor book as they very clearly are trying hard to suppress it however there are other alternative outlets..twitter/gab/telegram/e mails/ etc etc etc

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Not engaging in any of this junk. I propose that WHO and teddy be taken behind the woodshed and pulverized. There can be no compromise or negotiation...ever.

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Negotiation my ass! No one elected them.

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(A Share from 2022).






(He's fantastic ! Just ask the two tremendums behind him).


"[This Is], Medical Martial Law."

~ The, Max Igan.

"[The whole thing], Is Theatre."


("A little more animation, a little more smiling." ~ Cafe Ad Director).

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I love the simplicity and brevity of Dr. Meryl Nass’ compilation of what is being proposed. And yes it’s all BS.

Please read. 1 minute read that says it all. Not too many details to get distracted or bored.


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Stupid who. I wish they disappear.

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