Many Australians died and many have been injured or immune compromised for life from a questionable mRNA “vaccine” that NEVER should have been mandated. The only pandemic was the urgency by which the WHO and our government treated its citizens to get jabbed. We have sovereignty rights over our own body and the Australian government and the WHO corporation have no rights to make decisions over each person’s body autonomy.

The Australian Parliament needs to hold an inquiry into the International Health Regulations. Given the dire consequences to these WHO amendments it would be prudent of our government to ditch the WHO all together and make our own rules & regulations with the cooperation of the people of Australia.

The public is entirely misled about illnesses, prescription drugs, stressful lifestyles and malnutrition, just like in the past.

Almost 70% of all diseases & conditions are a direct result of unhealthy foods. Genetically enhanced products are also in our diets which is a serious threat to our health.

The media also plays a big part in this, forking out millions of $ for advertising junk foods, day in and day out.


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"Whose 'we'?"

– Lt.-Cmdr Geordi LaForge

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Belgium (Flanders and Wallonië HAS already research and production facilities (AI, everything SMART, Pharma, bioweapons, all of it).

In fact our economy is already dependent on it. (For now, that is...)

I mean, what was Bill Gates doing here in the gut (sewerage) of Brussels a few months ago?

And that is represented here as frivolous news?

It is too late for Europe. Top politicians are fishing for jobs in the EU because they are jumping ship.

The WEF has laid its eggs. We are infested. The reasons why the US will probably be able to counter all this is because of your fight-spirit! (For example YOU). And you are a BIG country. We are miserably small…

Europe is lost!

I stand by Rob Roos and Christine Anderson though!

But we are contemplating to leave.

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Thank you James for your outstanding work. This is fantastic information 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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I understand the far reaching undermining of our health autonomy and countries’ sovereignty with this so called treaty to and by unelected globalists who have little to zero experience or background in human health sciences but how do we use this to stop this fascist insanity?

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Dear James,

this is all based on a lie, manipulation and fraud and is therefore illegal from the outset anyway - nobody should forget that!!!

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Very important video that, among other things, deals with the strawman (legal fiction, person vs. human being) in connection with the private WHO contracts.

015_WHO & andere Verträge - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5wLG9k9Jfg

(use auto-translate option if necessary)


See also "Contagion" - Movie about Coronavirus taken in 2011 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5V-UrQHwSg

This movie is based on another fiction: the virus.

PS: James, ~38:20: NEIN

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I find the corporations that are going along with this communistic state they forget Killer Putin famous for his poisonings . Wait till they rob your corporate selves do you really believe you'll be exempt.. NO one is exempt even from the highest to lowest. They like all despots will rule with an iron fist using the deep state black shirted military to rule us all. Commie Despots always court the military for when their decrees go wrong the despots need protection . They already flee in their underground cities and fancy yachts so we cannibalize each otheŕ and they come back to an empty land of humans burnt to the ground. . This will be is our fate? Terminator is already here.


Barbara Guillette

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I don't care what the WHO revises in the the Nuremberg Code, it states you cannot change one word of the code written expressly this reason for creatures like you. You are a nazi communistic organization illegal under the Code and the US constitution why would anyone in the US pay you mind?Or obey your dribble. Except those traitors to the oath they took to destroying our sovereignty. Traitors and lyers like John Kerry, Joe Biden, Seth Moulton ,Pompano, Wray,. Trudeau and many many others using fake climate change for their totalitarian takeover. Traitors shall be hanged remember that from the highest to the lowest. No exceptions this must be stamped out to ensure our constitution and freedoms are ensured .

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Article 3 in my view amounts to a very manipulative redefinition (even restriction) of fundamental rights. Besides subtle exclusions such as the right to physical autonomy, freedom of choice and association, it does not deal with how fundamental rights are affected, altered and curtailed by the national and international interest and to what extent on what scale of danger and risk. I have not read the rest of the document but such sweeping statements made so manipulatively raises myriads of red flags ion my view. Very alarming indeed. I assume that what I downloaded is the WHO`s original document and not an edited version.

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DOMINION = https://media.gab.com/cdn-cgi/image/width=700.343955039978,quality=100,fit=scale-down/system/media_attachments/files/159/069/424/original/c3e51af50d54610d.jpg --- Globalists aiming to "peacefully" depopulate six billion people with mass euthanasia. --- UNITE WITH GOD AND LIKE MINDED PATRIOTS AND PRAY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR WINNING, OUR LORD WONT DECEIVE US + ONE NATION UNDER GOD

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On Article 1,2,3: the Transparency Clause of "accurate information and data" with the subsequent "risk assessment" is especially concerning, as the WHO, CDC/VARES, the hospitals, the clinical trials, our US and County Health Agencies, the media, the courts even, failed to demand followup records of the mRNA, Covid-19 treatments. They were negligent in this lack of case studies and reporting on several experimental products---because it would shed light of it's risk, safety, immune suppressing functions, and subsequent debilitation of several visceral and hormonal systems, therein. What kind of an experiment is this, to not monitor a follow-up, and cull data, impose changes to death reports, advertise false claims, without correction, adjust clinical data to hide age related anomalies, prohibit subsequent treatment, "vaccinate" the control group, continue to offer genome designed boosters, without knowing the effects of the first treatment, to name a few,? Their last term: Accountability, is laughable, because they omit the companies that made and profited from the products! Their only interest is the accountability of our government, agencies and businesses to comply with a no-liability industry product, en mass!

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Thank you James, I find all this so overwhelming.

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Does anyone know which countries are on track to NOT accept these amendments?

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