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Thank you for explaining this so clearly. I've seen Dr. Lee's string theory, but didn't quite grok it. Now I understand 👍

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He is correct. The only one really fighting for us.

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The AMA, and the entire medical field needs to be held responsible for the current "injection" madness. It is insane. These so-called vaccines cause brain and body damage. They contain PATENT-HIDDEN SUBSTANCES which are totally dangerous. Why didn't the Medical Field do its own research and not depend on the researh of a profit making vaccine industry? Our own government is to blame, too. It permits research to be done by those who are selling products. is this called pure unbiased SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH? There is NO Science related to the use of these toxic injections.

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James this is amazing work - thank you for bringing it to us. This has the potential to totally blow out the ocean of lies we are under. I so want to start a new replacement. We need to be working on it now - I am already and want to collaborate. We are strong when we work together. I'd like to see REAL science win the day. Kudos to Dr Joe Lee, what a hero for coming out and going against the tide. It's obvious when people don't want to talk, it is a huge red flag. And to Dr Lee for having the tenacity to stick with it. I send him intentions of safety that he is protected.

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Wow! Good article even with a college level of bio, human and social never as much as seen the word. Makes sense understanding 'precipitation'. Thank you James for that bit of the puzzle since these plonkers will probably say something like ... oh the reason why your blood is coagulating is because of 'human caused climate change?!

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Sounds VERY likely and makes a LOT of sense as a plausible explanation for the spike protein 'clot' formations as well as other problems being exhibited.

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Take a break on this February 14 celebration of Love. This song feels so right for our times. Here is to humanity, to Earth and its other life forms.

Watch, listen, and share. With on-screen lyrics


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Not to mention that when the immune system attacks the spikes sticking out of the epithelium and destroys those cells, weakness in the vessel wall occurs and Voila! we get aneurysms and aortic dissections. Holes get blown in blood vessel walls all throughout the body. Blindness and other things, like holes in intestinal walls occur. I’ve been hearing a lot of infants being born with hernias and holes in their hearts. Just natural, I guess.

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Let's NOT forget that Mike Adams (Natural News) has run lab tests to discern the composition of the strands EXCLUSIVE: Shocking microscopy photos of blood clots extracted from those who “suddenly died” – crystalline structures, nanowires, chalky particles and fibrous structures

06/12/2022 on structures obtained via Dr. Jane Ruby's interaction with Embalmer Richard Hirschman.

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Full credit to UK FD JO'L who is still sticking his head very near the chopping block (they tried to kill him before) and still trawling their hatred to raise awareness and pushing back for everybody's benefit in this death cult of debt slavery in the hope of something better

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There is absolutely NO science backing the use of vaccines. Their use has been dictated by those who desire commercial benefits above all else. The human body was designed with five layers of skin in order to protect the bloodstream from contamination. It goes against nature to use a needle to inject extraneous material into the bloodstream. Our Immune System was designed to keep the bloodstrem free of impurities. It is composed of Lymph Glands located around the body, which produce massive quantities of white corpuscles, when any harmful element is detected. These corpuscles seek and destroy bacteria or even food particles, which could be harmful. Injecting any type of foreign protein into the immune system would automatically cause the Immune System to send millions of these little fighters to wipe out anything derimental to the body. No way in H#@% would vaccines enhance natural immunity as they would overwork and break down the natural immune system.

The vaccine manufacturers, Big Pharma and all connected to these rotten vaccines ...may they pay dearly for their ignorance and their greed. The Science of Money controls their thinking...there is no real science connected to the use of vaccines.

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In reading down through the comments, I agree with the green_dog comments on size, micron vs nano. It is critical to get such details correct to ensure credibility. Robin Williams nano-nano. I also note Faith's comment about some analysis showing the fibers as amyloid. Looking at the Wikipedia pictures of representations of the amyloid sheets and fibrillar, these come close to my theory of poly-plastic strands (see how nylon and rayon and such are made/pulled). To have such large products in the blood stream is not normal, even for very sick people way before the Great Isolation. Some will say it is "just a coincidence" and not related. But it is clear that the Dec 2020 period is a clear demarcation point between not seeing such morphology and it suddenly appearing in notable fashion upon examination of the dead and some of the living. Not normal general means man-made in most cases.

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Well written. Question: Since you show the tube with the fiber found in veins & clots, have you or anyone else subjected the fibers to electron microscope and inferred spectroscopy to identify the elements and compounds that make up these fibers? I have not seen such results reported or disseminated. That would be a very strong piece of evidence. Many show the fibers, but no analysis of their composition and makeup. Or is your research a report of such findings. If so, that is not clear in the essay.

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Brilliant article and points, thank you. This has really helped me gain clarity on what's going on...

...the points I really want to cover at the same time but are often missing:

*Subsequent suggestions for how to determine extent/location of damage in patients

& even more importantly

*Suggested ways to treat!

I've heard heparin won't touch these clots so there needs to be some way of disabling the formation of immune complexes in early stages...although most people will already be on stage 2 where they're already causing occlusion.

What could be consumed that would get into the blood stream and break these down?

Few Drs will even admit any of this to treat it so we're back to home remedies where possible...

These are my thoughts, I'd value your suggestions.

Very best,


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James everyone has forgotten the warning from an German scientist who claimed to know more about graphite than anyone else. He was murdered for showing that long fibrous clouts will be found in people if the injections went ahead. Does any reader remember this? I can share the video if needed.

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In 2019, governments worldwide were ordered (by their controller) to unleash a coordinated global mass-murder campaign, conducted in seven brilliant steps:

1. Instruct an unelected supra-national body, the World 'Health' Organisation, to declare (March 2020) a 'pandemic' of a new 'covid' virus.

The supposed virus has never been isolated ...


2. Subject the public to a supposed covid 'test' (PCR), to create the illusion that 'covid' was spreading like wildfire. But in reality the 'test' is a fraud ...

"The RT-PCR test described in the Corman-Drosten paper contains so many molecular biological design errors (see 1-5) that it is not possible to obtain unambiguous results. It is inevitable that this test will generate a tremendous number of so-called false positives" ...


Kary Mullis invented the PCR process in 1983. He died in California, aged 74, of "complications of pneumonia", in the summer of 2019, immediately before the winter 2019/20 start of the 'pandemic' ...


3. Prescribe the following four grossly inappropriate 'treatments' for patients (mostly elderly) suffering in winter 2019/20 with respiratory difficulties, as is usual every winter due to colds and flu, but this time blamed on 'covid' (colds and flu supposedly somehow disappeared):

(i) Midazolam. This drug is "known to cause respiratory depression" (Wiki, 30th Jan 2024). So why was it given to patients already struggling to breathe? Along with morphine (below), Midazolam was used on patients in hospitals, and on those released from hospitals to 'care' homes ...


(ii) Morphine, whose "Potentially serious side effects ... include decreased respiratory effort" (Wiki, 30th Jan 2024).

(iii) Remdesivir, whose "most common adverse effects ... [in trials] ... were respiratory failure and blood biomarkers of organ impairment" (Wiki, 30th Jan 2024).

(iv) Extensive use of ventilators, which "are highly invasive and require the patient to be rendered unconscious" and "In many cases ... are being used too early and may cause more harm than good" ... The Telegraph 9th April 2020 ... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/intensive-care-doctors-question-overly-aggressive-use-ventilators/

Meanwhile the prescribing of Ivermectin, an antiviral widely considered effective against 'covid', was prohibited, and its proponents (including a few medical doctors) were subjected to an orchestrated mainstream-media campaign of ridicule.

The above four 'treatments' produced the intended death-wave of old people, terrifying much of the public.

4. Further scare the public by enforcing 'social distancing', 'lockdowns' (including educationally catastrophic closure of schools and economically disastrous closure of businesses) and wearing of masks, all of highly doubtful effectiveness.

5. Pay prestigious Imperial College (University of London) to produce a computer model supposedly showing (predicting) that self-isolation, social distancing etc. would drastically cut hospitalisations and deaths ...


Like all computer models ('garbage in, garbage out'), it based on 'stacked assumptions', so the results are just 'estimations', i.e. guesswork.

6. Use the manufactured public fear (Steps 1-5 above), combined with extreme coercion (threat of dismissal from employment; denial of travel; denial of entrance to restaurants, bars, concerts, etc.; denial of hospital visiting rights), to induce billions of healthy people (young and old) to be injected, repeatedly, with an untested experimental 'vaccine', developed in one-tenth of the usual time, whose ingredients are secret.

7. Pay for another Imperial College computer model, supposedly showing that the 'vaccines', a year after rollout (December 2020 in UK), had already saved 19 million lives globally ...


Again, 'garbage in, garbage out'. Think about it: how could it ever be proven that anyone who received the 'vaccine' would otherwise have died?! See especially the ludicrous Fig. 1A: pure fiction; guesswork.


The above 7 steps have been highly successful. Starting in 2020, clearly correlating with vaccine rollout, every heavily vaccinated nation is now (Feb 2024) experiencing 10-30% excess deaths from cardiac arrest, strokes, and turbo-cancer; plus accelerating miscarriages; plus plunging birth rates (vaccine-induced sterility?).

e.g. England ... https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/excess-mortality-in-england-and-english-regions

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