I'm a retired Australian Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, with a Science Masters degree. I lectured the Health Sciences for the last eight years of my working life in leading Alternative Medicine colleges around Australia, and I authored a 'set text' for students of Iridology. Those are my credentials, and if you would read my explanation of what "viruses" actually are, you may gain some valuable insight. Viruses, colloquially known as 'Filterable Bacteria' before the 1960s (because they were up to a thousand times smaller than Bacteria), have been given a bad rap in their role as the 'cause' of disease. The line of thought that the microbes found within diseased tissue were the cause of that disease was due to Louis Pasteur and his "Germ Theory", which was in total opposition to Antoine BeChamp's "Terrain Theory", which put forward the premise that Cellular poisoning was the primary cause of all disease. Even so, it would be Pasteur's Germ Theory that would be accepted and rigorously taught in a burgeoning Western Medical Industry because of its potential to create enormous wealth. Instead of a Health System designed for, and dedicated to, the care and good health of the People, what was concocted was a purely Capitalist system of Medicine designed specifically and foremostly for financial gain and power and control over others. Now, what are "viruses", really? Well, I'll tell you what they are not. Viruses are not a marauding species of microscopic entities roaming the planet on a breeze or a cough, infecting whatever living host it's possible to invade. Instead, viruses are microscopic packets of genetic information, more precisely known as "messenger" Ribo Nucleic Acid (mRNA), that are assembled from elements within the Cell into mobile units carrying out specific tasks. These microbes are manufactured within all biological Cells, because they're there to assist in numerous specific Cellular functions. Functions which include the maintenance of Cellular harmony (Homeostasis), and when poisoned, the breakdown, reuse and/or elimination from the body of poisonous substances, as well as elimination of the Cellular debris that occurs during Apoptosis. These are the reasons why these microbes are always found around dead or diseased tissue, but they're not there to hinder..... they're there to help. Just as flies don't create the garbage, but turn up to clean up the waste, so too viruses, bacteria, and fungal organisms do likewise within Cells. Every biological organism on Earth, both animal and vegetable, manufactures a variety of these microscopic entities because they are the clean-up guys, and without them all Biological Life on Earth would cease to exist because of a 'gumming up'. Thus, it must be well understood that viruses are indispensable to the continuation of normal Life, and as an aside, a glassful of healthy seawater is estimated to hold up to six billion viruses..... all encapsulated in innumerable microscopic sea creatures doing the same clean-up job as in terrestrial Life. Along with this knowledge of true disease causation, it's just as important to understand the greedy motivation behind choosing Pasteur's 'Germ Theory' over Bechamp's 'Terrain Theory'. The already immensely wealthy owners of the major Oil, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Industries saw an unequalled opportunity and devised the following remarkable business model. That is, make a King's ransom vaxxinating everyone from birth, and then totally clean up treating the voluminous number of diseases caused by vaxxinations throughout a patient's lifetime. Bloody

brilliant! It's a little known fact that if vaxxinations were stopped today, and Industry and environment cleaned up, in a generation diseases would be a rarity. It is my hope, and I assume the hope of all sincere Alternative Medicine Practitioners, that this information is openly disseminated into mainstream thought. Allow me to emphasise that ALL disease is caused by poisoning. Poisoning mostly via the toxic nature of Industrial chemicals in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe, but also through emotional trauma, electro-magnetic radiation, and others unknown. Poor nutrition contributes to diminishing the integrity of the Body and its defence mechanisms. This increases the likelihood of succumbing to poisoning, and consequent disease.

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Do you know of others having this same problem?

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Thank-you for the link. I am looking through that. I agree that things have been changing over the years, in regards to what youth know about how society works. Fewer people understand or care to understand basic political structures. I was born in the 70s. It is becoming apparent to me that what I learned, may not be as accurate. I started less then 10 years ago thinking things don't seem right. I am on a journey. Input is appreciated.

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More evidence that supports the truism:

“Globalists Create Global Crises to Justify Global Governance”

Surgeon General Advisory:

Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation

Federal Loneliness Advisory Sketches Blueprint For Regulating Everyone’s Private Life

Google recently reported that a record number of internet searches reflect the depths of our loneliness epidemic. More than ever, people are seeking ways “to make friends,” and looking for places where they might find friends.

That report came on the heels of Surgeon General Vivek Murthy’s special advisory on America’s loneliness epidemic. Glowing interviews and stories about Murthy’s 81-page report — titled “Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation” — have been making the rounds in podcasts, medical journals, and “news” outlets. The reporting is peppered with friendly platitudes about bringing people together and “reaching out” to loved ones.

The advisory foreshadows an unprecedented invasion of private spaces by the federal government that could completely undermine our most fundamental freedoms. If fully implemented, the project could place the federal government in de facto control of your local community and social associations of every kind. It also threatens to dictate what you can say, what values you should have, and what associations are acceptable. It seems poised to reinforce that control with surveillance.

The advisory’s strategy first calls for building a vast “infrastructure” to promote social connection among people. As I reported here at The Federalist in my analysis of the advisory’s six pillars, it’s designed to ensure federal dominance over all departments of government in all localities and all manner of associations, including service organizations, sports clubs, religious organizations, and recreational and special interest clubs. It also calls for federal involvement in local physical infrastructure so that housing, libraries, parks, transportation networks, and every place people might interact will promote the government’s instructions on how build social connection.

The project also calls for mass compliance with leftist agenda items embedded within the report. Here’s a choice quote: “government has a responsibility to use its authority to monitor and mitigate the public health harm caused by policies, products and services that drive social disconnection. … Diversity, equity, inclusion, [DEI] and accessibility are critical components of any such strategy.” This can only result in the perpetuation of social hostilities and coercion inherent in DEI policies.

The advisory also calls for “stakeholders” in all institutions — with special attention given to sectors of health care, education, and technology — to track and monitor the social connection and social disconnection of individuals. This portends bias response teams as well as government-mandated surveillance and training in all institutions regarding how people should and shouldn’t connect socially.

Finally, according to Murthy’s report, too much social connection can be dangerous because it can lead to “extremism” and “polarization” if you are connected with too many like-minded people. We therefore need to “bridge” our connections to let “outsiders” into our social circles, with government oversight to prevent the harm and violence that comes with certain kinds of (unnamed) social connections.


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Trigger People I used to be one in the past. But I was severely sick. But it's quite possible security agencies groom people to act out based on external stimulus. Then you only need to give them the opportunity. Like J6 no one was thinking Coup. The FBI 1st investigation stated J6 had no central planner. An event that got out of hand. The initial breach reported only 58 people. We now know 3/4 were law inforcement. FOIAs it was Navy Seal one Corman that stole Nancy's laptop. Police were ordered to unlock the 20,000 lb Brass doors and let them in. Then they were fired for doing so. Less than half staffing. The night shift volunteered to stay and were ordered to go home. By letting Mexican Cartels have their violence on US soil call it mass shootings. What to expect with zero Borders.

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Something I found online about the ammendments to the World Health Organization document and the pandemic preparedness treaty. It is from Redacted.

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2019/06/24 - Congress and President Trump passed Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness and Advancing Innovation Act - PL 116-22, 133 Stat. 905. Amended Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 201), further consolidating federal power in HHS Secretary’s hands during public health emergencies, further merging public health and law enforcement systems, and further subordinating state, tribal, county and municipal governments and American civilians to direct federal control.

and because DJT signed this law, this happened about 6 months later:

2020/01/27 - US Secretary of Health and Human Services Determination that a Public Health Emergency Exists. Signed Jan. 31, 2020, effective Jan. 27, 2020. Renewed every 90 days since then. Also signed a ‘declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency use of in vitro diagnostics for detection and/or diagnosis of this novel coronavirus.’ The determination and declaration were recorded in the Federal Register as taking effect Feb. 4, 2020. 85 Federal Register 7316.

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We know that WHO at the behest of it's foremost supporter gates, wants to murder billions of humans with deadly mRNA injections or by armed forces attacking you for resisting their demands. The US government fully supports WHO taking over the world. We all could be on our own with no choice but to fight using whatever we can...guns, knives or even pitchforks.

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May I simply point out that while these endless papers are perused, etc. ...."you will study our actions, judiciously, as you will, and while you do, we will act again"

It won't matter what was writ there once they ramp up the Mordor Towers. So, when do we get to business, and take down this technology? HuH?

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Legalize freedom and free speech....stop the WHO

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Don't they realize we aren't going to comply? That puts them in a Beavis and Butthead category. I won't say which is dumber, they are equal.

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unfortunately, I cannot get James update on the who on twitter. I was kicked off in 2018 and, as yet, have not been allowed back on.

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To the World Holocaust Association (W.H.O.) - NEVER AGAIN or NOT ON MY WATCH! You are a criminal cartel headed by a war criminal. What could possibly go wrong?

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The World Health Organisation is now totally corrupted by Elite money and influence which is used to 'SELL' dubious and dangerous unnecessary medicines. Bill Gates & Co is the largest contributor to the WHO and Bill says "The most lucrative investments I ever made were VACCINES". That says it all!

As Pfizer's enormous numbers of 'POST-VAX' Adverse Reactions and DEATHS records are produced 'IN-HOUSE' it is safe to assume they must vastly understated!

No LIABILITY is very suspicious, unacceptable, insane and somewhat gives the game away = They can't afford to pay for all the DEATHS BY VAX!

Big Pharma enjoy 'No LIABILITY' for their poisonous, unrealistically (in-house) QC'd crap, which seems closer to a DEPOPULATION formula than one formulated for human wellbeing! In house 'QC' and Efficacy means the licence to print money goes unchecked because those that are supposed to 'CHECK' (CDC, FDA, etc, ) receive financial support for their 'blind' cooperation.

Now that most of us know that the WHO is just a New World Order (WEF) instrument to obtain total control of our FREEDOM, the war is starting to turn in our favour. We must not get complacent or stop our NOISY protestations just because the Covid episode is 'history'.

The WHO have the next Scamdemic lined up for release as soon as they obtain their sinister Health Treaty.

Be warned, don't drop your guard! Stay vigilant and tell the sheep what's really going on!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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