NO to unelected, unaccountable, faceless bureaucrats making ANY decisions about sovereign nations. This is not democracy. I, as a sovereign human being, have not signed up to the WHO's authority, and reject it outright.

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At the moment there is a broadcast on this page where they go through a version dated 16 June 2023: https://apps.who.int/gb/inb/e/e_inb-5-resumed-session.html

There will be a next INB meeting 17.-21.07.2023...

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Hello all, there is already a new version of June 2nd 2023, see here:

Intergovernmental Negotiating Body 12-16 June 2023: https://apps.who.int/gb/inb/e/e_inb-5-resumed-session.html

CA+ date 02.06.23: https://apps.who.int/gb/inb/pdf_files/inb5/A_INB5_6-en.pdf

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You might consider warning people about the site that come up originally that can be confusing and effectively decoy the one searching for the intended sites.

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Dear PVB,



"I'll be back."

~ sayeth The Austrian Oak

"Pina coladas anyone ?"


Happy Holiday !

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James . I called my Congress people a year ago. They do know. If they didn't they would have not responded back asking for donations. The only one who didn't respond back was one half of the two Democrats in my state Senate seat.

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May 27, 2023·edited May 27, 2023

"UK politicians concerned WHO Pandemic Treaty would jeopardize British sovereignty -

Led by former Cabinet Minister Esther McVey, a group of Conservative MPs have written to Mitchell demanding a Commons vote on the drafted Pandemic Treaty and the IHR Amendments before they are approved and signed."


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Hi James, I want to pass along this info from a freedom of information request: https://twitter.com/America1stLegal/status/1661361562580287489 :Stop what you are doing & read this thread. New, chilling docs obtained from our


lawsuit against State Dept reveal a vast global architecture constructed to censor speech and manipulate populations. And we connect the dots to Gates, Zuckerberg, Omidyar and Soros."

So these people who have no standing are working w/the gov to censor speech which would hurt their organizations. Further of course the WHO is censoring American citizens. There is no one who may abrogate the rights enumerated in the First Amendment.

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What blows my mind is how so many people don’t even know about the WHO or WEF…. I was just talking with a couple friends today about this new WHO proposal and just got dear in the headlights stare… these are (supposedly) well read and educated people. It’s mind boggling.

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Absolutely must be stoped. this World Health Org. is not what America is about. This is an attempt for global control, and will be the end of Freedom.

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James - just fyi - I have tried twice tonight to post a comment on U tube, asking everyone to follow you and your substack. 1st one got removed immediately, and the 2nd (which I wrote in a way to get round the algorithms, got removed about 45 minutes later). So you must upsetting someone James 💪 It's so frustrating. I was on Ivor Cummins site and he is an Irish analyst who has also been great during these mad years. He posted a clip of MEP Rob Roos warning everyone what is going on. I have also JUST read, that here in Italy, our health minister Mr Schillaci, has already said he will sign over Italian sovereignty AND give the WHO much more money. I want to cry.😪

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This sick puppies should be removed from any role in “public service.” Scum!

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The power vested in an unelected body and its chief executive is incredible and unacceptable.

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Blue ES,

I don't know the intimate or deep history of Teddy Roosevelt.

JR has written of some of the positive things he did & achieved.

That's all I know.

I didn't realize there were PR firms back then, but since it's politics, anything is possible.

Thank You.

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May 25, 2023Liked by James Roguski

Stop this regime. Stop the treaty. Stop selling China our freedoms.

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Can't read all this right now, but...first para of the POS made me recall "Thunderstorm Asthma" insanity/attack in Melbourne. For a fact, I met a young man of 24=25 from there, one of his acquaintances died in the event, said he wasn't in great shape. Nonetheless, this young man was very intelligent, ate carefully, and the way I learned this was he happened to mention he had heart issues...at his age!!! I asked him immediately when they began, and what he told me matched up. I advised him to find docs who were in the emergency rooms that day, because the fuckers with their technology put more than ..what,..six hundred in the hospitals in one hour or so, and killed seven Not sure of the numbers, could have been more on the hospital visits. "Thunderstorm Asthma", folks will swallow any kind of turd with ketchup these days!!!Like "snowbows" and "firenado".

They did the same about four months later in Kuwait. Decade before 2020. I went through something in Spain that appeared to have been similar, and it was very strange and terrifying. That damned Mordor Tower Tech has got to come down quick or we are toast. We;re already browning.

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