I wonder if this connects to some recent-(ish) work Whitney Webb uncovered that shows Iranian intelligence being in top positions over US critical infrastructure (medical supply, dams, etc). Connecting further dots, she believes the incoming cyberattack, ushering in the requirement for a gov issued digital ID, will be blamed on Iran. She brought this up months ago, and now we see Israel goading war with Iran which, of course, would involve the US, and lay the ground for Whitney’s prediction.

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That could explain why the US is going after them now? (Besides siphoning money from citizens of countries who supply "aid" courtesy of the taxpayers)

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UK membership in the WHO seems to be unlawful. Legal action is pending. https://drtesslawrie.substack.com/p/the-peoples-lawyers-claim-that-the

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Watch this... https://t.co/5CnAbRpYTr

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Hi James.

Thanks for all your hard work.

This is the reply from my local MP here in the UK when challenged about the IHRA. All waffle but some key points to counter, I will email him back when I have the chance, I thought you’d want to see the type of responses we get here:

Thank you for writing to me regarding your concerns relating to the rejection of Amendment 59 and your concerns regarding the accountability of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Firstly, I am sure you are aware that the WHO covers the following regions: Africa, Americas, South-East Asia, Europe, Eastern Mediterranean and Western Pacific governed by the World Health Assembly (WHA) which is composed of the 194 member states. The WHO headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. The WHO Director-General is currently Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus from Ethiopia elected by the WHA and appointed on the 1st July 2017. The WHA elects and advises an executive board made up of 34 health specialists; selects the WHO's chief administrator, the director-general (every 5th year), sets goals and priorities; and approves the budget and activities. The Chair for the WHA is Dr Harsh Vardhan who is Minister of Health and Family Welfare, India. There is an 81-page document with a list of delegates online and other participants who attended the 75th WHA on the 29th May 2022 under WHO Previous meetings – Governance – Documentation of WHO for Executive Board Sessions and Health Assemblies. The point here is part of being accountable is to be transparent and these delegates are most certainly known by the very people they are representing. Delegates are elective representatives authorised to represent others and consist of Professors, Directors, Doctors, Ministers, Ambassadors, Parliamentary Officers, Leaders in Global Health Policies, Health Advisers, Chief Medical Officers and so on. They are accountable to the people they represent.

In addition to the 194 member states there are 7 agencies who have “observer status” which means they can participate in the organisations activities but restricted when it comes to voting or proposing resolutions. These agencies include: the Vatican, the Palestinian Authority, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, The South Centre organisation, and the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Secondly, I would like to draw your attention to the recent government response (17 November 2023) to the petition “End the UK’s membership of the World Health Organization”:

“The UK continues to have a strong relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO), which, as the United Nation’s specialised agency for health, and the world’s main technical and co-ordinating body in global health, has a vital role to play in supporting public health globally. The Government will not end the UK’s WHO membership.

The WHO is a Member State-led organisation and works on a wide range of technical health areas. These areas are agreed with Member States, including the UK, in advance and are based on our collective health needs and priorities; they are outlined in the WHO’s General Programme of Work (GPW) which are adopted and reviewed regularly by Member States. The current GPW runs from 2019 to 2024; the UK, amongst other Member States, is engaged in the development of the next GPW which will run from 2025 to 2029.

The WHO is the cornerstone of global health cooperation. It is through the WHO that Member States share with each other information on disease outbreaks around the world, share best practice on how to counter health threats and emergencies, and make commitments to each other to undertake activities to promote health and to avoid activities which could be detrimental to health.

The UK has long partnered with the WHO and its Member States to tackle the world’s most pressing health challenges. The UK continues to engage with the WHO, including on improving the global health system so the world better prepares and responds to future health emergencies. The UK is also an active attendee at the WHO governing body meetings including the WHO World Health Assembly and the WHO Executive Board. The World Health Assembly (WHA) is the decision-making body of the WHO; it is attended by delegations from all WHO Member States and focuses on a specific health agenda prepared by Member States on the Executive Board. The UK is a rotating member of the WHO Executive Board including most recently until May 2023, and we use these opportunities to hold WHO to account for delivering the General Programme of Work and other commitments.

The Government wants to best protect the UK population including from future pandemics. COVID-19 has demonstrated that no-one is safe until we are all safe, and that effective global cooperation is needed to better protect the UK and other countries around the world from the detrimental health, social and economic impacts of pandemics and other health threats.

The best way to protect the UK from the next pandemic is by ensuring all Member States can contain and respond to disease outbreaks through compliance with International Health Regulations (IHR). Therefore, the Government is supporting the processes of negotiating an Accord on pandemic preparedness and response and agreeing targeted amendments of the IHR as a means of strengthening preparedness for and in response to future health emergencies.

The Pandemic Accord is intended to prevent and tackle pandemic threats, whereas the IHR is a technical framework, the purpose and scope of which is to prevent, protect against, control, and provide a public health response to the international spread of disease. Both processes aim to strengthen global health coordination, cooperation, and mutual accountability to address the weaknesses seen in global health security during the COVID-19 pandemic and other recent health emergencies.

Both negotiations processes are led by Member States. No content of the Pandemic Accord or amendments to the IHR have been agreed yet. The two processes are separate but are intended to complement each other in supporting improvements to global pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response. Member States have agreed to finalise the Accord and IHR amendments to be submitted to the WHA in May 2024. The UK is an active participant in both processes, and we will continue to work with our international partners to achieve a good outcome for the UK.

The Pandemic Accord and amendments to the IHR must be adopted by Member States at the WHA for them to then come into force as a matter of international law for all Member States. The proposed amendments to the IHR, current and previous drafts of the Pandemic Accord, and relevant papers including reports from both processes are available publicly on the WHO website.

Throughout both negotiations, the UK has been and will continue to be clear that we would not agree any amendments to the IHR or sign up to an Accord that would cede sovereignty to the WHO in relation to making domestic decisions on national measures concerning public health, such as, domestic immunisation programme rollouts and other similar measures.

Any new or amended domestic legislation necessary to reflect new international obligations under the IHR or the Accord would be made through the applicable parliamentary process. In all circumstances, the sovereignty of the UK Parliament would remain unchanged.”

Thank you again for writing and if there are any further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Thank you for sharing this here. I appreciate it.

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Good news. Here in Canada Trudeau supports the treaty and wants to climate change part of,the treaty

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Jan 11Liked by James Roguski

HOPE for Today - thank you JR for your tenacity & courage in being a true TRUTH Warrior ...

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if the Ayatollahs of IRAN were as good and smart as the Iranian people it would become the blooming country, Teheran the Paris of the East, as once it was!!! So, at least this was a smart move!

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Thanks to the great leaders of Iran, for having the excellent morals to protect their own people. Some claim they have no democracy, but do we in the west really have pure democracy, rule by the people, when the media lies to the people 24/7 and politicians are corrupted bank mafia-pedophiles? Of course, we don't have democracy! Then one must ask what is the best? Corrupted oligarchy/fascism/mafia in a veil of democracy, or theocracy? It looks like the theocracy of Iran is actually better. God is the greatest! I am so proud of Iran.

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James just signed up to follow your information again so I am sorry If you have covered this. I am overwhelmed with information at times as I am very involved with a constitunal group in my county trying to save a small part of this state. I have been trying to get your information out about WHO and also adding Dr Rima's name as credits to this movement as I know you started this!!!

Thank you!!!

I have gone on Tucker's show on YouTube and said it recently with his Bret Weinstein video. Sorry, but Bret is part of this movement I don't trust. He has endlessly talked about viruses. He very much believes in lockdowns etc, etc. He has never offered solutions and even in this video with Tucker he is just crying Wolf, but No solutions unlike you!!! Del is another one I don't trust and seems to be on that same team pushing viruses and making a profit off it too. Del recently signed up with RFKJr too to help his campaign. RFKjr pushes viruses too and want safe vaccines. Dr Peter McCullough pushes the same thing too. Dr Malone is absolutely a snake and can't stand him. Wish people could see through the deceptions. I am so tired of the movement at this point. All making a profit off big pharma as much as they try to say something else. I don't see anymore freedom from what they are saying at all. They are simply just pushing a slightly different pharma agenda. Prove me wrong, many others are saying the same. They have to be called out for it. I know I will get haters as I have before when I called out Dr Naomi Wolf. Her husband is not to be trusted either. Dr Simone Gold is in that list too. People love following the hero and not doing any research about the person or what they are promoting. I am done with that after 4 years. I knew what was coming and I am done with the slow train to death with no improvement in sight as everyone just talks about the latest stupid news. Thank you for leading your way. My constitutional group.is my main focus as I can see through the nonsense so easily. Lies and lies all around us. Will keep sharing your information.

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Jan 11·edited Jan 11

Exactly this!

It’s so hard to make people see, everyone wants someone to guide and deliver them from evil.

This is going to be the longest and hardest road for those that really understand what’s going on.

People say Iran, Russia etc are rebelling, no they are not…these bad guys are playing us both ways! 😔

I don’t have any ideas at this moment in time as to how to get out of this awful mess we are in. 🙏

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No wonder there is so much antipathy towards Iran by the US and Israel. Good find James!

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Identify as #CREATORS (Conspiracy Realist Educator Activist Truther Organizer Reader Socializers) in #WeThePeople’s nonpartisan & nonviolent #RevolutionOfAwareness for #FreeingTruthAndReconciliation (ref. Bollyn.com, John 8:32 & #NelsonMandela, respectively), por favor.

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They are children of Satan as well, but they are not stupid. It’s mostly the ayatollah’s need to be removed, seem like all the governments of the world have satanic leader ship.

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Thé axis of evil strikes back at the Empire of lies.

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