I am in UK. Have seen the injuries/deaths in vaccinated people growing bigger. Have email/written to my MP about not withdrawing from the WHO Pandemic often, I get no response or wordy gov scripts. They don't listen. They are working for the elite not the People but I will fight to the end

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I want OUT of anything pertaining to the WHO, United Nations, etc.

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James I wrote to my senator and congressman I want to get the word out. Your doing a hard working job this is dangerous to all of us.

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60 years I've watched the same family of nepotists serve themselves. Lying through the side of their mouth to each other, for each other, with each other all day long. Peeing on their own shoes and blaming it on 'Terrorists' The only Terror-formers I see is the World Hellth Organ Eyes Nation, Center where Disease is Controlled at their behest, go to the doctor he'll get you on the comeback. Here I thought we got rid of the Drug dealers on the corners. Turns out we built them a Brick building with a drive thru and pretty girls inside to wait on you. Also never forget the chuckle heads from Jeckel Island kids. Get out the tall boots the S%^t is gonna get deep. Much Love Y'all Way! @'Ur6

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WHAT you can do to stop the WHO NWO VAX Pass et française

#WHO #NWO #Genocide #Canada #CallToAction

1) Understand the premise, listen to the video https://www.bitchute.com/video/8IAECIIPy0nH/

2) Call to action, go to https://preventgenocide2030.org/canada

3) Under Tale Action select your country

4) Sign the four petitions, this goes to 428 leadership recipients

5 Keep a copy of your sent letter

6) Send this to everyone you know to do the same

7) Post this on your social media platforms

Please confirm upon receipt

I a man, one of we the people

We must to ACT NOW to convince Parliament to stop this attempted coup of Canada by the World Health Organization and its parent organization, the United Nations (UN).

*Take the Action to send this email to MPs and Senators

*Send this link to everyone you know


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I cannot seem to send a message to you on your phone number?

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Your email is not working

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There is a British Constitution; the first act will & mar 1688, the bill of rights 1688, act of union with Scotland 1707 and other constitutional statutes - that are current. Peacekeepers.org.uk

In 2001 25 Barons invoked Article 61 of the Magna Carta.

There is also case law.

Case Law on Consent: “There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowman without his consent” – CRUDEN v. NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 S.E. 70

Case law limiting the power of the executive: Entick v Carrington (1765) 19 St Tr 1030; Entick v Carrington1 is a seminal case in English constitutional law. Although superficially concerning trespass, the decision in this case was also to have profound constitutional implications for common law jurisdictions across the globe. It established the principle that prerogative powers of the monarch and government are subordinate to the law of the land. It guarantees that government officials acting in an executive capacity “cannot exercise public power unless such exercise of it is authorised by some specific rule of law”.2 Government officials cannot enter private premises without legal authority.

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You people who read this are in a digital ECHO CHAMBER and do not even realise it. Nobody (especially the politicians) can hear your message outside of this chamber. The chamber, in which you are engaged digitally, is under the Jurisdiction of Admiralty Law, which does not apply to 'living' beings'. You are engaged with a machine. Change requires direct communication with Living Beings in order to become effective. Universal Law.

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James - well done, sir. Thank you for supporting Neil's message. I will be highlighting your article on www.commonlawconstitution.org as it underscores the importance of highlighting the constitutional sovereignty of the people. All the best,

William Keyte, England


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The link (green box) to sign the petition leads to ‘this petition does not exist’

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James, I thank you from tje bottom of my heart for this thoroughly professional and thorough reply to Neil.

I contacted Neil last week bevause, expert as he is, je appears to know very little about the Saxe Coburg Gotha dynasty and their satanism. I have researched them thoroughly ) I am both a history graduate and researcher ) . Their complete ties to the Zionists of the City of London, Freemasons and Elizabeth ( queen ) wad initiated into the druids - O have videos. Tjey sacrifice children to their 'god' and most are paedophiles.

The queen and Philip eere found guilty , in Canada 1964/5 of 10 child killings, and Charles wss accused but died suddenly ( arsenic poisoning ) the day before testimony. There are many, many more bodies.... the 'deletes' are involved too : parliament, judiciary, police etc.

Charles, now king, is the real force behind the WEF; WHO etc .

He hid behind a screen to take the coronation oath ( probably 2 ) and he has already started implementing draconian laws.

Diana knew about the family and it is common belief that she was murdered .

Apologies for the length but a) I am alone - with a vax injured husband, in an EU country ) and as I would not take one could not travel - no one here is 'awake' - and I am doing what I can to help and try

and stay sane !!

God Bless.


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I found the response of the UK government incomprehensible, hard to get my head around. I think we need a peaceful public uprising and to strengthen the horizontal bonds between us to that end.

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We are led to believe in Australia that we have a democratic system and that citizens can be represented or "have a voice " in parliament or local government via PETITIONS that comply with standing orders. This is nonsense. What we usually see are bureaucratic, frustrating responses with no evidence of thorough inquiry into the issues raised by petitioners. This is normal practice. It is particularly so in cases that impact on State or Federal policy, trade and industry influence.

I am sad to say that too many politicians are tied to party politics and fail to do their own research in order to represent petitioners. Petitions Committees and "Independent Reviewers" are usually not independent. Furthermore,"compliant petitions" must include the words:

"We the undersigned....." In Australia, however , legal WILLS must be in the singular ( "I, .....the undersigned..." ) There may be a need to examine closely why it is so easy for petitions to be dismissed and "finalised" without due diligence.

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