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Many thanks to all who are participating in this civic exercise.

NOTE: The official information portal for the World Health Organization is not working properly. Please send your information requests to the WHO via this email address:


The January 27 deadline applies to the WHO. THEY have to submit a final package of targeted amendments by that date. They are quite unlikely to do so. It makes sense to wait until THEIR deadline passes (Sunday, January 28) to then request the information that they were supposed to have submitted.

Since we are asking for something that every government on earth is SUPPOSED to have received, but probably did not, a response from the Canadian government that "they have no such requested document" will actually be evidence that the WHO failed to abide by their own rules.

We are all likely to receive non-answers to the first three requests. They most likely do not have the information requested which, in and of itself, will be incriminating.

We are also likely to be told that the 4th and 5th requests are extensive and that they would like us to adjust our request. Each person is obviously free to respond to such replies however they wish.

We may receive a treasure trove of super boring documents that may have little gems of information buried amongst all the bureaucratic legalese.

Thanks again to everyone worldwide who is participating.

UPDATE: I submitted 7 requests today. One request to the WHO and 3 to the Department of Health and Human Services and 3 to the State Department.

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Is there a Petition to be signed, State, County, City???

Thank you sir


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More blessings to you n yours James.

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Not true - don’t post fake titles to marketing gimmicks

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Is there a Petition to be signed, in our local State, county,city ??

Thank you Mr Roguski


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I have submitted a request to the government in the Republic of Ireland and am awaiting a reply. I have also submitted a request to the WHO using the Information Request address.

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Has anyone been able to create an account for HHS to do the FOIA request? I can’t get passed the part of creating a password as it keeps telling me to make sure I “copied the link correctly” after I choose my password.

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Thank you James, I appreciate your writing and documenting so fully. I also see that several people find it easy, so I have no doubt that my senior ADD brain is alone not able to cope. I would appreciate a stripped down version, perhaps as a follow-up to this post, with step by step directions to follow: one link, one message to copy at a time. Here's another thought: hold a webinar and walk people through it step by step as they fill out the applications. It would be time consuming for you but you would garner dozens more applications than with people strugglling on their own to fill things out.

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Pleased to say I found that someone has already submitted an FOI request in the UK to obtain information regarding the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations.


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Yes!! It works!!

In israel we serve and we got important proof - thay dont know!!

It's a porfect solution after you got the proof that they dont know to ask for the committee or the parliament a open discussion and its work amizing white the media that ask questions

thank you James for sharing this important information 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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CANADA Freedom of Information Requests REQUIRES CREDIT CARD


James gave links to access the fundamental information regarding submitting requests for information from the government. In Canada the government states:

📍What you will need for an access to information request📍

Access to a valid email account;

Electronic copies of any documents you wish to attach to your request (accepted formats are DOC, DOCX, PDF, TIFF, JPG, or PNG);

Credit card information to pay the $5 application fee (VISA, MasterCard or American Express are accepted. 🚩Payments cannot be made through debit or prepaid credit cards).

📌 I personally will not be able to pay the fee as I have no credit card. Also, in the Covid 19 madness I went off-grid, so I am limited in some ways but effective in other ways. So, that leaves me with being able to make a request with the WHO only.

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Thanks for the info, and thanks for submitting the request to the WHO.

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Tried again with a different browser but same issue. Is there anyone else getting this “glitch” from the WHO?

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Ok, I was unaware that you had added a pinned comment with an email address to contact them since the original link had issues. Done.

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They are not letting me make the request. Tried 3 times. I keep getting this message:

“Could not connect to the reCAPTCHA service. Please check your internet connection and reload to get a reCAPTCHA challenge.

No reCAPTCHA challenge ever shows up. The old GLITCH EXCUSE I suppose.

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Thank You James - You make it so easy! I found what I believe are the Canadian Equivalents and their individual ministers. e.g. Health Canada - Health Portfolio (listing several agencies AND (ATIP) Access to Information and Privacy Act https://atip-aiprp.apps.gc.ca/atip/welcome.do This agency will be down for maintenance (Jan. 29 - Jan. 30). Global Affairs Canada -- Presently have changed some wording from U.S. to Canada in draft emails. NOT yet sent :-)

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I just had an idea, I think in my FOIA I'm going to ask them to provide the documents providing their processes and how they are protecting the public in our food and water supplies

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I'm think I'm going to add that I'd like to see where they are deriving their authority from and when it was that they were given dominion over the natural, sovereignty of Men.

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So i have until tomorrow to submit a FOIA correct?

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Here is free advertising 🙂 against the elite’s mainstream media propaganda.

📍Facing The Road Ahead With Courage and Resilience📍

I have been preparing for the degenerate times we live in for roughly 30 years. For me it started with prophecies from all over the world and then I branched out to other areas of analysis.

Prophecies can be tricky and one needs to understand that not all things can be said, even if known. At least, one of these prophets has turned out to be quite accurate by the way.

Though none of the prophecies I was aware of back then would tell about oligarchs using technology in order to achieve the untold number of prophecied calamities under the climate change label, such as pandemics, forest fires, floods, landslides, new diseases, etc… Not knowing when things would kick into high gears was an excellent way of cultivating patience. It was also very difficult to live with, one day at a time.

It no longer is… as things have kicked into high gear.

Humanity and its sentient beings, along with our unconditional and ever providing Mother Earth are under multi-array attacks — yes, that is array of arrays. All under the leadership of cowards of the highest grade, their agents, and collaborators.

However, there are untold numbers of human beings who have received training from their life’s experiences alone in order to deal with them for the times we find ourselves in.

Deception and self-centeredness will be tremendous among unrelenting battles of all kinds and will last many years. One will have to guard against becoming overconfident when a battle is won.

The rule is: Retain a healthy skepticism of battles won. Always factor in the possibility of this being a strategy from the opposition to deceive you. Focus, never let your guard down, squint more, and work harder.

In the end, we will gain ascendancy and dominion.

W E📌W I L L📌P R E V A I L📌

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