The mRNA that occurs naturally in the cell, but the backbone of mRNA is Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, and Uracil. The backbone of the Vaccine mRNA is made without Uracil, but uses pseudo-Uracil. Natural mRNA is communications between the nucleus and the cytoplasm and the half-life is usually less than a day. The earlier mRNAs are destroyed to make the system sensitive to changes in the cell. The pseudo-Uracil stops the cleanup and the vaccine mRNA has been found in the body 180 days after the vaccine. The template may be eternal and continues to make the spike protein probably much longer than 180 days. Which spike proteins are being created by the mRNA? The original Wuhan, Variant 4 and Variant 5. All three strains are obsolete and have impacted the immune systems of the people who got those injections,, Where will your immune system find these spike proteins? Your body has been trained to make the spike protein without an off switch. That is called auto-immune disease and the vaccinated are now with compromised immune systems and become generators of the variants. There are protocols to address these situations, but they can be extreme. See the protocols at www.flccc.net. Good people who have saved millions.

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A pasted copy of a corrupt science, who checked in person?

What matters is that people think before they take the advice given as truthful. Judging good people is not so easy, the net is swarming with benevolent pseudos.

There can be good and bad, let’s remain vigilant.

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I was a biologist who worked in a genetics laboratory. Why would the vaccines replace uracil with pseudo-uracil except to foil the cleanup and deactivation of the mRNA? If the templates were found 180 days after vaccination, and they did not check beyond that point. Why not? There seems to be no off switch for this template. It may well be eternal.

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I don’t believe this thesis at all, but no matter, all these theories snowball, a lot of research is based on other published later, without having observed in person such or such other mechanism etc.

The multiple patents read, have not convinced me, on the contrary, they inspire mistrust, all this is well orchestrated, too well, in my opinion, and all the better, it allows to ask relevant questions. Working in a laboratory does not mean having at your disposal all the instruments necessary for a complete verification of advanced theories. The only thing I can say is not to take all this as established facts, but to leave open the unverifiable assertions in person, nowadays distrust science, history etc. is not paranoia, but simply common sense.

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Regarding the interview with Debbie from Uk column interview, I do not share the interpretation or the proposed direction that it is only a matter of money.

This interview did not bring anything new, it seems to me, and still insists on money as a driver of action.

I find this quite incorrect, it is not the role of anyone to direct people in a particular direction, fortunately, but for what purpose, James says again, do not believe what I say, read the documents.

And that is what we should do, read them objectively, without interpreting what we cannot certify at the moment. The RSI is not complicated, and can be read in several stages, it is not about spreading fear, it is the motor of globalists, but ignoring the danger that these authorities and their plan, would be a serious mistake. Let’s focus on the documents, read them carefully and this should be enough for a good understanding.

In previous articles, some comments have also emphasized the direction given, so I am not the only one to have pointed this out.

At the stage where we are and the recent past of multiple injuries and deaths, we should not trust anyone, without however going so far as to judge or other, with exception. We are responsible if we let ourselves be directed in this or that direction, that is what our politicians, economists, science etc. have done so far, and have led us to the present situation.

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Mia, you stated: "The RSI is not complicated," - What is RSI?

If you do not share my interpretation, what is your interpretation of the amendments to the IHR?

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James, Following my unsubscription, replie have not reached me, so I respond late, following my subscription.

I mean, we just have to read it, wonder what will happen to what’s in it, decide if we accept that this type of documents can speak on our behalf, if not, because we’ve had an experience with covidcircus, we can decide to dismantle this intance which does not have to give guidelines or other to us citizens, this by interméfiaire of the states.

I have no personal interpretation of the IHR, I just see what I mentioned earlier, that the WHO speaks on our behalf.

I look at what is happening and I have seen what happened during the covid and the consequences on our lives. Following this, I decide that no one has to give me orders concerning my health, my choices of care, my freedom (certainly limited, not the right to harm...) etc. So I cannot argue about the RSI that they will directly impact our lives, but I can ask myself the question, and from taking a decision, because the future could well confirm that restrictions will take place for travelers etc. Masked obligations, as it is produced following the decision not vaccinated no work etc.

It is not fear that should guide us, but common sense, when we read guidelines about our lives.

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I emailed all 3 of my Senators and called Scott and Mast as their phone #'s popped up. Rubio's doesn't. Just letting you know. Shockingly, both Scott's and Mast's office had phone's answered!

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Just contacted CO Hickenloopers office. It must be abolished ASAP!

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You and your community can issue a Proclamation of Independence from the WHO and the UN. You just better have the Power to back it up.


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we dont negociate with terrorists WHO HELL NO....the treaty is not dead in the water in fact itll be back sooner than you think.....theres a petition at citizengo.org..your last chance to stop the uns pandemic treaty-the 3 million petition.its a worldwide petition it can be signed and reshared widely worldwide from any country in the world..it currently has over 2,507000 signatures

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#ExitThe WHO

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Bullseye in a nutshell James - basics everyone can easily understand!

Some politicians are on board the WHO train regardless, for whatever reasons.

Some may be compromised or corrupted, but many still appear to think the WHO is the champion of world health and are actually ignorant of the real agenda.

Most politicians tend to trust "those responsible" in their own areas, and are reluctant to question them too much, for obvious reasons.

Ignorance and group think, are potentially deadly drugs of addiction, in and out of politics.

Waking politicians up to the real agenda, is a real challenge when most people are not awake.

However, politicians are all vulnerable to voter power to some extent.

We can continue to inform politicians that we know exactly what is going on, even if they do not!

If politicians do not respond positively or change their position initially, they will still think about our input and personal and political interests may be activated.

All informed people are appalled by the blatant lack of accountability of the WHO power players.

This attitude is reflected in our own politicians!

We must make "our representatives" accountable, to exit and disable the WHO.

As James says, the US is clearly the engine driving the WHO train.

Nations coupled to the US, may stay onboard, until they realise exactly where the train is headed.

Other nations are already questioning the WHO's real agenda and goals.

Nations leaving will dis-empower the WHO.

The US engine will still have to be disabled eventually though.

Supporting good US congress-people and senators will help to this end.

Putting all the rest on notice will also help.

We can all make a valuable contribution, regardless of our abilities or resources.

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I want Canada to exit the W.H.O. too!

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Please dear god give us Donald trump for our president in 2024. He will defund the who and pull us out.

However, if Gavin Newsom takes old Joe’s place. This will be the end of the USA.

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Yes, and the sooner the better, they (WHO, UN) are extremely dangerous, what they are planning is terrible. Let’s focus on the documents.

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Don’t be distracted with the WHO! The WHO is just a maggot feasting on the shitpile UN. Bury the shit and the maggots will starve. Bury the UN.

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Thanks for that, I feel a little better now

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Support for the WHO is fake. It is an illusion. The internet is mostly fake find out how:


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James, I viewed your interview recently alleging the WHO “thinks vaccines are helping and that they don’t seem to understand”??? While I understand how you are giving them the benefit of the doubt-- It is naive at best to believe this.

Readers MUST know that The Who is an Appendage (reporting unit) to the UN-- seeking totalitarian control and The Great Reset... along with their affiliate WEF. Know Thine Enemy!!! Only Klauss Schwab (and soon to be successor as he is stepping down, allegedly ) reports to ONE PERSON -- KING CHARLES , who is at the top of the Globalist Cabal Heirarchy !!! People. Please wake up 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. King Charles, a Rothschild aka Bauer, aka Jesuit, aka Pro- Great Reset and author of WEF’s agenda --- and “Monarch” of the USA, Canada -- unbeknownst to We the People. Charles owns / Controls the Federal Reserve. The evil London based banksters are to blame. They will stop at nothing

However, the Book of revelation: God Wins. May we one day hear, he/she fought the good fight

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