Not happening anywhere else?

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So much has been 'contaminated' by the recent 'advancements in health' Covid was deliberately manufactured. The injection they call Covid Vax does nothing except harm or mortality for recipients.

The Gates' Corrupted World Health Organisation now ceases to exist. We, the people of the world have spoken!

When will this pre-meditated Mass Murder by injection cease? Too many of us now realise Covid was a deliberately engineered farse, and the DEADLY Covid injection is really a deliberate CULL organised by the many insane WEF 'Insane Elites' for their Global Warming depopulation targets!

In December 2023, an unfairly 'disgraced' UK Member of Parliament, Andrew Bridgen organised a Parliamentary debate with many senior Doctors, EXPERTS, and other 'Anti-Covid Vax HEROES'. The headline topics; Covid, the DEADLY VAX and deliberate 'Excess Deaths' that frequently follow the depopulating Covid injections called 'Vaccines'!

Every Doctor and medical EXPERT in attendance lays out the same truth, but typical (MSM) Mirror media coverage is tainted with the need to describe all these 'highly qualified medical experts' as 'Crackpots'.

It's the financially implicated media's simplest way of pretending the Covid Scamdemic was not a Plan to create a false need for a depopulating injection that the evil injection makers designed to increase their massive wealth whilst depopulating the planet. The desire of the Insane Elite of the New World Order (World Economic Forum) and their 2030 'Great Reset'!

"They (you & me) will own nothing but they will be happy" is the prediction of WEF leader 'Fuehrer' Adolf Schwab!

Adolf Schwab also predicts "Let them eat insects". He, like the other WEF lunatics, is totally insane!"

This insanity will continue as long as DEADLY INJECTION makers enjoy ZERO LIABILITY for the 'Excess Deaths' their injuries are causing."

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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What the effect of the candles and good people being together might do...

A must must ...must see documentary which gives these kind of candle-events total legitimacy and wow-feeling.

THE 1 FIELD - a film by Tsipi Raz


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On the 10th December, there will be also the submission of 599 criminal complaints against the governing criminals, who made possible the implementation of the vaccine mandate for health care and german federal armed forces members. (Obviously the services which have to fall under the spell first. Ask yourself why). It will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany, in front of the Public Prosecutor´s Dept. It is organised by ZAAVV, see on zaavv.com. They have also organised a demonstartion to support their submission. I could tell you how it went and what it worked and how the people felt there.

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Dec 8, 2023Liked by James Roguski

I have been wondering when we were going to have this needed ceremony - thankyou so much (again) James for answering this question for me

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America need vigils held in front of the White House, NIH and THE DAMN FED, who ultimately bankrolls all of this nonsense!!

And we need the torches and pitchforks out for “mostly peaceful protests” in Basel,, Switzerland. Why is the den of the beast always spared???

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Dec 7, 2023Liked by James Roguski

Thanks for drawing attention to this James. I'll be creating a vigil for Dec 10th, 2024 in memory. Unfortunately, I think the "17 million" dead figure will change quite a bit, and I will be including those that have been permanently disabled/injured as well. When someone dies needlessly, it is a tragedy, but when someone is permanently disabled/damaged, it's for life and doesn't just affect them, but everyone's life around them is also changed forever.😐🤐😭

So in my mind, the numbers need to be dramatically increased to include the billions injured from these shots as well.😤😤🤨

#wearemany #wearememory #wewillnotforgive #mistakeswereNOTmade #getlocalised

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Any law that violates the Constitution is null and void, no matter who makes it, and an unconstitutional law “imposes no duties, confers no right, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it” No matter how dire the emergency, the Constitution may not be suspended or violated No government agent or agency has the authority to overrule the local sheriff’s decisions. The sheriff is the ultimate authority and law enforcement power in his or her jurisdiction. FEAR = FORGET EVERYTHING AND RUN -- OR MY CHOICE = FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE --- UNITE --- FAITH = FOR ALL I TRUST HIM --- IN GOD WE TRUST ONE NATION UNDER GOD WE THE PEOPLE MADE THE GOVERNMENT... WE OWN THE GOVT....., THEY DO NOT OWN US....,. THE GOVT., GOT TOO BIG FOR ITS BRITCHES BY TAKING BRIBES, BLOOD MONEY AGAINST US AND USING OUR TAX DOLLARS AGAINST US. TREASON THUS USURPERS ILLEGALS FOR VOTES BECAUSE WE THE MAKERS OF OUR GOD BLESSED AMERICA KNOW THE TRUTH THEREFORE WE MUST UNITE WITH GOD AND LIKE MINDED SOLDIERS OF CHRIST FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS TO PREVAIL IN GOD WE TRUST

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~ Dr. Joseph Sansone'


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It was not the covid that killed millions and is still killing people. It was the shots they say they want to depopulate and also they made a lot of money, but they will answer to God for the sin.

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Dec 7, 2023·edited Dec 7, 2023

L E S T 🙏🏻 W E 🙏🏻 F O R G E T

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I don't use "X" (Twitter). Is there another way to share the appeal?

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17 million, who knows... I am sure we will never know the right number of people who have been killed by "vaccine science" all over the world, is prety impossible. I protest against robert malone's work too, part of the team, who marketed himself as the inventor of mrna vaccines, even he was not awarded (in a way he was, with the trust of people who are following him) maybe because was busy being in "opposition". Vaccines, technology, I realy do not care, I do not believe that humans and animals need that "mRNA" which can be delivered intentionaly into cells, actually doing harm. Nobody project a weapon without the desire of using it. Is needed an end for the part of the modern medicine , science and experimentation which is destroying the life. The political rush to reward some individuals for mRNA vaccine discoveries? it is only for certifying the existence of mrna in the products wrongly called vaccines and distracting the attention from transhumanism nanotechnology.

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I think this is a wonderful idea. It gets the information out in a gentle way to the public who have no clue and continue to take the jabs.

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Canadians are too blind to the facts, nothing being done in Alberta

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