Anyone who was hounded, censored or disciplined for COVID actions needs to see this. In fact everyone needs to see this:


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hello & thank you for your postings this year

pleased to restack your important work and share too,

our “alternative media” press release to your viewers:

“trumpet the good news from Alberta - home of Canada Freedom Convoy"

judge rules "all orders from chief medical office of Alberta were illegal"

we continue to "kick ass" in alberta

big win in the provincial courthouse recently

attorneys Rath and Grey give you a blow by blow description of the unprecedented legal ruling in attached video link

editor note: begin viewing attached at third minute 3:00 ... please let us know should you have difficulty opening link


social media announcement / Chris and Kerry Show

The BIGGEST , most AWESOME news for FREEDOM!

They did it! They showed that our rights and freedoms were violated, and the court ruled in favour of our Charter Rights. WOW!
Chris & Kerry with lawyers Leighton Grey & Jeffrey Rath about their landmark case in which the Alberta Chief Medical Officer’s Health (CMOH) Orders were ruled unconstitutional and illegal. And the implications of the ruling going forwarrd.
July 31, 2023

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I listened to your heart warming interview with Dr Yoho. At the end the doctor says he is dealing with feelings of anger and fear, as are so many of us. Relative to this, and to help this good man, I saw a Corbett Report Solutions Watch, which could help allay such feelings, in which a gentleman called Jo Plummer deals with these topics. Here is the link for whomever desires to look at interesting alternatives:


You can also find this on Corbetts Substack.

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The mercury thing...holy crap...and the 'plastic' type fillings just as bad, from someone I spoke with who had those removed...dentistry should be made to acknowlege this and stop it en mass.

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Awesome interview, James. Big thanks. I learned a lot from Dr Yoho just from that and really am onboard with his closing remarks.

Keep up your tremendous efforts!

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Thank you James!

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Hes one of the good guys i have his book 📕 ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

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Intriguing topics! Thank you!

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Creating iatrogenic harm is good for back end sales!

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First off… thank you for sharing this astounding conversation.

Is there a direct link for the embedded video? I would love to share this with some of my STEM pals.

Thanks for your journalism. This is one of my favorite blogs 👍

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Nov 1Liked by James Roguski

I want to say thank u!💕

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Amazing interview. I am a registered massage therapist in Canada and have been researching alternative natural therapy. I have a rife machine and am going to experience the EE system ( scalar energy) this week. I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer Oct 2022. Using rife, Jim humble protocol 2000, then after done protocol 2000 went on to hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade and ivermectin. My tumour Oct 2022 was 4.6cm or 1.8 inches. Had a ct done sept 2023. My tumour is 6mm. Size of a small pea. The good lord put all this protocol in my hands long before I was diagnosed. I had purchased to help my husband that was diagnosed with non Hodgkin lymphoma and he just wanted his chemo. He looks like death warmed over. I haven’t stopped working , enjoying life. Nothing has changed for me. He has no immune system feels like crap. We all have free will. He chose poison I chose life

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I'm wondering when you had the metals/mercury removed in Mexico whether they followed the lead of Dr. Hal A. Huggins. If they did, then well done. If not, then I would not assume that your post-removal trauma is from just the mercury toxicity. If you have any doubt that they followed the FULL Huggins protocol, and if I were you, I would clear things up by contacting The Huggins-Grube Dental Center. They could review your situation and advise as needed. A properly done removal should not leave you "in trouble." Dr. Huggins handed his legacy over to Dr. Blanche Grube (say grew-be). You can see her here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQLfYW3LHag

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Awesome interview Jim. I have been a subscriber on Dr. Yoho's Substack for a long time. It is obvious that the medical complex is not interested in making people healthy. Healthy people are bad for business.

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I just received some books this morning. One was the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. Almost three inches thick.

Talking to the doctor at my mother's retirement home about six months ago I explained to him that it wasn't him that I didn't trust, it was his education. (Which admittedly amounts to the same thing)

His reply was "I understand"

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The fasco-Marxists at Big Pharma aren't so much interested in cures as they are RECURRING REVENUE

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