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Hi James. I posted this on your previous just after the public bit while it was still live:

OMG! Listening to the public speakers today (14/6) Dr Harvey Klein pulled the pin and hit a home run with the pinless object! "The FDA should change its name to the Joseph Mengele Institute." OMG! Marks (FDA) went ballistic - offensive remarks not acceptable. I don't know who Pamela is but she wants a retraction, lol. Everything after this, all of them are rattled. I thought Cody Meissner was going to cry... (Just found you on Brucha Weisberger's Substack - will watch later.) You are an international treasure!

EDIT: 22/22 unanimous YES 6-17yo - words fail me


Such cowards! All the reservations about myocarditis (which would never have been admitted to without public pressure) and they still voted - in the name of "choice" for "concerned" parents.

EDIT: it's on replay. Public speakers start @4:33:40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbNpaZeDPiA

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Yes. Dr. Klein courageously spoke a truth that needed to be spoken.

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Link is here with Dr Klein start timestamp : https://youtu.be/GbNpaZeDPiA?t=19021

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Thanks - I'm too tired to stamp each one. Much obliged.


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Thank you for all your incredible work and meeting compilation! Amazing bravery. commitment to our country and fragile constitution... so utterly disgusted and appalled at our "elected" representatives, the obvious corrupt 3 letter agencies... every one of them... I truly fear our judicial system will fail us too...

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I completely regret getting my Modern vaccine ... I was a moron to trust government

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Please be kind to yourself. We have all been duped at some point. The point is that you now see it.

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Sorry. I begged my housemate not to, he got all three murdeRNA.

I begged him to read RFKjr's the real satanthony Fauci but he didn't want to deal with the Bible and just got another shot .

Think of how many poor people still trust the viruganda...

At least you woke up...

Thank you.

Welcome to team Sanity

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For me, the bottom line is simply that there is no "Emergency," so this committee should never have even met in the first place. And since there is no emergency, all of the "pandemic" related Big Pharma products that were granted EUA, regardless of whether we call them "vaccines" or "biologics" or "medications," should be immediately removed from market until after they have received complete FDA "approval" (which of course is almost always fraudulently given anyway, but at least it takes longer). My own focus of attention right now is, what do we have to do to get the powers that be, all the way up to the level of Presidents, Governors, Prime Ministers and Premiers, to officially concede that there is not currently an "emergency" at all.

It's astonishing to me that governments aren't falling right and left around the entire world right now. Can it really all be what is now commonly being referred to as what Mattias Desmet calls "mass formation?" If so, then what is it going to take to de-hypnotize a large enough majority of the population to do whatever it takes to replace nearly all of their current political "leaders" with responsible individuals who actually have the best interests of "We the People" at heart?

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Thank you. That’s been my lead and closing points as well. What emergency?

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was just reading your excellent analysis and thinking...

(1) they know their jabs are murderous

(2) depending on ref, 50-70% of pop have been jabbed

(3) as the jabs "function" according to intent, many will die

(4) we will have an emergency on our hands if 50-70% of pop get seriously disabled and/or die

(5) so it may be ea$ier to keep the vacks $cam going than re$tart it

(6) hospitals were never overwhelmed before-- but it's sounding like they are or will be soon (ref, P. Kory's recent post on ss)

and tomorrow is June 15, 2022... 6/(1+5=6)/(2+2+2=6), ever hear of 6/6/6? ... so emergency killer jabs have to last at least until they can convince the remaining 30-50% to keep their kids in school, while they kill them with forced vacks-- whether fast or slow... because we're going to have a lot of orphans on our hands?????

so... what if it is an "emerging" emergency, and we are just about to find out what the "real" emergency is...? fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice...

it gets my post-viral brain spinning! (no jabs for me, refused to get/give jabs)



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Wow you're amazing getting this much published so quickly, big time kudos & thanks!!

"77% of children already have immunity."

FDA signal for "emergency" situation.. imagine that level of alarm applied to VAERS.

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Hmm so 77% is the new bar to do the limbo under and win an EUA. Such partiers, drunk, on power.

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This is not going to change from within the System. It will change when large numbers of people reject it. It operates as a Cartel. It was set up that way. Please read the following History.

The very first doctor to sound the alarm on medical tyranny was Dr. Benjamin Rush. He was the only doctor to sign The American Declaration of Independence (Ratified: July 4, 1776). Rush was America's first Surgeon General. He was responsible for the inclusion of freedom of religion and also strenuously advocated for the inclusion of medical freedom - but failed - as a Constitutional Right. This would have allowed doctors to practice medicine as they saw fit and for patients to refuse unwanted medical procedures and to choose what medical procedures they wanted, based on informed consent. He said that "the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship." He estimated that it would happen within 60 years, and his fears were well-founded. In 1839, The American Medical Association (AMA) was founded and immediately began to ostracize the then-popular and what was referred to as the "enemy" - HOMEOPATHIC DOCTORS - from its medical ranks. This information has been taken from "Death by Diet" by Robert R. Barefoot - https://barefootscureamerica.com/ - Welcome to Bob Barefoot’s BarefootsCureAmerica.com. The OFFICIAL Website of Robert Barefoot.

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Great work in this comment.

Thank you

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You are Welcome !!

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Yes. The lulling of the lower and middle classes has being going on for decades and was deliberate to make them easier to fool - See "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" by Browning. There has not been a War in North America on North American soil since America's Civil War. And yes, the flabby middle class will tolerate small tyrants and the killing and maiming of their children if they think the Casino is likely to be good to them. Lucky Lady has been courted for decades and the Wolf has been allowed to creep up to the door in the hopes that someone else can make all of the sacrifices" to deal with it. All of this was done deliberately. It is no coincidence that former Communist countries like Romania have very low vaccination rates. They know that a Bargain with the Devil means that the Devil will come back. You can not comply your way out of tyranny.

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So, this was quick....today they lift some travel mandates to tell you this.....Pf-uckers!!!!!!

https://twitter.com/i/status/1536814753825402884.......Trudeau’s health minister Jean-Yves Duclos says two-doses of the Covid vaccine “doesn’t work anymore.”

The government is “transitioning” to a new definition of what it means to be “fully-vaccinated.”

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Giving up the EUA for the vaccines means giving up a plethora of other powers which they are not going to give back. I also took two jabs but have since slapped myself and woke up and also discovered a new reality which has been life changing. You are amazing in your energy and sticktuitiveness James and I appreciate what you are doing for mankind. Interesting how they mention myocarditis so many times but say “oh well..”

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Thank you so much, James Roguski. You are a hero in this fight. I deeply appreciate your work.

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Our Children Need Protection! Dr. Chris Shoemaker | 5200% Increase in Children’s Deaths After Vax Shots https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=BYN87U56DH4H

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Thank for the coverage of this inevitable outcome.

JR did you see the notice of WHO meeting for 23 June to discuss the MP escalation ?

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The majority of these people are all deviants and believe they will be protected by those in power. Perfect if you are a sociopath. My daughter who is fairly well read on mental health because of both her two children and husband being diagnosed with dyslexia and her adopted son, a crack baby having to take psychotropic drugs says a book "The Sociopath Next Door" show 5 out of every 100 people are sociopaths, now a subcategory of Anti-social behaviors. Perhaps it is time to start mandating phycological examinations of all government officials, as a prerequisite to both taking an oath of office and taking office. If they are sociopaths, they are unlikely to be able to fulfill their Oaths.

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Thanks for your great work. I’m a freelance journalist researching the hypothesis that the novel coronavirus that causes Covid was spreading far earlier than officials claim. Some of the slides you present might help with this research (later when you have time - I know you are quite busy right now!)

I’m particularly interested in Slides 21 and 22.

Slide 21 seems to show that “Hospital Admissions” for children ages 5 to 11 were noticeably higher in the Flu Season of 2019-2020 than the Flu Seasons of 2017-18 and 2018-2019.

If true, my hypothesis would probably include data that shows that that more people were going to the doctor or being admitted to the hospital with ILI symptoms than normal in the peak Flu Season months of November - March, and that some percentage of these ILI cases (in 2019-2020) could have actually been Covid patients.

Do you happen to also have access to data or charts (or know where I can get these) that would also show “hospital admissions” for “influenza” for ALL AGES in the five or six flu seasons before Covid-19 (Flu Seasons of 2019-20; 2018-19; 2017-18, 2016-17; 2015-16)? This data would allow me to compare hospital admissions by different flu seasons.

Regarding Slide 22 …. This slide seems to show a large number of Hospital Admissions for children 0 to 17 for “Influenza” in January and February 2020 (far more than the number of children who were ever hospitalized from Covid). The left axis says “Total Hospital Admissions” and peaks at around 850 in January 2020. If you know, Is this just 850 kids nationwide or is this 8,500, 85,000 or 850,000?

Also, do you happen to have a similar chart for the flu seasons of 2018-2019, 2017-2018, 2016-17, 2015-16, 2014-15? This would allow me to see if more children were being admitted to hospital with “influenza” in the 2019-2020 flu season. I’d also love to see the same info for ALL AGES (not just children). Again, I am trying to see if it’s possible that some Covid cases might have been mis-labeled as “flu” cases (specifically in the months November 2019, December 2019, January 2020, February 2020 and March 2020). I actually think the “first wave” of Covid might have occurred in these months and maybe had already peaked by mid-March 2020.

Any help or suggested links you could offer would be greatly appreciated. If my hypothesis is correct, it would prove that any lockdowns to “slow or stop the spread” initiated on March 19, 2020 … were far too late to achieve this mitigation goal. I also wonder if some public health officials might have known that this virus was already spreading across the country and world by the time they ordered the lockdowns. As there were no PCR tests (or even antibody tests) widely administered until April 2020, I am particularly interested in ILI data and comparisons of previous years. The most likely “early” Covid cases would have of course been those who went to the doctor and got a flu test, which came back negative. FWIW, I was sick in January 2020 with Covid symptoms, went to the doctor and tested negative for influenza. I think there might be millions of Americans who did the same thing in these pre-Covid “flu” months.

Thanks for any help or feedback you or your readers might be able to offer!

My email address is: wjricejunior@gmail.com

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