SOMEONE would have to enforce this garbage. And unless they have a forcefield around them, they might find out what PB covered with CU travelling at 3000+ feet per second can do to a skull.

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I will keep ringing this bell......the states ARE the final arbiter of the Constitution. Any rule, regulation, law, international agreement or treaty that violates the US Constitution is NULL AND VOID. It is the DUTY of the states to Nullify any violations of the Constitution. Wake the heck up and start demanding your state Governor and legislators to do their freaking job or get rid of them. The federal government and that includes the Supreme Court IS NOT the final arbiter of the Constitution. Do some reading. Do some research. Read the Constitution and read the Federalist Papers which explain the Constitution. They were written to address the truth about the Constitution to the American people and the states which at the time were afraid to approve the Constitution for fear they would again be ruled by a King. That is why we have the Bill of Rights and the Federal Papers. Stop being a slave to the lies of the federal government. We are doing just this in Tennessee.

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The New World Order (WEF) now control the redundant and now criminally inept World Health Organisation and are preparing the next Viral nightmare to be released upon humanity to sell even more USELESS but DEADLY injections (called 'vaccines'). To be announced by the obsolete and now criminal WHO.

Does anybody really believe any Pfizer 'in house' data? It's all about PROFIT so the Post Vax DEATHS & Injuries are minimised, hidden, mis-appropriated, 'lost', or ignored.

IVERMECTIN works! Decades of stats prove it really is SAFE & EFFECTIVE against Viral diseases.

Covid Vax DOES NOT WORK against Covid and can be DEADLY!

I've had IVERMECTIN in our medicine cupboard since 2020 but have only taken one tablet to see if any side-effects followed. I had a mild cold, mild flu or Covid (Does anyone really know the difference???) but my symptoms lasted just two days. My wife's 'cold' lasted 4 days but we refuse the dangerous injections called 'vaccine', and let nature take it's course with our natural immune systems supported with good diet, healthy food, exercise and (Vit D) natural sunshine (yes even in the UK mid-winter we try to enjoy the sun when it rarely appears. We are 73 and 77 respectively.

The FDA, CDC, WEF, CIA, Big Pharma, WHO, B&MG Foundation are all in the same profit sharing Club!

We must all deny the credibility of the recently restructured World Health Organisation which, since being 'taken over' by Bill Gates (now the biggest benefactor = influencer) has lost its independent Health Mission and status. The WHO is now just a marketing arm of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (although Melinda's has now jumped ship!). Working in unison with the WEF (New World Order).

The WHO now has no credibility and is now a meaningless part of World Health issues.

We, the public, deny all involvement and credibility of the 'expired World Health Organisation' and refuse to acknowledge their 'New World Order' control processes they intend to impose upon humanity - for the purpose of inventing non-existent Scamdemics, the imposition of (deadly) injections called VACCINES and other control methods such as lock-downs and mask-wearing!

'LIABILITY' must be reintroduced as COMMON SENSE for all medicine makers that continue to foist deadly injections into human beings without the consequence of Injuries or DEATHS that follow the process! It's nothing more than a 'LICENCE to KILL'.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I can join dots.

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We need to forget past differences and identify our common threat, so together we can fight the evil, warring Khan galloping toward our border hellbent on global domination, enslaving our free citizens, stealing our health, wealth, and liberty in one fell swoop. The WHO has no jurisdiction here. Nor does the UN. No NGOs, international organizations or ‘stakeholders’ have any say over the laws we promulgate in our soverign nation. Wake up those around you and make them understand what is taking place.

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Dec 19, 2022·edited Dec 19, 2022

The hospital conglomerates following FDA and CDC have already reached the breaking point and the idea that they will give up their own power is laughable, the courts WILL not allow this here.

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I never would have imagined myself ever agreeing with Michelle Bachmann about anything; alas here I am.

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Dec 18, 2022Liked by James Roguski

Dear James, great to hear this from Michelle Bachmann but at least some kindred voices feel this is in essence "no big deal" (I am very much paraphrasing here) in that the US Congress will never approve such a measure. Of course you state otherwise: as I understand it, that these measures can be accorded the full force of law without a congressional vote. These voices include Bill O'Reiley on his NO SPIN news in his interview with Michelle Bachmann AND separately attorney Tom Renz (https://www.worldviewweekend.com/tv/video/tom-renz-warns-about-next-pandemic-who-treaty-and-arizona-election-steal and also on Alex Jones' show). An OUTREACH to Tom Renz and Bill O'Reiley could result in a greatly enhanced public outcry and increased pressure on our representatives to exit The WHO and otherwise act in our interests.

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Any Canadian experts on James' or Michelle's feeds?

The Public Health Authority of Canada(PHAC) is non-governmental organization that directly gets all orders from the WHO. For five years I have been telling every MP that Canada needs to do away with the non-constitutional PHAC and the WHO.

Alberta and other provinces already have health authorities and have ZERO need for any of these extra levels of "government".

My tax dollars will no longer go to funding private organizations that have none of my interests in mind.

Have lobbied my government for years and I am prepared to do whatever it takes. Contact me.

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"In the United States of America, in particular, with the first ten amendments, known as the Bill of Rights to the Constitution of the United States, the genius of these amendments in America is that rights are guaranteed to the individuals, individuals who are citizens, who can stand up for their rights."

I would also include individuals in the United States who's legal standing has been stolen from them.

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The WHO has fully embraced collectivist totalitarian health public policy as the primary means of achieving global totalitarianism.

Most recently at the WHO, they brought on collectivist totalitarian (aka Communist) Jeremy Farrar:

World Health Organization names Sir Jeremy Farrar as Chief Scientist


The same Jeremy Farrar, who resigned from the UK's SAGE SPI-B pandemic advisory board because its recommendations weren't totalitarian enough for his liking: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/02/jeremy-farrar-sage-scientist-quits-over-concerning-uk-covid-picture-reports


Chilling insights into Farrar's mind:



Wellcome Trust is a WEF's Covid-Zero Founder:


Farrar joins fellow traveler collectivist totalitarian (aka Communist) Susan Michie at the WHO.

Susan Michie led the totalitarian abuses of behaviorism in the UK, heading the SPI-B that amplified fear and coerced the UK to give up liberty and freedom to become a totalitarian state. Now she's atop the WHO's "Nudge Unit." Now leading the WHO's behavioral science psychological manipulations that informs propagandists and censors:


Michie isn't just any Marxist. She's an uber-Marxist, many of her fellow traveler Marxists know her to be too totalitarian for their likes, radical even for them:



Behavioral Science, The Science (TM) is the "science of totalitarianism," as described by practitioners of it. The leading behaviorists "got drunk on power." Expertly, "scientifically" using fear as the weapon to subjugate individual liberty and freedom across the world, informed by the "science" of fear that knows fear is the only way free people will ever willing give up their freedom::


Not just for collectivist totalitarian (aka, Communist) health public policy. The UN's Achieving Agenda 2030/(WEF Great Reset) Behavioural Insights. An outline of the plans showing how they intend to make us happy owning nothing and eating bugs. Template for all the entire Marxist/Communist/Fascist totalitarian control agenda, health, climate, energy, food, gender:


The WHO and the UN's embrace of The Science (TM) that's now leading every single manufactured "global emergency" public policy. Behavioral science, The Science (TM) of psychological manipulation and coercion, with government shoves and slaps if you don't obey. How "following The Science (TM)" leads humanity into eternal slavery and darkness under collectivist totalitarianism.

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I now have an "earworm"....W H O are you?? Good tune, now I can sing it in my head and believe it to!

We have an Illegitimate President, nobody in any part of Our government, that I see, especially in Minnesota, knows Our Constitution, Bill of Rights , nor knows God created Man, Woman, Universe. They all think they know better than God, aren't they special! You can email=bot reply, call, leave messages=nobody home, ...County meetings= if you make an appointment and it fits with their discussion=we only do what we are told to do, so your voice means Zero! But hey go and raise money for the person who you want to elect, knock on doors, however, we will determine who we want in, and although the majority of the people wanted a person in, nah, cause we know better. Call and question=sounds of crickets! Hey WHO crickets for you and We The People will eat whatever and whenever we choose!

How about We The People Not Comply! They can't put All of US(A) in jail. Without US(A) doing their work, hmmm maybe they will have to get a real job in/with US(A).

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Dec 18, 2022Liked by James Roguski

As usual, James, I’m trying to send this out to as many platforms as I still have access to. You do such incredible work and I wish you could get onto the Joe Rogan podcast.

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Dec 18, 2022Liked by James Roguski

It will have to be a massive outpouring onto the streets. As a rep from Railway workers said on Jimmy Dore a few days ago: our current leadership will not save us, we will have to do it ourselves.

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That thing (Plan C) is in Pro America Only.org

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I've sent emails to every representative. How much good it will do? I very much agree with Turtledad51 my Plan C once in full use makes them, the government irrelevant.

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You know there’s an agenda afoot when they’re hellbent on railroading this through without input or debate.

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