In the mean time they are preparing the next PLANDEMIC.



The way it works is:

- they have their infiltrated agents in every governments (WEF young global leaders or other types of organizations like CFR, Bilderberg, Gates foundation etc...).

- Their operatives push for these amendments without public scrutiny most of time

- Unelected, unaccountable 'representatives' are sent to the WHO meetings. In general they represent only private vested interests and are there to push these amendments through.

- 'Negotiations' are done for the show, throwing so many bad amendments that after eliminating the worst ones, the WHO and the globalists still get what they want: an organization and 'treaties' superseding our sovereignty, digital id's, removal of natural rights, etc..

The WHO is the only UN branch which has a 'constitution'. Why ? Because their goal is to impose a one world dictatorship that they dare to call a 'government'.

They might actually launch their new PLANDEMIC when the 'negotiations' are over to implement their agenda of mass forced jabbing, digital surveillance and enslavement.

It should be noted that the USA like other western countries is being filled with 5G infrastructure which will permit massive, permanent surveillance and control added to constant harmful radiations (like living inside a microwave oven).

It is linked to the UN agenda 2030, so-called 'sustainable goals' and the climate change fraud. They use health & the climate hoax to try to enslave us and grab all our planet resources.

The WHO is just one Trojan horse among others.

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James, you've been doing a great job so I hate to nitpick, but I've been trying to send people to ExitTheWHO.com in my tweets etc. However, I think two things would make this more effective:

1. A person has to scroll for a long time to get to the "Take Action" part of the website. Most people don't want to read or watch all the info you provide and may simply become impatient and leave the site before clicking. (sorry. That's the reality). If you had a 2 or 3 sentence summary of why we should exit the WHO as soon as one enters the website and then a link, many would go straight to that. After all, they probably got to the website by doing something like reading a tweet/article suggesting leaving the WHO, so they're already at least partly on board. And the name of the site indicates the same thing.

For those who want more info, you can say "want more information? Read below." and provide the extra info there, giving a second link for action after the additional reading material for those who wanted that.

Or you might want to try what the Children's health defense fund did (you cite their link also) They have explanatory info in a column next to the link for action. Again, a person immediately sees the link which will allow them to take action RIGHT AWAY. They can read why they should do it in a column next to it, but many will be sold before they read everything and just want to get on with the clicking.

2. When I post your link in twitter, I get a full picture of you with a button saying "subscribe." I am afraid that that makes my link look suspect, like it's really just an ad for your site rather than a call to urgent citizien's action. I actually write "you don't have to subscribe, just click to get inside, scroll and click on the link." As you can see, this is long and awkward (esp. bad on twitter) If there is a way for that not to happen when I post the link, or a different link to use, I would appreciate it.

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The Big MWGFD- Online Symposium titled “Gene-based “vaccines” /COVID vaccination – the pharmaceutical crime of the century?” will take place on Tuesday, February 28, 2023 from 6 p.m. to midnight German time (CET). Here is Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr Ronald Weikly, and Pascal Najadi with details. There is mention of the WHO Amendments by Mr. Najadi in the preliminary video. The topic of the WHO will be discussed at the Symposium - https://drtrozzi.org/2023/02/27/crime-of-the-century-revealed-by-bhakdi-and-others/

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Observers ; Knights of Malta, Holy See, don't forget all these royalies are knights of malta and they are running the Holy See, never forget the papal bloodlines our real enemy , they are the black nobility together with their bankers court jews.

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As I mentioned before and many alternative medias laughed at me saying this is misinformation

the Glucksburg of Denmark are patrons of the WHO.


All those stakeholders mentioned by James have royalty hiding behind. I am exposing them one by one.

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This is interesting, I received a response about the IHR WHO by a Rep. Daniel Webster it reads as follows: February 24, 2023

Dear Yolanda,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the World Health Organization (WHO) Pandemic Response Treaty.

I share your strong skepticism about the WHO and I supported President Trump’s decision to suspend U.S. financial support to the WHO given its mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic. The amendments under consideration before their Health Assembly were originally developed under President Trump as his administration sought to push back on China's lack of transparency around COVID and the Communist Party of China (CCP) hiding data on COVID from the world. Nothing in these proposed amendments changes or supersedes the U.S. Constitution or our national sovereignty to write and enact our own laws.

Ensuring that the WHO was impartial and transparent was a priority for President Trump. The WHO rightly faced criticism for believing and repeating the CCP’s false claims and not providing information on the COVID-19 sooner. The CCP refused to allow an impartial investigation into COVID’s origins and undermined the review by the WHO. Because of these failures, I recently joined my Republican colleagues sending a letter to the Biden Administration calling for the U.S. to withdrawal from the WHO, and requested documents and communications between the administration and WHO.

While I believe it is important to improve transparency, I will never support policies that undermine U.S. sovereignty or dilutes Congressional authority. I have consistently advocated that Congress take back Constitutional authority they have given away to the Executive Branch.

I am opposed to other amendments proposed by the Biden Administration that would create a “Compliance Committee” and grant the Director-General of the WHO to develop temporary recommendations regarding trade policy. This is the Biden Administration seeking to defer economic policy to an international governing body.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me. To stay updated on what’s happening in Washington, sign up for my weekly Webster Wire. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your U.S. Representative.

Your servant,

Daniel Webster

Member of Congress

P.S. If you are having difficulty with a federal agency, my office would be happy to look into your situation.

Please visit http://webster.house.gov or call 352-241-9220.

Mr. Webster is not my Rep but he should read the US Supreme Court cases of Missouri vs Holland and the United States vs Belmont, so we shall see.

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Peggy Hall says that the US is NOT giving its sovereignty to the WHO


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Has anyone received responses from US Senators or US Congress and your very own Reps? The Defund the WHO Act...I have been receiving a bundle of responses.

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This just in: 100% of vaccine deaths reported to the U.S. CDC were caused by 5% of the batches, and the majority of those batches were sent to "red" (republican) states: https://expose-news.com/2023/02/19/cdc-confirms-deadly-covid-vaccine-batche-sent-red-states/

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Hi James, Donald Trump was right to get the U.S. out of the W.H.O. Of course, the WHO was rescued by Biden. I guess you know by now that Trump was approved by our elite rulers to further divide Americans? (see 'Shadows of Power: the Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline" by James Perloff www.jamesperloff.com )

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This just out from "The Epoch Times" by the Crossroads Team and headed up by journalist Joshua Philipp "Who 's Power to Govern US Pandemics Back on Table ; Biden Launches Sweeping "Equity" Programs" - Feb. 21, 2023


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Another comment/question: The 10 reasons why we should exit the WHO listed in the Call to Action website (at least the one-click one) doesn't, as far as I recall, mention what I think is the biggest reason to leave the WHO - The loss of our SOVEREIGNTY. You have one point called "power grab" but it doesn't spell out the fact that there is something OUTRAGEOUS about a nation just handing over its sovereignty to a bunch of unelected people on the other side of the world. I don't know if it's unreasonable for me to suggest a bit of a re-write, but I find sovereignty a very compelling issue, so if you have the time, you might want to think about doing a little re-writing.

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Question: The Call to Action page mentions that HR79 "the Withdrawal from the WHO Act" was sponsored by a U.S. Representative. There is then a list of senators that we could ask to "co-sponsor" HR79. I'm not sure how this works. If HR79 is only sponsored in the House of Representatives, could it be passed into law by both the House and Senate, or does it have to also be co-sponsored in the Senate to ultimately be come a law?

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Remember the lesson of the mafia. Criminals if they can’t be, the face of power will still be able to control the people in power. The criminal elements in the world are organizing through the Internet worldwide. This is a big first step the WHO treaty . It’s going to take everything we have to keep the criminals from running the world through pandemic public health manipulation

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Is there any validity to this information from PolitiFact? My post from Epoch Times about the WHO treaty was flagged by Facebook for being "false" and took people to this link. If anyone has any information about this claim, please let me know.


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